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Discover Mallorca

What is mallorquear? Mallorquear is living Mallorca: its landscapes, its beaches, its monuments. Enjoy its gastronomy, savor its wines and spirits. But above all, live at a different pace, a calmer one more relaxed, to fully enjoy life as can only be done in a privileged place like Mallorca. And that is what you will discover at how to mallorquear.

Discover Mallorca -

Calas and Beaches

A privileged geography has endowed Mallorca with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and its Mediterranean climate has given it the perfect setting to be able to enjoy them for much of the year. From secluded calas hidden between cliffs to sandy areas that are lost beyond what the eye can see, you can discover all this at

Discover all the coves of mallorca

Calas and beaches in the north area

The north of Mallorca, shaped by the Tramuntana, offers some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean for the whole family to enjoy, from children to adults. Here some of Majorca’s main tourist centers have flourished to provide visitors with the most pleasant stay possible. Without forgetting the natural wonders and archaeological treasures that dot this area.

Calas and beaches of the east area

The particular orography of the east of Mallorca offers a unique and not sufficiently known experience. Calas of true dreams await to be discovered by the visitor. Virgin beaches, natural parks, tourist resorts and a multitude of archaeological sites and monuments provide an unforgettable experience for all types of travelers.

Calas and beaches of Es Migjorn

The south of Mallorca is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, both sandy beaches that are kilometers long and hidden calas of just a few dozen meters. Its towns steeped in history are also a must for anyone who wants to know the character and traditions of Mallorca.

Calas and beaches of the Bay of Palma

The Bay of Palma is a first class tourist destination where the visitor can find everything they are looking for: white sand beaches with all the services for a comfortable stay, leisure and shopping areas, museums and monuments for the visitor with cultural concerns. Family tourism, couples, groups of students … everyone will find their place in this privileged corner of the Mediterranean.

Calas and beaches of the southwest coast

The western end of Mallorca is a mixture of tourist places, small fishing villages, luxurious marinas, nature reserves, secluded beaches that are practically virgin … and all this in just 20 km around. A surprising environment where everyone will find their place.

Calas and beaches of the Sierra de Tramuntana

The Sierra de Tramuntana is an essential visit for anyone who travels to Mallorca. Its imposing silhouette is omnipresent from anywhere on the island, but it is more impressive to enter its roads and paths. Landscapes of breathtaking beauty, ravines with vertiginous walls, villages hanging from the slopes of its mountains or sheltered in its deep valleys. A whole world to discover.

Towns and Places

Inhabited since prehistoric times, the successive civilizations that have populated Mallorca have left their mark on the towns and landscape of the entire island. Archaeological sites that show how the most primitive settlers lived and peoples that seem frozen in the past to glimpse what life was like in Mallorca centuries and millennia ago. From the coast to the mountains, without forgetting the very unknown Pla de Mallorca, the entire island offers surprising corners.

Palma Restaurants

Influenced by the many cultures that have populated Mallorca, the island’s gastronomy is a great compendium of the Mediterranean diet. Its wide variety of ingredients offers delicious dishes for all tastes. Meat, fish, vegetables, sweet and salty, all palates will surely have a typical Mallorcan dish to enjoy.