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10 good rice restaurants in Palma

discover 10 good rice restaurants in palma

Dare with all varieties

Rice, that universal ingredient which has been cooked thousands of times and which is the source of so many recipes. It is no easy task to get the hang of rice, and what is more, each diner has his or her own tastes when it comes to savouring it. Fortunately, the cuisine of Palma, with its Mediterranean and maritime character, has always taken great care in the preparation of rice dishes.

In Palma there are a number of high quality restaurants where you can eat rice in its main varieties: rice in paella, risotto, in broth, baked, cooked, creamy, with chicken or in salads

A rice dish is a meal that always works, ideal for family meals or large groups, but it can also be a nice meal to enjoy as a couple.

There is nothing better than indulging yourself at the weekend in some of the most emblematic streets of Palma, feeling the sea breeze and eating a slow-cooked rice dish to your heart’s content

Rice is an ingredient that comes from Asia, today a universal ingredient that unites all continents. More than 3 billion people eat it every day on a regular basis. There are as many recipes that use it as a reference as there are great chefs in the world.

But where is it best? That depends on the diner’s taste, but what we can point out are some good places to eat it in Palma. Grab your notebook and make a note of these must-visit restaurants

We present 10 good rice restaurants in Palma

Arrocería María Sarmiento; variety, style and a touch of tradition.

paella del restaurante Maria Sarmiento de Palma

30€ – 35€
C/ Illa de Xipre, 37

Very close to the Peñón beach, you will find this beautiful and modern rice restaurant with a curious slogan: “The end of the story is up to you”. There is an interesting variety of rice dishes on the menu: senyoret, black with cuttlefish, seafood, with cod skins, lobster and even with cockles and artichokes

In addition to these fantastic rice dishes, you can also try Spanish classics such as huevos rotos, bocatas de calamares, cachopo or callos (tripe), which are very attractive dishes. It’s a place to go to if you’re hungry; if you want to eat a lot and eat well.

Es Garrigó, pure Mediterranean essence


20€ – 20€
Camí Son Rapinya, 48

In Camí Son Rapinya you will find this classic rice restaurant that offers a wide variety of rice dishes; black, abanda, convent, caldoso, blind mixed paellas, lobster, seafood ….

If you’re looking for an extensive menu to please everyone, this is the place. And the atmosphere is nice, warm and pleasant. You’ll eat well and in peace and quiet. It is one of the best value-for-money rice restaurants in Palma (from 8 to 12 euros a plate).

El Bungalow, tasty rice on the beachfront

paella del restaurante El Bungalow

35€ – 40€
C/ dels Esculls, 2

If our preference is for a gastronomic experience in a beautiful and natural setting, El Bungalow is the ideal place; it is located literally 100 metres from the sea. The views are wonderful and the atmosphere is relaxed and maritime. Pure pleasure

What could be better than enjoying a good seafood rice dish there? The dishes are well presented, with rice and fish being the specialities. Of course, it is advisable to go with plenty of cash in your wallet.

Bossa Nova, a charming rice restaurant in the heart of the city centre

paella del restaurante Bossa Nova

25€ – 30€
C/ Pescateria Vella, 3

It is a more youthful place, small, modern and in the heart of the city centre, where they have made yellow rice their great speciality. It has a large terrace and a cosy and functional interior

Ideal to go with a group of friends or as a couple, like a night out, and then go out for a night on the town. On their social networks you can see a wide range of the rice dishes they serve, as well as other succulent dishes. It is good value for money, and be careful, because sometimes they offer small concerts exclusively for their customers.

Ca n’Eduardo, luxury and style for special occasions

paella del restaurante Ca n'Eduardo

40€ – 50€
C/ Contramuelle Mollet, 3
Tripadvisor rating: 4/5

This spacious, sophisticated and sumptuous restaurant is located right on the quayside of Palma de Mallorca and is especially suitable for those moments of celebration that we want to remember forever

You only have to look at the dishes, their presentation, minimalism, care and neatness, or the impeccable state of the restaurant, to realise that Ca n’Eduardo is not just any old place. The paellas, in their different forms, are the house speciality; the best thing to do is to order a pan for several diners, a good white wine and let yourself be carried away by the Mediterranean cuisine.

Ca’n Manolo, a unique place with gastronomic foundations

paella del restaurante Ca'n Manolo

35€ – 40€
C/ Federico García Lorca, 4
Tripadvisor rating: 4,5/5

Ca’n Manolo, a restaurant specialising in meals for large groups, company dinners, celebrations, etc. Want to eat with lots of friends? This is the place

Mallorcan cuisine specialising in rice dishes (cuttlefish and monkfish, seafood, seafood, etc.) and grilled fish. This is a reliable restaurant with a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy diners. It has a good wine list. The restaurant is spacious and has a terrace or an indoor terrace, depending on the diner’s preference.

Ola del Mar, a spectacular place with marine specialities

paella del restaurante Ola del Mar

45€ – 50€
C/ Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 1
Tripadvisor rating: 4,5/5

It enjoys simply spectacular views, ideal for dining while watching the sunset over the sea from its beautiful terrace

You can also eat inside, where the wall makes its presence felt. The rice dishes are presented in minimalist dishes, but they are of great quality; everything that smells of the sea is cooked there, we can have rice with prawns, noodles, rice with salmon, black rice, eggs with lobster, etc. Prepare at least 40-50 euros per diner, you’re going to need it. One of the most select rice restaurants in Palma.

El Palau de s’Arròs, varieties everywhere


20€ – 25€
C/ Illa de Xipre, 31
Tripadvisor rating: 3,5/5

The Palau de s’Arròs is a restaurant specialising in rice dishes of all kinds; up to 16 specialities can be found, with a really good price-quality ratio

The reasonable prices per portion range from 11 euros for the most basic rice dishes to 23 euros for arroz a banda. There is also a good wine list and a selection of fish and seafood. The wooden, white and blue dining room is elegant and quiet. It also has a terrace if you prefer to be outdoors. A highly recommendable place.

Celebrate your special date at El Puente rice restaurant


40€ – 50€
C/ Monterrey, 66
Tripadvisor rating: 4,5/5

You only have to take a look at the photographs of the dishes at El Puente rice dishes to know that these rice dishes are full of flavour and quality

You can sense that they dedicate time, care and delicacy to preparing their rice dishes; paella rice, rice with lobster, black rice, a banda… everything just right. They also offer different meats, oysters and fish, always well presented. It is a good place to treat yourself to a little luxury and go as a couple to celebrate an anniversary or event. It has vegetarian options.

Molí des Portixol, a classic restaurant that never disappoints


30€ – 35€
C/ Marqués de la Romana, 20
Tripadvisor rating: 4/5

In the heart of Portixol you will find this distinguished rice restaurant where you can eat well in a beautiful place, breathing in the sea air

It is a very busy place for tourists, so reservations are advisable. Good presentation of dishes and pleasant atmosphere. We recommend asking the waiters for the speciality of the day. There are dishes such as the sobrassada and honey squid or the lobster paella that are a sure hit.

The good thing about eating rice in Palma is that the general level is certainly high; the restaurants know that there is a demand from diners and they respond with quality, rice at its best and good service

One of the hallmarks of the island’s gastronomy is rice accompanied by fish and/or vegetables. Going to a rice restaurant in Palma is a safe choice if we want to get it right with our guests. These ten restaurants will not leave anyone indifferent.