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Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro, Mallorca

Playa de Muro; find your perfect area along its 5 km

Services and features

Urban environment
High occupancy
Life guard
Sunbed and umbrella rental
Access by car
Access for the handicapped
Family friendly
Kayak rental
Length 5 km / Width 25 m
Bus stop
Beach bar
Paddle surf


Playa de Muro is an immense sandy area of ​​more than 5 km in length that occupies the central part of the Bay of Alcudia, in the north of Mallorca. Depending on the section, the width of the sand area is between 15 and 35 m wide. What all sectors do share is fine golden sand, gentle slopes and moderate waves.

Sector I, a direct continuation of Alcudia beach, measures 1600 m and is almost 35 wide

It is the most urbanized sector of Muro beach, and it is barely indistinguishable from Alcudia beach, although it has more areas of vegetation. It is separated from Sector II by the s’Oberta canal (also called Siurana), one of the channels through which the Alcudia lagoon flows into the sea.

Sector II (also called the Braç) is just over 1700 m long and almost 30 m wide

It is less urbanized than sector I, and although there are hotels and residences in its vicinity, they are further from the beach.

Sector III is called Es Comú, and it is the area that is preserved more virgin

There are no nearby buildings and behind the dunes there is a lush pine forest that reaches the road. It is almost 1500 m long and the usable sand area is about 15 m wide. The area of ​​dunes and vegetation, necessary for the maintenance and regeneration of the beach, is cordoned off to prevent deterioration.

Finally, Sector IV, known as Es Capellans, Caseta or Casetes des Capellans, reaches Can Picafort, measuring 430 m in length, and with a width of almost 30 m

It is also protected by pine forest and forest. Its name comes from the peculiar residential houses that are nearby, some of which were once occupied by the priests (capellans) of the church of Muro.

Playa de Muro
Depending on where we enter Playa de Muro, we will have to cross these wooden walkways

Sectors I, II and IV are easily accessible, being able to get to near the sand by car, and have an access walkway for people with reduced mobility. Sector III does not have adapted accesses and the surroundings cannot be reached by car. In return, it is the sector with the least influx of bathers.

The entire beach has a very gentle slope, which makes it ideal to go with small children with great tranquility

Except when the Tramuntana blows, the waters of the Bay of Alcudia are very calm, registering at most a moderate swell.

The shallow water depth due to the gentle slope of the beach makes anchoring at Playa de Muro inadvisable, due to the risk of running aground.

playa de muro mapa point
From Palma airport and following the Ma-13 we will reach Playa de Muro in 45 minutes

How to get to Playa de Muro

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Playa de Muro is located between the centers of Puerto de Alcudia and Can Picafort. From any of them, following the Ma-12, we will travel parallel to the beach. If we are coming from Palma or the western half of Mallorca, it is best to take the Ma-13 highway and then follow the road to Puerto de Alcudia. We will arrive at a roundabout where we can take the first exit, on the Ma-3470, in the direction of Can Picafort and Artá. Thus we can avoid crossing the entire Port of Alcudia. After 3.7 km we will arrive at a roundabout where we will take the second exit, and from there we only have to follow the indications to Playa de Muro.

The streets that remain between Avenida de la Albufera and the coast are mostly dead-end streets where you can park, and from there access the beach, specifically Sectors I and II

To access Sector III, we must leave the Playa de Muro nucleus, cross the Puente de los Ingleses and after approximately 1.7 km, when the urbanized area ends, turn left, onto Arenes street. At the end of this parking area is one of the entrances to Sector III, which is part of the Albufera de Mallorca Natural Park. To access Sector IV we must arrive at Can Picafort and at the roundabout take the fourth exit, following the directions for the Casetes dels Capellans. At the end of this street we will come to a parking area next to the beach.

If we are in the south or east of Mallorca depending on the exact point, it will be convenient for us to head towards Manacor or Artá, and from there follow the indications to Can Picafort

In this case we will first find access to Sector IV. From Can Picafort to Playa de Muro, 2 km away, we will have Arenes street on our right, from where we can access Sector III (Es Comú). Entering the core of Playa de Muro both on Avenida de la Albufera and in the adjacent streets between it and the beach, we can find parking.

Sectors I, II and IV have accesses enabled for people with reduced mobility

Not so in Sector III, where you have to park a bit further and the access path is not enabled or has walkways. It should be noted that Sector III has several trails that pass through the pine forest that protects its back. Although the route is longer, it is possible to park in some of the tourist complexes along the road and from there find these accesses to the beach.

To get to Playa de Muro by public transport we have good connections

There are five stops at Playa de Muro itself, plus one at Can Picafort, next to the access to the Casetes dels Capellans. Line 351 connects Palma with Playa de Muro, as well as A32, which is the direct line from the airport. Line 352 that connects Can Picafort with Puerto de Pollensa, also has stops in Playa de Muro.

