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Cala Mondragó


Cala Mondragó; one of the best beaches in Mallorca in the middle of a natural park

Services and Features

Blue flag
Length 75 m / Width 60 m
Virgin environment
Access by car
Bus stop
Access for the handicapped
Paid parking
Life guard
Ideal for snorkelling
Beach bar
High occupancy
Family friendly
Ideal for anchoring
Sunbed / umbrella rental
Hiking routes

The weather in Cala Mondragó

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Cala Mondragó is a sandy beach within the natural park of the same name, created in 1992. Thanks to this, it preserves all its natural surroundings intact. It is located in the municipality of Santanyí, in the southeast of Mallorca, just 10 km from the tourist resort of Cala d’Or. The beach is 75 m long and its widest point is 60 m long. It is flanked by two rocky outcrops covered with vegetation where there are many caves (underwater and above the surface) to explore.

The waters of Cala Mondragó, also known by its traditional name of sa Font de n’Alís, are clean and transparent, adopting a turquoise tone

They are usually calm, except in strong southerly winds, when moderate swell may occur.

Access to the beach is very easy and it is accessible for people with reduced mobility

The gentle slope of the sand, the easy access and the calm, shallow waters make it a perfect place for families.

The beauty of the beach and its surroundings, and the ease of access means that in the central summer months there is a very high influx of bathers

As an alternative there is the neighbouring beach of s’Amarador, which is somewhat larger and has a larger car park. The two coves are linked by a comfortable coastal path.

The beach of Cala Mondragó is the mouth of the Ses Coves del Rei torrent, and at the back there is a marshland that forms a protected ecosystem inhabited by different species of amphibians, reptiles and different species of birds

The paths along which you can walk are properly signposted. In addition, there is an abundance of plant species such as pines, mastic trees and wild olive trees.

The sea inlet in front of Cala Mondragó and s’Amarador is a magnificent anchoring point, well protected from most winds.


How to get to Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondragó has good road access, public transport and it is also a magnificent place to reach by bicycle to explore the different itineraries of the natural park.

How to get to Cala Mondragó by car

Open route in GPS

The route to Cala Mondragó is very easy and well signposted.

  • From Palma take the Ma-19 to Santanyí. From there we will follow the same road towards l’Alqueria Blanca, and then towards Porto Petro. Before reaching this town, we will pass a roundabout where we will see the signs to Cala Mondragó.
  • If you are in the north of Mallorca (from Pollensa to Cala Ratjada), take the Ma-12 and then head towards Manacor. From there, follow the road to Felanitx, and then take the Ma-4010 towards Portocolom. We will reach a roundabout, where we will follow the signs to Santanyí, and finally to Porto Petro and Cala Mondragó.

Parking is charged at a rate (subject to change) of €6.90 per day per car

It should be noted that parking on the roads leading to the nature park is strictly forbidden.

The nearby roads are common for cycle touring routes, with the added bonus of being able to cycle through the nature park afterwards, without ever leaving the marked trails.

How to get to Cala Mondragó by public transport

Cala Mondragó has a bus stop near the beach. Bus line 521 runs there, connecting the natural park with Porto Petro and Cala d’Or. Line 514 from Felanitx and line 515 from Campos reach Cala d’Or.

To get to Campos there are several options:

How to get to Cala Mondragó by boat

The mouth of Cala Mondragó, shared with s’Amarador, offers an excellent anchoring point, protected from all winds except from the east-southeast. The depth is between 5 and 8 m on a sandy and seaweed bottom. Caution should be taken not to drop anchor on posidonia plains.

If there are too many boats we have the option of anchoring in the nearby Caló des Borgit, just 700 m away sailing to the east, also within the natural park. There the sandy bottom has a depth of 3m

Just over two miles away is the Yacht Club of Porto Petro, the nearest port facility.

Cala Mondragó


Cala Mondragó offers a wide range of services for the comfort of its visitors. There are sun loungers and parasols for hire, and there are also public toilets. There is also a lifeguard service.

Cala Mondragó has a restaurant near the beach and a bar-cafeteria at the foot of the beach. There is also the option of the Playa Mondragó hotel restaurant. The prices are high, as is usual in places with a large number of visitors, and of normal quality, but it saves us from having to carry our own food if we are going to spend the whole day there.

Cala Mondragó


Cala Mondragó is an excellent beach where you can take a refreshing swim and lie in the sun while enjoying the beauty of a practically virgin natural spot.

Its clear, clean waters are excellent for snorkelling and scuba diving

In the rocky outcrops that protect the cove there are a number of caves, some of them submerged, which make up a very varied landscape and are home to a lot of marine life. We will have to bring all the necessary equipment with us, as there are no facilities for renting it.

The waters are also very calm and very high for paddle surfing and canoeing

It is easy to visit the other coves in the natural park, and we can even venture as far as Cala Figuera or Cala Egos, in Cala d’Or.

The main attraction of Cala Mondragó is its location in the natural park of the same name

Nature lovers have four self-guided routes available here. Two of them start at Cala Mondragó beach itself, and the other two at s’Amarador beach. People with reduced mobility can arrange to visit the park with the help of volunteers and a Joëlette chair to do so in comfort.

In addition to these routes inside the park, we can make other excursions to other nearby places:

  • Route 1: simple route through the coves of the natural park, up to Caló des Burgit, 3.5 km
  • Route 2: excursion to Cala Santanyí, alternating coastal and inland trails, just over 6 km
  • Route 3: coastal route of moderate difficulty up to Porto Petro, 8 km
  • Route 4: simple but somewhat long round trip to Cala Figuera, 12 km
  • Route 5: if we are in the mood for walking, we can even go to Cala Egos in Cala d’Or and back, 20 km

Some of these routes pass through archaeological sites of considerable interest

Just 9 km from Cala Mondragó we can visit the Talayotic site of Ses talaies de Can Jordi. This is a Talayotic site dating back to 1000 BC, but which continued to be used for some 2,000 years until the Islamic period.

For cyclists there are also interesting routes around Cala Mondragó, apart from the paths within the natural park itself.

  • Route 1: round trip to s’Alqueria Blanca, Porto Petro and Cala d’Or, 30 km
  • Route 2: from Cala Mondragó to Cala Millor by road bike, difficult but very satisfying route, 66 km

Finally, to recharge our batteries, we have several options

A very common one is to bring your picnic basket and look for shade among the pine trees that surround Cala Mondragó. But we can also count on the beach bars and restaurants in the park itself.

Another option is to go to s’Alqueria Blanca, Santanyí, Cala Figuera or Cala Santanyí on one side, or to Porto Petro on the other. All these villages have a reasonably varied and high quality gastronomic offer. Finally, in Cala d’Or you will find restaurants for all tastes and budgets, from simple menu bars to haute cuisine.

Cala Mondragó - Mallorca


In Cala Mondragó itself you will find the three-star hotel Playa Mondragó. There are also several rustic fincas available for holiday rentals.

In Santanyí we can enjoy a four-star hotel. In Cala Figuera we have a slightly larger offer: hotels of between one and three stars, and blocks of tourist flats, as well as some holiday rentals.

A few kilometres further south we have Cala Santanyí, which has an even wider range of accommodation. And to the north, just 7 km away, is the important tourist resort of Cala d’Or, with a wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets.

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