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10 good restaurants in Portixol

restaurants in portixol

El Portixol is the closest end to Palma in the neighborhood known as El Molinar

This neighborhood located to the east of the capital was a former industrial neighborhood. With the disappearance of many of its factories in the 50s and 60s it suffered a notable deterioration, but in the 90s it received a facelift and became one of the fashionable neighborhoods of Palma.

The Portixol area used to bring together most of the Molinar fishermen’s huts, and already in 1928 a yacht club was created, one of the oldest in Mallorca


In the 70s and 80s the club expanded, attracting more members. Parallel to this with the reforms of the Molinar in the 90s, a promenade was built that connects the Portixol with the Paseo Marítimo de Palma and that on the other side reaches the Ciudad Jardín.

El Molinar in general and the Portixol area in particular is consolidated as a leisure and gastronomic destination, and numerous bars and restaurants of all kinds are opened

paseo de el Portixol

It combines the proximity of Palma but without the inconveniences of overcrowding. From here you have magnificent views of the bay of Palma, highlighting the panoramic view of the Bellver Castle, at the other end of the city.

Discover 10 good restaurants in Portixol

Many of them have fish and seafood as their star products, with high quality fresh products, but we will have a wide variety of specialties to choose from.

Ola del Mar

Restaurante Ola del Mar - terraza superior

This restaurant specializing in rice and fish is not only the best in the area, but it is also one of the best restaurants in Mallorca

restaurante ola del Mar

45€ – 50€
C/ Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 1
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 27 42 75

In 2019 it was chosen as the best restaurant in Mallorca

Among its visitors are politicians, important businessmen and even the kings of Spain along with their daughters.

It is a small and picturesque restaurant that offers market cuisine, fresh seasonal products cooked with extreme skill. The service is at the same level of excellence as its cuisine. Definitely an unrepeatable experience.

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proSecCo Portixol


20€ – 25€
C/ Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 43
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 871 71 56 71

Just 200 m from Portixol we find this Italian restaurant where we also have Mediterranean and international cuisine.

Not very large premises, but with a terrace with privileged views over the bay.

It is also a good place to have a coffee, a few beers or a few cocktails.

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Na Brasa Rodizio Grill Churrascaría


25€ – 30€
Passeig Portixol
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 77 37 04

This steakhouse brings us a Brazilian-style restaurant with Argentine and Uruguayan influences

Excellent quality meat that will go straight from the grill to the table. We can serve ourselves the salads, sauces and garnishes with which we will accompany the meat that the waiters will serve us once we take a seat. As soon as we do not want more, we will only have to turn our card from the green side to the red side.

This exquisite meat cooked to perfection can be accompanied by excellent wines or traditional beers. And all this attended with the utmost kindness.

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Haveli Indian Restaurant


20€ – 25€
Passeig Portixol, 8
Tripadvisor: 5/5
+34 871 90 74 95

In this Indian restaurant we can taste Indian specialties along with some international food options

It also has a cafeteria and bar service, making it a good option to go for a drink or a cocktail.

Friendly service, a quiet atmosphere and a magnificent location in the bay of Palma.

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Alma Palma


25€ – 30€
Passeig Portixol, 4
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 83 19 90

This bar-restaurant offers us a magnificent terrace with wonderful views of the bay of Palma, and an elegant lounge where you can enjoy a pleasant stay.

We will be able to taste exquisite dishes and tapas of international inspiration: from homemade croquettes or Iberian sausages to Tex-Mex or oriental specialties. We also have the option of having an aperitif or enjoying a wide variety of cocktails in an elegant and sophisticated environment.

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Mala Madre


20€ – 25€
Carrer de Llucmajor, 1
Tripadvisor: 4/5
+34 871 71 25 64

This restaurant with original decoration (vertical garden included) offers us a wide variety of international food, for all tastes and pockets.

Meats, pasta, Japanese specialties and Tex-Mex… It has a good wine list and we can also have some delicious cocktails, with or without alcohol. The service, attentive and friendly, and a privileged location.

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Hoyo 10


25€ – 30€
Paseo Bartomeu Barceló i Mir, 11
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 27 86 50

Traditional, simple and unpretentious place

The menu is not very extensive, specializing especially in rice and seafood, but they also offer good meat and fish. The paellas are exquisite. Above all, it stands out for the homemade flavor. They also have delicious artisan desserts.

The value for money is excellent, it is a place frequented by residents and with a very loyal clientele. The treatment is friendly, familiar and welcoming.

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Seamill Palma Restaurant, Tapas & Cocktails


30€ – 35€
Passeig Portixol, Molino 1
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 48 52 02

In a privileged location on the Paseo del Portixol we find this pleasantly decorated bar-restaurant

We can spend a relaxing time having a coffee or a cocktail, or try their delicious dishes of Mediterranean and European cuisine. Attentive and friendly service, and a great atmosphere.

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Molí des Portitxol


25€ – 30€
C/ Marqués de la Romana, 20
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 90 22 24

The service is excellent, with a pleasant family treatment. From its terrace you can enjoy magnificent views of the bay of Palma

In the very core of Portixol we find this traditional restaurant specialized in rice, seafood and fresh fish, as it cannot be otherwise being in the same port. Their homemade desserts also stand out.

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Hotel Restaurant Portixol


25€ – 30€
C/ de la Sirena, 27
Tripadvisor: 4/5
+34 971 27 18 00

At the Portixol hotel we have at our disposal its restaurant at any time of the day

From breakfast to dinner, through an aperitif, lunch or a coffee in the afternoon. Both the terrace and the living room are decorated with exquisite taste and from them we have exceptional views of the entire bay of Palma.

Its menu is varied without falling into excess, and offers us a good selection of starters, salads, meat and fish. At noon they offer us a fairly priced menu with a good selection of dishes to choose from.

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