In the summer months, line 353 is added, which runs from Can Picafort to Formentor, and line 354, to Puerto de Sóller, also stops at Playa de Muro. From Cala Ratjada, in the northwest of Mallorca, we can take line 446. And from Portocristo, 445, which passes through some of the coastal towns in the Manacor region, and also reaches Artá.

Due to the shallow depth, it is not possible to anchor near the shore at Playa de Muro due to the risk of running aground.

playa de muro, mallorca
A few meters before (to the right) of the wooden walkway, Playa de Alcudia ends and Playa de Muro begins.


Except for Sector III, in Playa de Muro there are all kinds of services to make the beach day more comfortable for bathers

Sectors I, II and IV have a rental service for sunbeds and umbrellas, a lifeguard service (this is also in Sector III) and a kiosk practically on the beach. Sectors I and II also have toilets and showers.

Sectors I and II, corresponding to the urbanized area, have several areas for water sports: windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing … There are several schools for these sports and if we do not have the necessary equipment we can rent it. It is also possible to rent pedal boats, jet skis and paddle surf equipment, and hire banana boat tours or boat trips around the bay.

The different areas of the beach are perfectly marked

bathing areas, water sports areas, entry and exit corridors for boats, etc. In the sand there are also several areas enabled for the practice of beach volleyball or other ball sports. It also has playgrounds, including a bouncy castle.

Near the beach, in sectors I and II, there are many bars and restaurants where you can refresh yourself or regain strength after our day at the beach.

Playa de Muro
Kitesurfers in Playa de Muro


Like most beaches in the bay of Alcudia, Playa de Muro is perfect to go with children. Its gentle slope means that they have to travel many meters from the shore before losing their footing. The playgrounds located near the beach offer an even greater variety of activities for the little ones. The Es Comú pine forest is an additional diversion that you will certainly appreciate.

paddlesurf playa de muro
All the water activities that we can imagine can be done in Playa de Muro

Apart from simple swimming and sunbathing we can practice various water sports

There are facilities where you can rent pedal boats, paddlesurf boards and canoes. If we have the proper qualifications we can rent boats and jet skis.

The most daring can hire water paragliding flights and nautical sky tours. It is also a good place to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing. If we do not have the necessary equipment we can rent it in one of the schools and facilities that are along the beach.

The shallow waters of Playa de Muro mean that a priori they are not very suitable for snorkeling or diving

However, there are schools that organize trips to different parts of the bay of Alcudia and its surroundings, and offer the possibility of renting equipment.

Playa de Muro is a very popular destination for cyclists

The road that goes from Playa de Muro to Can Picafort has a bike lane, while Avenida de la Albufera has a good width to be able to cycle safely. There are many professional cycling teams that carry out their preseason in Mallorca, setting their concentration point in Playa de Muro or its surroundings.

From here you can quickly access all types of roads. In the direction of Artá ​​we will quickly find strong ups and downs, while if we go to Santa Margarita and Muro we will enter the roads of Pla de Mallorca.

playa de muro aérea
On the left we have Avenida de s’Albufera. On the right, we see part of Playa de Muro and then Playa de Alcudia

Nature lovers have at their fingertips the Albufera de Mallorca natural park, the largest wetland area in the Balearic Islands

It is a transit point for many migratory species on their journey between Europe and Africa, as well as having a good number of local birds and a large number of invertebrates (more than 450 species have been observed). To all this we must add mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Without a doubt it is a small paradise for naturalists.

For those interested in the history of Mallorca, the surroundings of Playa de Muro offer a good number of more than recommended visits

A few kilometers away, between Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina, is the Son Real necropolis, a unique funeral complex in the western Mediterranean. Linked to this necropolis is the Talaiot de sa Nineta, very close to it.

In the opposite direction, in neighboring Puerto de Alcudia, are the remains of the Roman city of Pollentia, which was the island’s capital for centuries. In its vicinity there are many isolated sites from Roman times that give an idea of ​​the size that the city reached.

Returning to more contemporary interests, Playa de Muro has a wide range of nearby bars and restaurants where you can cool off or recharge your batteries on the beachfront. It is possible to enjoy from simple beach menus to sophisticated creations for the most demanding palate.

Atardecer en Playa de Muro
Sunset at Playa de Muro. On the left we see the Puig de Sant Martí


Playa de Muro is one of the main holiday resorts on the island, offering more than 16,000 tourist places. Many of them are hotels of all categories: from discreet family hotels to luxury resorts to all-inclusive establishments. But there are also complexes of aparthotels, apartments and tourist apartments, chalets and villas.

In Playa de Muro we can easily find the accommodation that best suits our tastes and budgets, very close to the beach, and with good connections to the rest of the island.

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