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10 good restaurants in El Arenal

10 good restaurants in el arenal

El Arenal is today one of the most famous and visited neighborhoods on the south coast of Palma de Mallorca. In other words; is in fashion. Formerly it was a town of fishermen and quarry workers, a very pure, humble and traditional population, located in a border area located just between Llucmajor and Palma. But over time it was absorbed by the big city in its growth process, thanks mainly to construction and the subsequent tourist boom.

It is currently one of the most popular areas for tourists and visitors from all over the world, seduced by its relaxed, holiday atmosphere, by its beach and by the activities that can be carried out both day and night along the promenade and its adjoining streets.

El Arenal stands out for its wide range of consumption: there we find shops, restaurants, markets, cinemas, boutiques, supermarkets, pubs … there are always many people on the streets, especially in summer, and a very particular bustling atmosphere.

Visitors to Palma looking for an area where they can eat well and with quality can always explore restaurants in Arenal. There is a variety and food for all tastes, taking into account that the public is very cosmopolitan: we find Italian, American, German, classic Spanish or Indian restaurants among others.

It has a large area and a temperate climate all year round, so there are always people practicing sports.

Walking along the promenade quietly, looking at the shops and eating something in the restaurants in El Arenal, to finally have a drink on a terrace is one of the best plans we can come up with this tourist season.

10 good restaurants in El Arenal

Bar Andaluz; the aroma of Andalusian bars in the middle of Arenal


Tapas del Bar Andaluz del el Arenal de Palma

10€ – 20€
Carrer del Quarter, 23
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 26 80 18


Can you find an Andalusian tavern in the middle of El Arenal? Yes, you can, in the Bar Andaluz in El Arenal It has neither traps nor cardboard; it is a classic Andalusian bar, like the ones we might find in Seville or Granada. From the decoration to the menu, it has a southern essence. Marble, wood and tapas, portions and half portions in ceramic plates and casseroles. What can you eat? Well, a little of everything: garlic prawns, meatballs, octopus, cuttlefish, ham and cheese, squid, cuttlefish … a little sea and a little saw. Beware that it is a bar-restaurant that is always quite full, so we advise you to book or stop at an early hour so as not to run out of table.

FINS, tapas and cocktails. Pure taste of the Mediterranean


un plato del Fins-Tapas-&-Cocktails de Can Pastilla

15€ – 30€
Carrer de Virgili, 3
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 49 11 21


Rich and varied food in a Mediterranean style whose dishes are more than well presented. During the week they offer menus at an economical price. It is an elegant, modern and spacious place with a sophisticated atmosphere. It has a local interior and several tables on an external terrace. It is next to the beach and if we eat outside we can feel the sea breeze refresh us. Some dishes such as the red tuna tataki or the crunchy octopus with potato foam and paprika are a real treat for the senses. The FINS tapas & cocktails is highly recommended.

Fusion of Italian and Mallorcan gastronomy at Piccolo Sogno


un plato del Piccolo-Sogno de el Arenal

6€ – 15€
Carrer Terral, 3
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 685 28 56 88


Are you (very) hungry and passionate about Italian cuisine? Well, look no further, in the spacious and functional Piccolo Sogno you will be able to satisfy yourself with pizzas, various pastas (macaroni, spaghetti, gnocchi, etc.), calzones, lasagna and a long list of transalpine dishes. They also offer several types of cheese, ham and toasts that can be a good choice for the most exquisite palates. It has a very large terrace that is close to the promenade and an interior that accommodates dozens of diners. An inexpensive choice that perfectly fits the script for an Italian restaurant.

British tavern essence at Hole in the Wall


ambiente del The Hole In The Wall Tavern de el Arenal

10€ – 20€
Carrer de Tòquio, 14
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 603 38 17 36


If our interest is British cuisine, the Hole in the Wall is a good tavern where to eat in our environment: English rock music, people toasting, sports competitions in the background … This place does not fool anyone, it is what it is; a tavern where you can order hamburgers with potatoes and a half pint of cider or beer; Well cooked chicken or eggs and bacon and we will be satiated. The site is picturesque at best; It does look as though a hole has been dug in the middle of a wall and is strikingly decorated. Inside it smells of beer and food. What more could you want?

