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Cala Marmassen

cala marmassen

Cala Marmassen; small cove of rocks with deep and transparent waters

Services and features

Low residential environment
Length 70 m / Width 5 m
Average occupancy
Access by car
Ideal for anchoring


Cala Marmassen is a small cove of rocks, pebbles and gravel located near Puerto de Andratx, in the southwest of Mallorca. The shore of the cove is about 70 m long and the width is highly variable, barely between 3 and 5 m on the shore, but with areas of up to 20 m on the lower cliffs next to the cove.

The cove is located in an urbanized area but does not have easy access

It is not suitable to go with children because of the difficult access and because very close to the shore it is already about 4 m deep. It is also not suitable for people with mobility problems.

Depending on the storms that hit Cala Marmassen in winter, its morphology may change somewhat

With more or less presence of gravel and boulders that may have been torn from the cliffs that surround it or pushed from the seabed.

The cove is highly protected by the Cap de sa Mola

Is only open to the south, so its waters, of great transparency, are usually calm. Because of this, and because of its depth, it is a perfect place for snorkeling and diving.

It is also ideal for anchoring boats, as long as the south wind is not blowing strongly.

From the airport and taking the Ma-1 highway, it takes about 37 minutes by car to get to Cala Marmassen

How to get to Cala Marmassen

Open route in GPS

To get to Cala Marmassen we will first go to Puerto de Andratx

From Palma we will take the Vía de Cintura Ma-20 towards Andratx to connect with the Ma-1 motorway. We will take the exit for Puerto de Andratx / Sant Elm and when we get there we will leave the roundabout at the exit to the seafront. From there we will follow the directions for La Mola.

When we reach the end of La Mola we will find a fork, where we will continue straight for a few meters. On our left is The Hidden Kitchen restaurant, and just after that there is a clearing from where several trails lead down to Cala Marmassen.

If we want to get there by public transport, the closest stop is in Puerto de Andratx itself, just over 1.5 km from the access to Cala Marmassen

If we still dare, we must take line 102, which leaves from the center of Palma. It will take about 20 minutes at a good pace to cover the section on foot to the cove.

It is possible to get to Cala Marmassen by bicycle, since the roads that lead to this area either have a good shoulder, or have a bike lane

From Palma, starting at the Paseo Marítimo or Avenida Joan Miró, we will go to Cala Major where we will skirt the bay following the Ma-1C.

Once in Palmanova, we will follow Paseo Calviá, which has a bike lane, and we will follow the indications to Santa Ponsa and Paguera, in a lane parallel to the highway. Then we will go to Puerto de Andratx and then continue to La Mola, where the access to Cala Marmassen is.

In summer there is practically little waves, so it is a very good place to anchor

Caution must be exercised in the event of a strong south wind blowing. The bottom, mainly rock and gravel, is between 4 and 7 m deep.


Cala Marmassen has absolutely no services, not even lifeguards. Everything we need for our maritime journey we will have to bring with us.

There are some restaurants nearby, but the surroundings of Cala Marmassen are basically a residential area.

Cala Marmassen, Mallorca
Aerial view of Cala Marmassen


Cala Marmassen is a cove highly appreciated by fans of diving and snorkelling

Its deep, clean and transparent waters already announce a spectacular seabed. Of course they are also perfect for taking a dip, but then it is difficult to find a flat and comfortable place to lay out your towel to sunbathe.

The left bank of Cala Marmassen (or the right, if we come by boat) contains several rocky canyons that are sinking into the progressively more sandy bottom. The bottom reaches 25 m deep, and we can find schools of barracuda and octopus hidden in the rocks. It is a suitable place for all types of divers.

If we follow this cliff, heading towards the neighboring Cala Llamp, we can find a gap in it called La Cueva de sa Madona, an underwater cavern that reaches 25 m deep.

On the other side of the cove the cliff sinks rapidly into the sea, going from 3 to 22 m deep. The cliff contains many cavities where small fish and octopuses are hidden.

The surroundings of Cala Marmassen are highly urbanized, but there are still interesting activities

From here we can easily reach Cala Llamp and then go up to Sa Talaia. A route that takes us to Cala Blanca also begins from the nearby urbanization.

But since we are in Cap de sa Mola we must not miss the opportunity to reach the lighthouse, whose base is a magnificent viewpoint that offers us incomparable views of the Andratx coastline. The sunsets from here are also spectacular.

At the top of this cape there is also the Torre de sa Mola, or San Carlos. It is an imposing watchtower built in 1590 on the basis of a 14th century fortress. From here, access to the Port of Andratx could be controlled and defended from pirate incursions. It was in service until the middle of the 19th century, and its presence is still impressive, as are the views from its location.

If we have reached Cala Marmassen by bicycle we will already know that there are several routes that connect with other urbanizations on the nearby coast. And if not, now we can discover them.

We have already commented that in the La Mola urbanization, next to the cove, there are several restaurants, but in order to have a more varied offer we must go to Puerto de Andratx. In the Port there is also a good shopping area and a wide range of nightlife. It is a very complete destination without falling into the crowds of other tourist centers.


In La Mola there are several vacation rentals that overlook Cala Marmassen. These are villas and chalets

In Puerto de Andratx there is a hotel offer, although not very extensive

It has 2, 3 and 4-star establishments, as well as aparthotel blocks. It also has a wide range of tourist rentals (apartments, as well as more chalets and villas).

In case of not finding anything to our liking, the closest tourist center is Paguera, located 8 km away, and which has a wide and varied hotel offer.

Take a look at Cala Marmassen in 360º

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