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Cala Blava

Cala Blava; small cove overlooking the bay of Palma

Services and Features

Residential environment
Average occupancy
Hiking routes
Access by car
Length 40 m / Width 20 m
Bus stop at 100 m
Ideal for snorkelling

The weather in Cala Blava

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Cala Blava (also known as Cala Mosca and Cala Mosques) is a small sandy beach located next to the urbanization of the same name and very close to Palma. It is a sandy beach about 35 m long and 20 wide flanked by sandstone cliffs (marés). The erosion of these cliffs is what provides the soft sandy bottom of this beach.

The beach is also the mouth of the homonymous torrent

Which carries water in the winter months and makes the beach bed have a gentle slope. This mouth also allows the flowering of the vegetation in its surroundings, creating a beautiful contrast with the surrounding cliffs.

The position of Cala Blava also makes its waters clean and calm

Resulting in a very suitable place to go as a family. However, the absence of lifeguard service will force us to take precautions.

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How to get to cala blava

Open route in GPS

Cala Blava is located just 17 km from Palma, and 5 from the Arenal

From Palma we will take the Ma-19 motorway (Autopista de Levante) until exit 13, of Cala Blava. Then we will continue for 4.5 km along the Ma-6014 road. We will go through three roundabouts, all of them indicate the direction to Cala Blava. At the third roundabout we will also take the exit indicated by Cala Blava, on Enderrocat street, but we will immediately turn right, on Ondategui street. We will continue along this street and almost at the end we will find a sign to the right indicating the location of the cove.

There are two accesses to Cala Blava by stairs with railing

There are no accesses adapted to people with mobility problems.

To arrive by public transport we have two options

  • The closest is line 23 of the EMT, which connects the center of Palma with the Arenal and Cala Blava. It has several stops very close to the accesses to the beach
  • You can also get there with the 520 intercity bus line that connects Palma with several bay urbanizations, but the closest stop is in the Son Verí urbanization, 1.5 km from Cala Blava

Finally, it can also be reached by boat, but anchoring is not free

To protect the plains of posidonia, several buoys have been installed and must be reserved in advance. Depending on the length of the boat, some buoys or others (of different colors) should be used. Fines for illegal funding range between 100 and two million euros, depending on the type of ship and the damage caused to the Posidonia meadow.


In spite of being next to an urbanization, the beach is practically virgin and does not have any type of service

The only interventions that have been made are the construction of the access stairs and the installation of wastebaskets next to them. However, the proximity to the urbanization will facilitate access to stores to acquire everything we need.


Cala Blava is an ideal place to practice various summer activities. The calm and shallow waters invite you to spend a few hours with your family. We can lie in the sun on the fine sand of the beach, but we can also do it on the rocks that close the two ends of the cove.

It is not a very busy beach, even in high season the influx is medium

Especially by vacationers staying in the adjacent urbanization, so it is a place to have a good time relaxing.

The alternation of sandy bottoms with bed of posidonia and rocky bottoms make the waters of Cala Blava a magnificent place for snorkeling and diving

In the urbanization there are several facilities where to rent equipment and from where to organize departures. There are companies that organize diving trips of several hours touring the bay of Palma, and stopping at Cala Blava.

From Cala Blava you can also easily access other small coves in this part of the bay of Palma

There are also several hiking trails that originate or stop at Cala Blava.

Finally, in the urbanization of Cala Blava there are several restaurants where apart from the food you can enjoy privileged views of the bay of Palma.


The accommodation offer of Cala Blava is not very abundant but it is varied and for all budgets

There are from small family hotels to one of great luxury, and also apartments and tourist rentals.

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