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Car rental at Palma de Mallorca airport


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The vast majority of tourists who arrive in Mallorca do so through Palma de Mallorca airport, not in vain it is one of the European airports that receives the most passengers each year

Tourists who arrive on the island may well have a hotel transfer, they may use the available public transport, or they may prefer to rent a car.

Among the many services offered by an airport of the category of Palma de Mallorca are many car rental companies

Some have an office and drop-off point at the airport itself, while others offer this service at nearby facilities for which they have their own transfer service.

  • In the first case, all we have to do is go to the counter of the chosen company, all of which are duly signposted, formalize the rental and pick up the vehicle in the car park in front of the terminal itself.
  • In the second, we will have to look for the agent of the rental company, or the driver of the shuttle service that will take us to the corresponding facility, a few minutes from the airport. This option can be somewhat more inconvenient if you carry a lot of luggage or travel with children. In return, they are usually cheaper companies.

Why rent a car at Palma de Mallorca airport

Although Palma de Mallorca Airport has good public transport connections, there are good reasons to rent a car at its facilities.

The urban bus takes us only to the center of Palma, the capital

Express (direct) intercity lines only cover several tourist centers, not the entire island, and not all year round, they are only available during high season. In any case, traveling by bus with a lot of luggage is usually uncomfortable.

Another option is the taxi, although practical, it can be somewhat expensive

In return we will have a service from the exit of the terminal to the door of our accommodation. Here we can consult a calculation of taxi fares from Palma airport. In Mallorca, Uber, Cabify or other similar apps are not available to hire a VTC.

By renting a car at the airport we will not have to depend on public transport schedules or the location of its stops

We will also be able to move more comfortably (and calmly) with our luggage. And while the COVID-19 pandemic situation lasts, we will avoid sharing a closed space with people outside our group for a long time.

By renting a car at the airport itself, we will quickly begin to familiarize ourselves with the main roads on which we are going to drive during our stay in the city

Finally, by choosing the Palma airport itself as a place to rent a car, we have the peace of mind of returning it just before taking our return flight, and not having to depend on public transport schedules, or the possible lack of taxis to go to the airport. airport, depending on the season of the year.

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