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Cala Sequer

Cala Sequer

Enjoy the tranquility in the middle of the season

Services and Features

Virgin environment
High occupancy
1 km on foot to get there
Length 25 m / Width 40 m
Ideal for anchoring


Hidden on the coast of Manacor and behind a farmhouse is the small beach of Cala Sequer. It is a virgin beach with fine golden sand and some gravel from the marés cliffs, with a length of around 25 m and a width of more than 40 m.

It is a beach that is difficult to access, as being on a private estate, access is only possible on foot along a steep path of more than 1.5 km. That is why it is popular as a nudist beach, since it has very few visits and it is far from prying eyes.

The road is complicated so it is not suitable to go with children, much less for people with mobility problems. If we overcome this obstacle the reward is worth it. It is a totally virgin beach at the bottom of a sea inlet of more than 200 m, flanked by sandstone cliffs. The whole environment is covered with vegetation, and except for the agrotourism that we will have seen on the way, it will seem that we are in a land not yet trodden by people.

The beach itself has a gentle slope and the waters are shallow near the shore. It is usually a quiet cove with little waves

It does not have a specific area for anchoring boats but it is possible to do so, with caution. In fact, the presence of small boats is common. The mouth is exposed to the easterly winds.

Cala Sequer mapa point

How to get to Cala Sequer

Access to Cala Sequer is on the Ma-4014 road, which connects Porto Cristo and Portocolom. The closest city is Manacor, from where we will take the Ma-4015 towards Calas de Mallorca. After 8.5 km we will reach the Ma-4014, where we will turn right. At 700 m we will reach the access to the Son Josep de Baix farmhouse.

If we are in the northeast of the island we will go to Porto Cristo and then take the Ma-4014 towards Portocolom. If we are in the southern area, the most practical thing is to go to Felanitx, then take the Ma-4010 as if we were going to Portocolom, and we will find the roundabout where we take the Ma-4014 towards Porto Cristo.

Access to the farmhouse is at kilometer 8,400, right on a curve. We will take the road and continue as far as can be reached by car. From there there is a forest track accessible only on foot and that will leave us in Cala Sequer.

There is no connection to public transport as there is no nearby stop on the road.

Apart from by boat it is also possible to get to Cala Sequer by canoe from nearby coves, such as Cala Mendia.


Cala Sequer is a totally unspoilt beach, so it does not have any services for bathers: no showers, no toilets, no lifeguard. Of course there is no bar nearby either.


In Cala Sequer there is no type of sports facility, and the complicated access makes it difficult to reach it with sports equipment, beyond a snorkel or similar.

The main activity here is to enjoy a wild and intimate environment and clean and crystalline waters. It is a perfect beach for the practice of nudism.

The surroundings of Cala Sequer are also very suitable for hiking. Very close to here, to the south, we can visit Caló des Serral. We can also make a longer excursion along the coast to Calas de Mallorca, passing through Cala Varques, among others:

Another option is to start our day on the beach in a nearby cove from where you can go out by canoe to later reach Cala Sequer

From Cala Mendia or Cala Romántica it is about 3 km by sea.

If we have brought our snorkel goggles, we can explore the sandy bottoms and cliffs that plunge into the waters and that have numerous cavities, such as this crystal cave. If we have arrived by boat, its clear and transparent waters are perfect for diving.

To regain strength at the end of the day we can visit the bars or restaurants of Cala Romántica or Calas de Mallorca.


The only nearby accommodation is the Son Josep de Baix agrotourism, through whose grounds the path that leads to Cala Sequer crosses. To have more options, the closest towns are Cala Romántica and Cala Mendia to the north, or Calas de Mallorca to the south.


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