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Hotels in Estellencs

hotels in estellencs - mallorca

Estellencs’ hotel offerings are surprisingly high-quality for such a small village, including a four-star option. In addition to these, there is a good selection of holiday rentals and rustic estates.

Petit Hotel Sa Plana


C/ Eusebio Pascual, 3-7
Tripadvisor Rating: 5/5

This small three-star hotel (only six rooms) located at the highest point of the village is remarkable for its exceptional quality, tranquillity, and service

It occupies an old house, suitably restored and modernized with great taste, without losing its traditional charm. The hotel has a bar service, a pool, and parking for guests.

Hotel Nord


Plaça es Triquet, 4
Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5/5

Another small hotel (8 rooms), this time located in the heart of Estellencs. Perfect for couples seeking tranquillity, exquisite decor, and spacious rooms

It offers a bar service and breakfast made with local products. Its only drawback is the lack of private parking.

Maristel Hotel & Spa


C/ Eusebio Pascual, 10
Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5/5

This luxurious four-star hotel offers a wide range of rooms, from singles for visitors just looking for a place to sleep to suites with terraces, as well as doubles and junior suites

Its excellent facilities include an outdoor pool, an indoor pool in the spa area (which also has a Jacuzzi and Turkish bath). You can also book various types of massages and beauty treatments to leave completely rejuvenated.

Thinking of cyclists, it offers bike rental service, garage, cleaning area, and tools and spare parts

For all guests, it allows you to hire guide services and plan personalized activities. The Maristel Bistro & Bar is also located in the same hotel.

Agroturismo S’Olivar


Tripadvisor Rating: 5/5

Somewhat separated from the village (but only about 500 m away), you’ll find access to the agrotourism estate of s’Olivar. Here, you can stay in one of their rustic houses or hermitages, the former designed for larger or smaller groups, and the latter for solo travelers or couples seeking isolation from the outside world

They offer different levels of service and amenities, but all are comfortable, quiet, and immersed in the authentic rural world of traditional Mallorca. One of the houses has a spectacular pool, and in the center of the estate, there is a chapel that serves as a library, a true place of reflection among centuries-old olive and carob trees.