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Cala Murada

cala murada

Cala Murada; coquettish beach with a saltwater shore and a freshwater shore

Services and features

Length 100 m / Width 55 m
Access by car
Bus stop
Family friendly
Ideal for snorkelling
Low residential environment
Free parking
Access for the handicapped
Life guard
High occupancy
Sunbed / umbrella rental

The weather in Cala Murada

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Cala Murada beach is a small sandy area near Portocolom but belonging to the municipality of Manacor, in the east of Mallorca. The beach is a sand bar at the confluence of the mouths of the Torrent des Fangar and the stream known as Es Riuet. In the inner part, a freshwater lagoon is formed, frequented by a large colony of mallards, while the shore that faces the sea is a beach of fine sand about 100 m long and 55 m wide.

The beach, protected by rocks, is open to the east and northeast, which exposes it to strong winds from the east

If the wind does not blow, its waters are calm and are usually kept clean and transparent. It is gently sloping, and has access for people with reduced mobility, making it a very suitable beach for all types of bathers, but especially for families and people with mobility problems.

The Cala Murada area was inhabited since prehistoric times, as witnessed by the hypogeum (artificial cave) near the beach and dating from the Ancient Bronze Age

Later this cave was used as a refuge for fishermen, and also for smugglers.

The urbanization of the same name began to be built in 1956, just when the tourist industry that had begun to develop in Mallorca in the 1930s was recovering

But, unlike other coastal centers, in Cala Murada the Mediterranean environment was preserved a lot and there is a good extension of pine forest surrounding the beach and concealing the presence of buildings, except the houses located on its right bank.


How to get to Cala Murada

Open route in GPS

Cala Murada is well connected both by road and by public transport.

How to get to Cala Murada by car

  • From Palma: we will take the Ma-19 highway in the direction of Llucmajor and Campos and then we will continue towards Felanitx. We will cross the town following the indications to Portocolom. After about 8 km we will arrive at a roundabout where we will already have the directions to get directly to Cala Murada.
  • From the north (Pollensa, Alcudia, Can Picafort): we will follow the Ma-12 road in the direction of Artà. About 11 km after leaving Can Picafort we will take a detour to the right that will take us to Manacor. Once in Manacor we will follow the indications first to Porto Cristo and then to Calas de Mallorca. That will take us to the Ma-4014, where we will already find the indications to Cala Murada.
  • From Cala Ratjada: if we are in this tourist town or its surroundings, we will go first to Son Servera and then we will follow the directions for Porto Cristo. We will border Porto Cristo as if we wanted to go to Manacor but we will follow the indications to Calas de Mallorca. We will follow the Ma-4014 for a little over 11 km until we reach a detour (signposted) on our left.

We can park in the parking lot next to the beach or in the streets of the urbanization near the beach.

How to get to Cala Murada by public transport

  • From Manacor: line 414 connects Manacor with Cala Murada, where there are four stops, one of which is next to the beach.
  • From Palma: we can take bus line 401 to Manacor and change to take line 414. We can also use the T3 railway line and then change to the bus.
  • From Cala Ratjada: we will take line 411 to Manacor and then line 414.

How to get to Cala Murada by boat

Cala Murada is a good destination to visit by boat. 200 m from the shore there is a good bottom of sand, rocks and seaweed between 3 and 5 m deep. But if the east wind picks up, it is advisable to abandon the anchor. Pay attention to the left bank, where there is a breakwater surrounded by shallows. The closest port is Portocolom, 2.9 miles away.

Cala Murada aérea


Cala Murada beach has some basic services: toilets and showers, a walkway for people with reduced mobility, lifeguards and rental of sunbeds and umbrellas.

On the beach there is a bar-restaurant belonging to the Cala Murada hotel. It is a nice place with excellent views, but somewhat expensive.

playa de Cala Murada


The waters of Cala Murada are perfect for taking a refreshing dip

If we are fans of snorkeling it is also a perfect place. About 100 m from the shore the bottom begins to offer a variety of rock, sand and seaweed scenarios. Near the rocks that mark the limits of the cove too.

The waters near Cala Murada are also very good for diving

In the village there are no facilities to rent the equipment, so we will have to bring our own. From the nearby Calas de Mallorca and Portocolom there are diving schools where you can rent equipment and which also organize trips to nearby coves, including Cala Murada.

The rural environment of Cala Murada lends itself very well to hiking

  • Route 1: from Cala Murada to Calas de Mallorca. A route through the spectacular coves of the Manacor coast.
  • Route 2: from Cala Murada to Portocolom. An easy walk to this close and traditional coastal town.

If our sport is cycling, the surroundings of Cala Murada offer us a great variety of routes, both road and mountain bike

  • Route 1: route with origin and destination in Cala Murada along rural roads.
  • Route 2: another somewhat shorter circular route.
  • Route 3: from Cala Murada to Manacor by secondary roads, with magnificent views of the region.

For kayakers there are also good itineraries that depart from Cala Murada

  • Route 1: from Cala Murada to Cala Magraner. A simple route to that nearby cove.
  • Route 2: from Cala Murada to Cala Mendia through different coves. A somewhat longer route with a multitude of interesting points accessible only from the sea.

Paddle surfing fans can practice this sport in the waters of the cove itself, and if they practice the crossing mode they can dare to even reach Calas de Mallorca.

For those curious about the prehistory of Mallorca, in addition to the artificial cave excavated near the beach, a few kilometers away is the site of Los Closos de Can Gaià. It is a town that was inhabited between 1800 and 750 BC, in the Bronze Age.

To eat, in addition to the beach restaurant, there are a good number of restaurants in the urbanization. There are options of Mallorcan and Mediterranean cuisine, tapas, pizzas, etc.

Cala Murada


In the same Cala Murada there is a three-star hotel of the same name. In neighboring Cala Domingos there are several more of three and four stars. There is also a good offer of tourist apartments and vacation rentals.

Don’t miss this spectacular 360º image of Cala Murada from a drone

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