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Palma restaurants

Restaurants in Palma

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Restaurants in Palma by type of cuisine

Here we bring you a small selection of the different types of food that you can savor in Palma’s restaurants. From typical dishes of Mallorcan and Spanish cuisine to exotic flavors from around the world. You will surely find the restaurant of your liking in Palma.

Mallorcan cuisine restaurants

Mallorcan cuisine offers us dishes for all times of the year. In it we can find from the simple and refreshing trampó to the traditional and laborious frit de xot, an ancient dish that surely dates back to Arab times.

Many agree that the best restaurant in Palma where you can taste Mallorcan specialties is that of Adrián Quetglas. In his place on Paseo Mallorca, awarded with a Michelin Star, we can delight ourselves with local specialties offered in a tasting menu and reinvented with modern techniques.

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Italian food, and specifically pizzas, is surely already the most widespread food in the world, incorporating ingredients from all over the world. There is no place where there is not at least one Italian restaurant, and Palma was not going to be an exception.

The 500 Degrees Pizzeria, near the Plaza de España, is now classic. In this discreet but cozy place we can enjoy some very tasty pizzas with the authentic flavor of Italy made in a wood oven.

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Italian restaurants

Do we want to enjoy Italian cuisine but without falling into the typical pizza? Well, there are also many options in the Balearic capital. Pasta, traditional sausages, meat, fish and seafood prepared according to traditional Italian recipes … And with the possibility of savoring excellent Italian wines and spirits.

One of the best places where we can start the gastronomic trip to Italy is the Osteria de la Plaça Sant Francesc, a charming place located in the very center of Palma, next to the town hall and just three minutes from the cathedral. We will be able to taste Italian specialties made with fresh seasonal food, and we will be able to delight ourselves with their fresh handmade pasta. A pleasant environment and exquisite service complete the experience.

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Japanese restaurants

Japanese food, very popular elsewhere, took a long time to gain a foothold in Palma. For years only a couple of restaurants could be considered authentic Japanese food, but that has changed. Not only has the presence of Japanese restaurants in Palma increased for a long time, but they are also of high quality.

Izakaya, which means tavern, is just that: a typical Japanese tavern, where you can eat as well as have a drink, but located in the popular Santa Catalina neighborhood. In this place we can enjoy exquisite Japanese specialties and its excellent sushi.

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Although now we may think that hamburgers have always been there, the truth is that it was not so many years ago that there were only a handful of them in Palma. The mythical (and now defunct) Dallas Burger was one of the first restaurants that we could call fast food in Palma. It was well into the 80s when the big franchises, McDonald’s and Burger King, arrived. Until then, the hamburger was another option in restaurants and menu bars.

But times change and what was the paradigm of junk food has emerged as a very worthy representative of modern food of the 21st century, reinventing itself with new ingredients or ways to incorporate the classics. For a few years now, there have been many restaurants in Palma that have specialized in so-called “signature burgers”, a reminder that cooking is not all invented.

In the most historic center of Palma, in Plaza de’n Coll, we have the Gaudí Burger Bar. We can enjoy original tasty and surprising burgers, along with delicious accompaniments, in one of the most fashionable areas of Palma.

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Mexican restaurants

There was a time when it was difficult to find a good Mexican restaurant in Palma. At most there was an American restaurant with some more or less successful Tex-Mex specialties. La Yaya was one of the precursors in the distant 1997, founded precisely by three Mexican brothers. Currently the difficult thing is to choose between so many good offers.

Given the choice, we could start with L’Informal Tacos. In this simple place in the center of Palma that for many is the best Mexican restaurant in the city. There we can enjoy some excellent and varied tacos, accompanied by quesadillas and other Mexican specialties. The first quality fresh ingredients are noticed, and the authentic flavor stands out in its preparation.

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Palma restaurants by area

Are you visiting any area of ​​Palma and want to know its best restaurants? Here we can help you with some recommendations.

