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Cala Domingos

cala domingos

Cala Domingos; two beaches of fine white sand with all the comforts

Servicios y características

Length 80 m / Width 125 m
Access by car
Bus stop
Sunbed / umbrella rental
Hiking routes
Residential environment
Free parking
Ideal for snorkelling
High occupancy
Beach bars
Family friendly
Ideal for anchoring

The weather in Cala Domingos

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Cala Domingos are two urban sandy beaches located in the tourist center of Cales de Mallorca, belonging to Manacor, on the east side of the island

The beaches are called Domingo Gran and Domingo Petit (the latter also has the tourist name of Cala Tropicana), and collectively they are called Es Domingos.

  • Cala Domingos Gran is about 80 m long and up to 125 m wide. It constitutes the mouth of the Cala Domingos (or Sa Mola) torrent, which gives it its funnel shape with a gentle slope and fine sand.
  • Cala Domingos Petit is 55 m long and just under 100 wide. It is separated from Cala Domingos Gran by a rocky promontory called Es Turó Gros (the big hill). It was also the mouth of a stream, today largely disappeared under the buildings.

It is a purely tourist center built at the end of the 60s and which continues to be a first class holiday destination for families from all over Europe.

The beaches are kept clean and in good condition while hotel complexes and a multitude of complementary offerings have flourished around them. Despite the building next to the beaches, a good extension of rugged land and pine forest remain, which provide pleasant views.

Although access to the beach is via paved ramps, access is not specially enabled for people with reduced mobility, and there are no wooden walkways

On the other hand, to go with children, the two beaches are perfect due to the gentle slope, the calm waters and the shallowness near the shore.

They are also very suitable for anchoring, although they are exposed to the winds between the east and the south.

Cala Domingos mapa point

How to get to Cala Domingos

Cala Domingos has good road access and there are also bus stops nearby.

How to get to Cala Domingos by car

The route to Cala Domingos is perfectly signposted.

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  • From Palma we will go to Manacor on the Ma-15 road and once there we just have to follow the indications to Cales de Mallorca. Once there we will find the indications for the different beaches of this tourist complex.
  • From the north of Mallorca (Pollensa, Alcudia, Can Picafort) we will take the Ma-12 towards Artá ​​and then follow the indications to Manacor. From that city we will follow the signs to Cales de Mallorca
  • If we are in the south of the island we will head towards Felanitx or Portocolom, until we find the indications to continue our way to Cales de Mallorca

There is free parking near Cala Domingos.

How to get to Cala Domingos by public transport

Cala Domingos has a bus to Manacor, line 416, between Manacor and Cala Murada, which has two stops near Cala Domingos.

To get to Manacor we have different options

From Palma we have lines 401 (direct) and 501 (through Campos and Felanitx). We can also take the T3 railway line and transfer to the bus.

The Cala Domingos stop is 500 m from Es Domingo Gran. The next stop, on Via Europa, is 800 meters from Es Domingo Petit.

How to get to Cala Domingos by boat

The bottom in front of Cala Domingos has depths between 6 and 8 m at 200 m from the shore

At 100 m the depth is 3 m, and only 2 m at 50 m from the shore. The bottom is predominantly sandy with some rocks. The closest nautical facility is Portocolom, 3.2 miles away.

Cala Domingos Gran


On the two beaches of Cala Domingos there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. They also have toilets, showers and litter bins

In the summer months there is a lifeguard service. Both beaches have a beach bar, as well as having bars and restaurants very close.


The beaches of Cala Domingos offer the possibility of enjoying a good dip in clean and calm waters, and then lying in the sun to relax and acquire a good tan

The rocky inlet that separates them can be easily crossed on foot, or surrounded by swimming. Precisely that point, in addition to the rocks that flank the cove, allow you to enjoy snorkeling next to the stone walls that sink to the sandy bottom.

There are also nearby facilities where you can rent scuba equipment and organize dives in the nearby waters, including dive baptisms.

They are also a perfect place to practice paddle surfing and canoeing, with the advantage of being able to easily access the beach with our boards or kayaks

By SUP it is very easy to reach the neighboring beaches of Cala Murada, to the south, or Cala Antena, a little further, to the north. If we are in good shape, and the sea is calm, you can even reach Portocolom.

By kayak, it is easy to travel the coast of Manacor leaving from Cala Domingos to reach the virgin coves of Cala Virgili and Cala Magraner.

For those who like to walk around Cala Domingos it also offers some good walks, or even long excursions

The surroundings of Cala Domingos have a wide variety of bars, restaurants and cafes where you can eat, have a coffee or a drink or relax with a few drinks

We have at our disposal a good offer of different types of cuisine and environments, for all tastes and pockets.

Cala Domingos Petit


Right next to Cala Domingos we have a couple of three and four-star hotels, mainly oriented to family tourism. In the neighboring Cala Antena and Cala Murada there is a good range of hotels, also three and four stars, but we can also find hostels, apartments and vacation rentals.

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