Marine gastronomy at Casa Do Pulpo


una estupenda mariscada en Casa do Pulpo de el Arenal

20€ – 30€
Ctra. Militar, 219
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 26 03 68


Site 100% recommended for lovers of fish, fresh seafood, octopus and derivatives. That is what we are going to find at Casa do Pulpo. It is true that there are also meats, but since we come, his thing is to try an octopus board with paprika, a paella, some garlic prawns, some cuttlefish or a black rice. Something that smells of the sea. The place is basic, functional, decorated in wood, with comfortable tables, Galicia star, good atmosphere and quality in its dishes. It is an option to take into account.

Chalet Siena, gastronomic variety in an enviable location


terraza del restaurante Chalet Sirena de el Arena

20€ – 40€
C/ Missió de San Diego, 1
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 74 56 90


Chalet Siena is a spectacular restaurant from which you can see the sea and the beach. It is a spacious, elegantly designed place that is decorated with wood, lots of plants, and pretty black and white photos. What can you eat? Well, a bit of everything. They dispense Mediterranean cuisine, prawns, ham, cheese, a lot of meat, some pasta, toasts … etc. The atmosphere is modern and the value for money is discreet; you have to prepare the portfolio.

Katagi Blau; sushi never fails


vistas desde el restaurante Katagi Blau de el Arenal

25€ – 60€
Av. d’Amèrica, 2
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 59 60 18


The Katagi Blau is a high-end restaurant; both in gastronomy and in terms of the economy. Its views are prodigious, the attention is exquisite and the furniture is ultra-comfortable. For eating we have signature sushi, at very sophisticated and serious presentation levels. Dining in summer watching the sunset from its vast terrace is a luxury for the senses. It was awarded as the ‘Best Asian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant in Europe 2019’ by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards.

Steakhouse Tango, German calories for the body


un suculento plato de carne del Steakhouse Tango de el Arenal

8€ – 20€
Carrer de Cartago, 7
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 26 81 10


Let’s face it, do we want to pay ourselves a good tribute with succulent and powerful lunches or dinners Made in Germany? Well this is one of our restaurants in El Arenal. Located on Avenida Nacional, the Steakhouse Tango tries to make no diner hungry: the grill is synonymous with quality; there are ribs, cachopos, hamburgers, steaks, pinchitos … all with that sober decoration and in wood typical of the Germanic countries. If you are very hungry the Steakhouse Tango will leave you satisfied.

India House, for lovers of the flavors of India


un plato del restaurante India House del Arenal

10€ – 20€
Carretera de l’Arenal, 3
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 663 81 56 28


Are you passionate about Indian food? Well, you can feast on traditional Indian dishes with reasonable value for money right on the seafront, watching the waves of the sea and the sun setting behind the mountains. Rice with sauces of all colors, well-spiced meats, garlic bread, various salads … the menu is very varied and authentic.

Mediterranean (and world) flavors at Restaurante del Sol


una paella del Restaurante del Sol de el Arenal

5€ – 21€
Av. Miramar, 3
Tripadvisor: 4,5/5
+34 971 44 21 86


The Restaurant del Sol has a unique and spectacular location thirty steps from the beach. In this place they offer an extensive Mediterranean menu based on rice dishes, seafood and fresh vegetables. You can actually eat everything, even sushi or pizzas. Its variety is impressive and the quality more than acceptable. The only problem is that it tends to get crowded, so it is advisable to book before going. And yes, there is pan tumaca.

In any of these 10 restaurants in Arenal you can eat well and spend a pleasant evening, you just have to think about what you want, because fortunately it is an area with a gastronomic richness beyond any doubt. It is also a very busy area, so we encourage you to book before going to the restaurant and to take things with a little patience. In any case, eating close to the sea is an enjoyment and a luxury that we must savor.


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