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10 good pizzerias in Palma

cartel pizzeria 500º, en Palma de Mallorca

Before presenting our selection of 10 good pizzerias in Palma, let’s briefly review the origin of pizza.

Pizza has always been one of the most popular and popular dishes in the Mediterranean diet. A pleasure for the senses. Much has been said about its uncertain origin; Some historians assure that already at the time of the splendor of the Greek civilization, a kind of bread crushed with various spices, onions, garlic and cheese was served, although it was not exactly a pizza, but an antecedent.

Pizza as we know it today originates from the city of Naples in Italy, popularized by the humble classes from the 17th century. It was a cheap, relatively simple dish to make based on bread dough, oil, a homemade tomato sauce and cheese on top. Originally it had no more ingredients, although over the centuries these appeared, giving it flavor, texture and variety.

It was with Italian immigration, at the beginning of the 20th century, that pizza spread and reached other parts of the world. It became enormously popular in the United States, where the first fast pizza franchises appeared and spread throughout its territory.

foto antigua de unas chicas comiendo una pizza

Today, pizza is an indispensable dish due to its many benefits and its unique flavor. We can find a good number of pizzerias in Palma with a great variety of styles and specialties. Next we are going to take a tour of 10 good pizzerias in Palma according to their quality and based on the opinion and comments of their customers. Let’s take a look.

Pizzeria 500 Grados, exquisite culinary crafts


una pizza de la pizzaria 500 Grados

7€ – 10€
c/ Fèlix de les Meravelles, 6
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 871 80 56 96


This restaurant is a classic of Palma’s pizzerias. It is tiny but nice, cozy and pleasant. It has a wood oven and a very diverse menu that includes vegan options. They are divided into classic pizzas and gourmet pizzas. Of the first type we find such mythical specialties as margarita, seafood, Roman or four cheeses, without a doubt one of their most popular pizzas. In the gourmet we can order the sobrassada pizza, the raw ham and arugula pizza or the tartufo. These are fine, large pizzas, in true Italian style, well stocked with condiment and of good quality. Reservations recommended due to attendance.

Pizzeria II Tano, the genuine taste of Italy


una calzone de la pizzeria Il Tano

7€ – 28€
Carrer de la Pursiana, 10
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 10 52 10


Located in the popular Santa Catalina neighborhood, Il Tano is possibly one of the best pizzerias in Palma. His regent’s presentation says it all: “He had a dream, to bring the tastes, sensations and smells of southern Italy to Mallorca.” And well that it has, you can choose from more than 50 varieties of pizzas, dividing the menu between classic pizzas, special pizzas and new pizzas. It is impossible not to choose one that is to our liking. Prices range from 7 to 28 euros, depending on the size and quality of the ingredients.

Armonia pizzeria, quality and flavor at a good price


una pizza de la pizzería Armonia, en palma

4€ – 16€
Carrer dels Oms, 13
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 10 40 29


Located on Olmos street, Armonia pizzeria has a good reputation in Palma. The good value for money of its menu, which consists of more than twenty types of pizza, and the good treatment of the clientele has made this small pizzeria one of the most desirable in the city. It has tables inside and also on the terrace. At all times they cook facing the public with fresh ingredients. Highly recommended.

Pizzeria Mozzatura, from Naples with love


una pizza de la pizzeria Mozzatura de palma

8€ – 12€
Carrer Ciutat de Quilmes, 10
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 871 80 57 32


Located on Ciutat de Quilmes street, this spacious restaurant offers traditional Neapolitan pizzas respecting Italian recipes and the production and cooking process that has made this dish a celebrity worldwide. On the menu we can find a rich variety of classic pizzas, a gourmet section and even fried pizza. You can reserve a table online and by phone.

