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Caló de s’Estaca

Caló de s'Estaca, Mallorca

Caló de s’Estaca; unknown and bucolic corner of Mallorca in the Sierra de Tramuntana

Services and features

Natural environment
Average occupancy
Length 20 m / Width 5 m
2.5 km on foot to get there


Caló de s’Estaca is a tiny gravel and rock beach located in the municipality of Valldemossa, in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, northwest of Mallorca. The bathing area is only about 20 m long and 5 m wide.

This cove is located on the s’Estaca estate, which was owned by Archduke Luis Salvador

And which he later gave to his Mallorcan friend Catalina Homar, and which became world famous when it was acquired by Michael Douglas in 1989 (as an anecdote to say that although the house has been for sale since 2014, Michael Douglas decided to withdraw it from the market in 2020). Next to the cove, the archduke authorized the construction of a small fishing village and improved the access points so that they could more easily transport their catch to Valldemossa.

Nowadays, these houses, looking directly at the cliff, are no longer fishermen’s residences, and the only access is the private path that crosses the farm, so if you are looking for tranquility in a unique corner, this is our place.

The waters of Caló de s’Estaca are, how could it be otherwise, clean and crystalline

They acquire the particular color of the coves of the Sierra de Tramuntana by combining the sunlight with the reflection of the mountain. The gravel area is very small, and the boathouses are often used as makeshift solariums.

The cove itself is protected from the open sea by a large rocky outcrop that acts as a natural dam

Even forming small pools on the left bank of the cove. In spite of everything, it is not a recommended place to go with the family due to the difficult access, and that there are pointed rocks at various points near the shore.

Caló de s'Estaca
Almost attached to the coast we have this huge rock formation that acts as a natural dam

Given the walk that must be taken to get to the caló, it is not appropriate to go with small children

It is a common destination for hikers who travel the coast and decide to take a dip here. And of course, the privileged ones who can spend the summer in one of those old fishermen’s houses.

Like other coves on the coast of the Sierra de Tramuntana, s’Estaca is quite exposed to the north component winds

So anchoring is recommended only during the day and with extreme precautions.


How to get to Caló de s’Estaca

Open route in GPS

To get to s’Estaca we must go to Valldemossa

From Palma we will take the Ma-1110 towards Valldemossa.

If we are in the center or north of Mallorca, instead of heading to Palma, we can reach the Ma-13 motorway and take exit 8 towards Bunyola. We will follow the indications to Palmanyola and s’Esglaieta, and from there we will take the road that will leave us in Valldemossa.

We will cross the town and follow the indications to the Port of Valldemossa

You must drive with special caution as the road is narrow and with very sharp curves. About 4 km from the crossroads from where we started the descent to the Port, we will find on our right the beginning of the private road that leads to s’Estaca.

Parking is prohibited in the vicinity of this access

On the same path, about 100 m away, there is a small esplanade where you can leave your car. If it is complete (6 or 8 vehicles fit) we will have to turn around and look for a siding on the road where to park. From this point the road to s’Estaca is about 2 km more. Another option is to go down to the Port of Valldemossa to park, and walk the 1.5 km until the beginning of the s’Estaca road.

Another good option is to go by bicycle, but the slopes that we will find throughout the journey force us to be in good shape to face the route with some guarantee. But bicycles can go as far as s’Estaca.

It is possible to get to the vicinity of the s’Estaca road by public transport, but it will take a long walk

Line 210 has several stops on the Ma-10 highway. From the Ca madò Pilla bus stop there are almost 6 km by road to the access to s’Estaca. Another option is to get to the Sa Foradada stop and then make the way from Sa Foradada to s’Estaca.

If we want to arrive by boat, we have already commented that anchoring is delicate due to the opening of the cove to the north and west

Within the protected area it is impossible to anchor because it is too close to the shore and with rocks close to the surface. However, if the sea is calm, it is possible to anchor near the mouth of the caló on a rocky bottom of about 5 m, but somewhat far from the shore.


There is no service at Caló de s’Estaca

No toilets, shower or lifeguard. There are also no sports facilities or restaurants. Everything we need for our visit we must bring with us.

Caló de s'Estaca - Mallorca
The boathouses are used by bathers to sunbathe


The main attraction of caló de s’Estaca, thanks to its isolation, is the tranquility that is breathed in all its surroundings

We can take a dip in clean and crystalline waters, and then lay the towel on one of the boathouses, more comfortable to lie on than the gravel on the beach.

If we are fans of snorkeling these waters are perfect

The cliffs plunge rapidly into the sea and create wonderful underwater landscapes. It is also a good place for diving, but unless we arrive by boat (or stay in one of the houses in the village) it will be a hassle to carry the equipment.

Caló de s’Estaca is also a stopping point for kayak excursions

They start from the Puerto de Valldemossa or Cala Deià.

We have already said that you can get to S’Estaca by bike. The surrounding roads offer very good routes for fans of mountain biking.

The same can be said for fans of hiking

We can reach several spectacular viewpoints over the Mediterranean. If we have parked in the Port of Valldemossa, this will be the route by which we can reach s’Estaca. From here we can also reach Sa Foradada, the famous rock with holes at the end of a narrow headland between s’Estaca and Cala Deià.

casas de pescadores en el Caló de s'Estaca
Old fishermen’s houses in Caló de s’Estaca


In the same village of s’Estaca it is possible, but very difficult, to find a vacation rental

There are several nearby farms between Valldemossa and the Puerto de Valldemossa that are rented or function as small rural hotels.

In Valldemossa there is an adequate hotel offer, mainly small three and four star hotels, and some agrotourism. There are also vacation rentals of town houses and chalets.


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