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Cala Llamp

Cala Llamp - Mallorca

Cala Llamp; spectacular rock cove

Services and features

Residential environment
Average occupancy
Beach Club
Ideal for diving / snorkelling
Length 120 m / Width 25 m
Ideal for anchoring
Access by car
Sunbed and umbrella rental


Cala Llamp is a rocky cove located in the southwest of Mallorca, in the municipality of Andratx. The bathing area is about 120 m long and up to 25 m wide. It does not have any sand surface, there is a part of an artificial concrete esplanade and an area of ​​flat rocks where you can lie down to sunbathe.

The bathing area is semi-urbanized, and practically half corresponds to the Gran Folies Beach Club. Most of the nearby buildings are single-family homes that are quite hidden from the cove, so the environment retains a lot of its rugged beauty.

There are several stairs to access the bathing area and there is no access for people with mobility problems. It is also not suitable to go with children because almost immediately you lose your footing in the water.

It is a popular destination for anchoring boats, although with caution, due to the possible presence of rocks near the surface.

cala llamp mapa mallorca point
From the airport and taking the Ma-1, by car it will take about 40 minutes to reach Cala Llamp

How to get to Cala Llamp

Open route in GPS

Getting to Cala Llamp is very simple since the path is quite well signposted

From Palma we will take the Ma-1 motorway towards Andratx. After about 20 km we will take the detour towards Port d’Andratx / Sant Elm. When we get to Puerto de Andratx we will just follow the signs to Cala Llamp. We will arrive at a roundabout where one of the entrances of the Club Folies is located, where there is also the indication of the way to the cove. In this area we can already find a place to park.

In Cala Llamp there is no bus stop

The closest one is about 2 km away, in Puerto de Andratx, where line 102 from Palma stops. Due to the orography of the terrain, with steep slopes, it takes about half an hour to travel that distance.

It is also possible to go by bicycle following the Ma-1C route

That runs through various urbanizations in the bay of Palma, up to Magaluf. From there we will go to Paguera, and then to Camp de Mar, Biniorella and Puerto de Andratx. Once there, you just have to follow the signs to Cala Llamp.

For boats, Cala Llamp is a good anchoring point, protected from the prevailing winds

However, it is exposed to winds that may come from the south, southwest and west. You also have to be careful with rocks that may be near the surface. The depth of the bottom, rock and gravel, is about 5 m.

Cala Llamp - Mallorca
Cala Llamp is a good place for anchoring boats


In the public area of ​​the cove there are not many services, although it does have showers and bathrooms. There is no lifeguard service.

In the Beach Club Gran Folies area there are all kinds of services, but of course for a fee. It is possible to rent hammocks and umbrellas located on one of the terraces. You can also access a salt water pool built on the rocks. It has a multitude of additional services more typical of a hotel than a beach club: massages, sauna, jacuzzi … Of course it has a bar and restaurant service.

Beach Club Gran Folies
Terrace of the Beach Club Gran Folies


The main activity in Cala Llamp is to dive into its fresh, clean and crystalline waters

As it does not have a sandy area, the only way to enter the water is through one of the rocky areas (slippery, you have to be extremely careful), or dive from one of the terraces, always checking that there is enough depth to avoid accidents.

The depth of the bottom and the clarity of its waters make Cala Llamp a perfect place for snorkeling and diving

Provided there are no strong winds that create dangerous currents. In fact, it is considered one of the best calas in Mallorca for snorkeling. For more experienced divers, on one of the cliffs near Cala Llamp is the cave of Sa Madona, a submerged cavity that reaches 25 m deep.

Cala Llamp
Several hiking routes pass or start in Cala Llamp

The surroundings of Cala Llamp are quite urbanized, especially single-family homes, but there are still good routes to practice some hiking

We can cross near the Puig de Cala Llamp to go to Cala Blanca.

If we have gone by public transport to the Port of Andratx we can take the opportunity to go to Cala Llamp passing through the Talaia, at an altitude of 300 m, and which is an excellent viewpoint to this part of the coast of Mallorca.

For the more adventurous, on the cliffs that surround Cala Llamp there are magnificent walls where you can practice climbing.

There is a wall where you can practice the psicobloc, but always making sure that the water is deep enough to avoid serious accidents in the event of a fall.

Cycling fans also have a good incentive to visit Cala Llamp

There are routes that connect various urbanizations in the area using roads and bike lanes.

If we have time and a little curiosity about the history of Mallorca, we can go to Puerto de Andratx and La Mola

Where an impressive watchtower also known as the Torre de San Carlos rises. It is a fourteenth-century fortress built to guard the Puerto de Andratx and partially rebuilt in 1590. Currently the tower constitutes a spectacular viewpoint of the Port of Andratx and its surroundings.

To regain strength after the sea day, the closest thing to Cala Llamp is logically the beach club

For more options we will have to go to Puerto de Andratx, which has an extensive and varied gastronomic offer. Of course, fish and seafood specialties prevail, but we can find Mallorcan, Spanish and international cuisine, for all palates and budgets.

Puerto de Andratx is a beautiful fishing village that is worth visiting. It is also a good shopping destination where international signature stores alternate with local businesses. In addition to the gastronomic offer already mentioned, it has a good nightlife offer. It is without a doubt a complete destination without the hustle and bustle of other more popular places.

piscina Cala Llamp
Saltwater pool at the Beach Club Gran Folies


In Cala Llamp and the adjacent urbanization there are no hotels, the only accommodation options are vacation rentals: villas and chalets.

In the Puerto de Andratx there are some more options. Apart from the holiday rentals (villas, chalets and apartments) there are several 2, 3 and 4 star hotels and aparthotels.

If we cannot find accommodation, the closest tourist center is Paguera, about 8 km away, which has an extensive hotel plant.

Take a look at Cala Llamp in 360º

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And don’t miss out on this spectacular 360º aerial image of Cala Llamp

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