Il Porticato, Italian authenticity


una pizza de la pizzería Il Porticato, en Palma

10€ – 15€
Carrer de Ramon Llull, 8
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 71 87 49


Imagine a classic Italian pizzeria with its red checkered tablecloths, its wood carving and that particular aroma of the oven at full capacity. Well that’s Il Porticato, which looks like a picture of Little Italy located in the heart of Palma. Its menu is the most classic we can find, it is affordable and it uses fine dough for its pizzas. It is ideal to go with friends.

Il Forno A Legna, bet on traditional pizza


una pizza de la pizzería Il Forno A Legna, a la afueras de Palma

10€ – 20€
C/ Joan Mascaró i Fornés, 145
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 76 92 79


Il Forno a Legna pizzeria is a splendid place to organize evenings in which we celebrate an important event that we want to remember. It has a spacious, elegant and romantic room with beautiful views that impress thanks to the splendor of the surrounding nature. A large lighting comes in through its window that makes the restaurant more welcoming. Their cuisine is committed to traditional wood-fired pizza (as its name suggests) and they offer a wide variety of pizza styles with more than 30 recipes. Their service is famous for its warmth and good customer service. A pizzeria that has carved a niche in the hearts of its customers.

La Mafia se Sienta a la Mesa, distinction between stoves


una pizza de la pizzería La Mafia se Sienta a la Mesa, en Palma

8€ – 18€
Passeig de Mallorca, 26
Tripadvisor: 4/5
+34 669 23 06 74


Despite its original name, it is not a space reserved for gangsters, but it is a chic-looking restaurant that makes a clear commitment to quality. We can enjoy sophisticated pizzas in classic versions and other more spicy ones. A plus for families is that it has a children’s menu with specialized pizzas for the little ones. Of course, we must prepare the portfolio.

Es Fortí, a different pizzeria


una pizza de la pizzería Es Fortí, en Palma

10€ – 50€
Carrer de Pascual Ribot, 2
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 871 11 56 12


Es Fortí is a very colorful and friendly bar-pizzeria with an Italian restaurant. There you can taste classic and special pizzas at a more than competitive price. They offer good quality pizzas, cared for and with fresh ingredients. It is an ideal place to go in a group or family for its spaciousness and comfort. Its atmosphere is friendly and youthful. It can be booked online.

Don Salvatore, great catalog of baked pizzas


una pizza de la pizzería Don Salvatore, en Palma

10€ – 20€
Avinguda de Joan Miró, 44
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 871 77 73 93


Don Salvatore is an Italian restaurant with a huge variety of pizzas in its different models, dimensions and quality. There are even pizzas with chocolate! They are made in the oven, the old-fashioned way, with an always visible preparation for diners. It has a very nice terrace and has an interior lounge, this being an ideal restaurant to visit as a couple if we are looking for tranquility.

Mamma Teresa, trattoria in Palma with interesting promotions


una pizza de la pizzeria Mamma Teresa, en Palma de Mallorca

8€ – 17€
Carrer de Julià Alvarez, 3
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 66 62 41


Mamma Teresa is a traditional and artisan pizzeria. Its strong point is the homemade touch of its pizzas and the enormous variety that we find in its extensive menu. They use 33 cm fine dough (although in their home service they also have 26 and 40 cm masses). They have from purely Italian recipes (alpine, francescana or perugina), others that are more American-style, vegetarian and even some with sweet flavors. The trattoria is small but very cute, with a marble fountain adorning the dining room, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They have a home service that offers promotions with generous discounts. They also offer services for large groups at birthday parties, openings, business meetings or various celebrations.

Great average quality in the pizzerias of Palma


Palma de Mallorca is a city devoted to tourism and it shows when it comes to finding pizzerias. There is a great specialization in terms of the Italian model, although we can also find American-style stores with a more forceful character typical of fast food. Thin or thick pizzas? Here is the question.

In general, and unless we are looking for more select gourmet restaurants, the pizzerias in Palma have reasonable prices and a satisfactory average quality. Before going to lunch or dinner it is advisable to make a reservation, because Palma is a very busy city with great demand from customers. Once done, all that remains is to enjoy and pay homage to our palates.


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