Santa Catalina Restaurants

This old and popular fishing district underwent a curious metamorphosis adapting to the new times and becoming a cosmopolitan neighborhood chosen by people from all over Europe to settle here. And its offer of restaurants reflects that great variety of origins of its new inhabitants.

In a neighborhood of modern miscegenation, a restaurant that offers mestizo cuisine could not be missing, and that is precisely Millo‘s proposal. Starting from traditional dishes from all over Latin America, he combines them with ingredients and techniques from Spanish cuisine to obtain a surprising result.

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Restaurants on the Paseo Marítimo

The Paseo Marítimo de Palma is undoubtedly one of the best known areas of the city, where the sea and the land meet to provide us with unforgettable moments. From the Dique del Oeste to El Molinar we can enjoy green areas, unique historical monuments, leisure areas and, of course, restaurants with the best views of the city.

Practically in the center of the Paseo Marítimo, in front of the yacht club, we find one of the most traditional restaurants on the promenade, and in all of Palma: Can Pelut. Known for its pasta dishes and tasty pizzas, it also offers a large selection of meat and fish. Its 40 years of experience guarantee the quality of the product and the service.

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Restaurants in El Portixol

At the end of the Paseo Marítimo, going towards Palma beach, just at the beginning of the popular El Molinar neighborhood, we find a small fishing port that houses some of the best specialized restaurants in Palma, how could it be otherwise, in fish and seafood.

Among them, Ola del Mar stands out, chosen as the best restaurant in Mallorca in 2019 and frequented by personalities from all walks of life: political, business, even royalty. In addition to its fish, its rice dishes stand out, a real delight and the service is exquisitely attentive.

On the opposite bank of Portixol we find the Alma Palma, a bar-restaurant from whose terrace we can enjoy wonderful views of the bay of Palma. Its menu offers us a wide variety of dishes, from tapas and appetizers to meat, fish or international specialties. But we can also visit it to savor a good cocktail or wine while we enjoy the views.

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Restaurants in El Arenal

Palma’s holiday destination par excellence is El Arenal, next to the kilometer-long beach around which this tourist center has grown. Travelers from all over the world seek here to lie in the sun on its sand and soak in its calm waters. And at night, have fun with the varied and extensive leisure offer of the nearby places. Is it possible to find good restaurants here, in a destination of sun, beach and fun? Of course. Among many simple places oriented to mass tourism there are good, and very good, restaurants where you can enjoy different culinary specialties.

One of them is the Bar Andaluz, the typical bar on the Spanish coast where you can easily enjoy tapas, fried fish and good wines and beers. Somewhat expensive, but definitely the best in the area. Homemade food and family treatment. Of course, in high season the place, which is not very big, fills up and you have to wait.

If we are looking for something quieter, away from the hustle and bustle of the first line, and also specialized in Mallorcan cuisine, our choice will be the Las 3 Palas grill. As its name indicates, they prepare exquisite grilled meats, highlighting their tender and juicy steaks. But we can also taste some of the most typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine such as frit, snails and tasty rice. As is often the case in tourist areas, the price can be somewhat high.

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Garden City Restaurants

Ciudad Jardín is a curious enclave of Palma, between El Molinar and Coll den Rebassa. One of the first hotels in Palma was built next to its beach, which gives its name to this neighborhood, the Hotel Ciudad Jardín. Secluded for decades from the main tourist and gastronomic routes of the city, many restaurants of all kinds finally settled here. It has become a neighborhood where we can easily find all kinds of gastronomic offers.

For example, we can find the Kindee Thai Cuisine, which, as its name indicates, is a Thai restaurant where we can taste the flavors of Asian cuisine with fresh, top-quality ingredients. The service is attentive and friendly and reinforces the home and family image of the place.

If instead of exotic flavors we prefer something closer to our traditional tastes, Utopia is an excellent option. It has a varied letter difficult to qualify. It includes traditional tapas but also Tex-Mex dishes, some Italian pasta, pa amb oli, sandwiches, hamburgers … A cozy place perfect for informal gatherings.

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