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Cala Mesquida

playa de Cala Mesquida, Mallorca

Services and features

Semi-virgin environment
Average occupancy
Life guard
Sunbed and umbrella rental
Access by car
Free parking
Kayak rental
Length 350 m / Width 70 m
Bus stop
Beach bar


Cala Mesquida is a beach of fine white sand located in the northeast of Mallorca, in the municipality of Capdepera. The sandy area is almost 350 m long, flanked by rocky areas at both ends, and a little over 70 m wide in its widest area. The back part of the beach is made up of an extensive system of dunes on which pine and mastic grow.

The beach forms a small bay open to the north, leaving it exposed to the tramuntana and the northeast and northwest winds.

This causes a strong swell to rise with a somewhat strong wind. In addition, return currents are generated that can be dangerous when dragging the bather out to sea. This is why, in case of going with children, extreme precautions must be taken. It does not have access enabled for people with mobility problems.

The left bank of the beach is the closest to the urbanization, while the right is the one with a natural environment. In fact, the area between Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla is part of a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest. Nudism is common in this part of the beach furthest from the urbanization.

cala mesquida
Cala Mesquida

During the months of high season it can present a somewhat high occupancy due to the ease of access from the urbanization, but as we go to the right bank there is less presence of bathers.

Anchoring in the bay that forms Cala Mesquida is complicated by the currents that push the boats towards land and make it difficult to go out to the open sea. In any case, if the sea is calm, away from the beach there are five meters deep on a sandy bottom. It is not possible to approach the shore because of the shallow depth.

cala mesquida mapa-point
From the airport and following the Ma-15 highway, it takes about 85 minutes by car to Cala Mesquida

How to get to Cala Mesquida

Open route in GPS

The route to get to Cala Mesquida is very simple

If we are in the area of ​​Palma, the south or the east of Mallorca, we will go first to Manacor. Once there we will initially follow the indications to Cala Ratjada, but very soon we will begin to find the indications to Capdepera. When we are approaching Capdepera we will already have the signs to get to Cala Mesquida, and once there, we will have directions to the car park that is 200 m from the beach.

If we are in the center or north of the island, we should initially follow the directions for Artá, and from there follow the directions for Capdepera, and then for Cala Mesquida.

To get to Cala Mesquida by public transport we only have one line during the summer months

The 471, which connects with Capdepera, Cala Ratjada and some other towns in the northwest of Mallorca.

  • To get to Capdepera from Palma we can take line 411
  • From the east (between Cala Murada and Cala Ratjada) we have the 441
  • From the north, to Puerto de Pollensa, we can take line 446

We have already commented that anchoring in Cala Mesquida is delicate

On the one hand, the cove is very exposed to winds from the north, northeast and northwest, and there are currents that push the boats towards land. On the other hand, the depth is very shallow near the shore. If the sea is calm far from the shore, about 500 m, you can anchor on a sandy bottom 5 m deep.


Cala Mesquida has a good range of services for its visitors. There is a rental service for umbrellas and hammocks. It also has a bar and a restaurant on the beach and lifeguard service.

It also has rental of certain sports equipment (pedal boats, diving, snorkeling), but there are no areas enabled for the practice of nautical sports so as not to interfere with bathers. In fact there are restrictions on certain activities so as not to harm the natural environment near Cala Mesquida.

playa de cala mesquida
Cala Mesquida on any given summer day


The main activities that can be done in Cala Mesquida is to take a good dip in its crystal clear waters and then lie down on its fine sand and relax under the Mediterranean sun.

The right bank of Cala Mesquida, together with the rocky area with which it borders, is perfect for snorkelling and diving

The sandy bottoms give way to rock walls that provide a magnificent underwater spectacle with a multitude of fish and octopus. If we do not have the necessary equipment, it is possible to rent it in Cala Mesquida.

Apart from touring the bay that forms Cala Mesquida by velomar, from here it is a good point for kayak excursions to nearby coves, such as this one that runs along part of the coastline of the Levante Peninsula Natural Park.

The winds that rise in the area make Cala Mesquida a very popular beach for windsurfers and kitesurfers

Especially in the low season months, when there are fewer people on the beach and higher waves, the presence of surfers is very common.

The natural environment of Cala Mesquida invites you to explore it to get to know it up close, especially if we are nature lovers

Next to the beach, on its right bank, there is a large colony of seagulls and cormorants, one of the largest in Mallorca.

entorno cala mesquida
The natural environment of Cala Mesquida offers us several excursions

Several trails allow to know the natural and cultural wealth of this area. We can also reach the nearby Cala Agulla. And just a little further we would reach the tourist center of Cala Ratjada. Another tough but beautiful route, along the coast, leads us to Canyamel beach. And if we have come this far, we must visit another natural wonder, this time underground: the Artá ​​caves.

If our sport is cycling we are in luck

By mountain bike we can reach another beautiful cove, sa Font de sa Cala, about 12 km:

If we are not afraid of the distance, more than 50 km, we can go inland to Vilafranca de Bonany:

For those interested in the history of Mallorca, and of this specific part of the island, a visit to the Capdepera castle is essential. Built in 1300 on an old Muslim village. In turn, the area had been previously occupied by the Romans, and before them by the indigenous inhabitants of Mallorca. It is really not just a castle but a whole walled town of more than 8000 m2 that came to have 125 houses inside.

If we are interested in the prehistory of the island, a few kilometers away there is an archaeological jewel: the Talayot ​​de s’Heretat

Also known as Es Claper des Gegant. It is a Talayotic town from the Bronze Age (1000 BC) that was in use until Roman times.

To refresh ourselves and recharge our batteries we have the bar and the restaurant located on the beach

In the urbanization itself there are several more restaurants serving Spanish and international food.


In the same urbanization of Cala Mesquida there are several four-star hotels, both for families and adults only. The rest of the accommodation offer is basically tourist rentals, mainly chalets and villas.

A little further from the coast, on the road that connects Capdepera with Cala Mesquida, there is a good offer of rural farms and villas.

If we do not find accommodation in this area, by taste or budget, the closest tourist center is Cala Ratjada, one of the most important in Mallorca and with a wide range of accommodation: hotels, aparthotels, apartments … Here we will surely find some option For all tastes and budgets.

cala mesquida de noche
Aerial view at dusk of the beach and the urbanization of Cala Mesquida

Take a look at Cala Mesquida in 360º

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