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Cala Banyalbufar

Cala Banyalbufar - Mallorca

Cala Banyalbufar; quiet rocky cove with a small waterfall

Services and Features

Low residential environment
Average occupancy
Access by car
Free parking
Bus stop at 500 m
Length 70 m / Width 15 m

The weather in Cala Banyalbufar

Weather –


Cala Banyalbufar is a small stone and rock cove located in the homonymous village, in the Sierra de la Tramuntana. The cove is very open, about 70 m long, but narrow, just about 15 m, and located at the foot of a cliff. The reflection of the sun on the vertical walls gives Cala Banyalbufar that unique tone in the world common to the coves of the north of Mallorca.

In the middle of the cove there is a small waterfall that serves as a natural shower, and is the only “service” that is available

The cliff has been reinforced with metal mesh and concrete pillars to prevent landslides. In fact, access to the cove closes during the winter months, when storms and strong weather sometimes cause large rockfalls.

It is advisable to use sandals both outside and inside the water, since the rocks have sharp edges. The bottom is irregular, alternating shallow areas with areas where suddenly the foot is lost. If you go with children, you must be extremely vigilant since there is no lifeguard service.

Despite the discomforts, the place is of incomparable beauty

The pristine cleaning contributes to the special color of the water. The relatively isolated from the town, and that the coves of rocks are not as popular as those of sand, make Cala Banyalbufar an ideal place to relax safe from crowds.

There are also several natural caves that enter the cliff, one of them totally submerged

On the right end of the cove there is a small jetty for boats of very little draft, but in general, anchoring is not recommended, since the cove is very open and exposed to winds and currents.



Open route in GPS

Banyalbufar is located about 30 km from Palma, but the journey takes about 45 minutes because a large part of the itinerary runs along a mountain road.

From Palma we will take the Ma-1110 towards Valldemossa. After passing the UIB campus we will arrive at a roundabout where we will take the exit towards Ma-1120 to Esporles. We cross Esporles following the directions in the direction of Banyalbufar. About 4 km we will reach a crossroads where we will continue along the Ma-10 (which runs through the Sierra de Tramuntana) towards Banyalbufar, which is about 7 km away.

During the itinerary we can enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the Sierra de Tramuntana

And when we get to the side that faces the sea we can contemplate the cliffs populated by adventurous pine trees that sink into the Mediterranean. We can also recreate in the particular orography of Banyalbufar, “the village of the terraces”, whose landscape has been modeled by humans for thousands of years.

Upon reaching Banyalbufar, access to the cove is properly indicated

There is a fairly ample parking just above it. Access to the cove is through a stone staircase, so it is not easily accessible to people with reduced mobility.

To reach Banyalbufar by public transport

We can take line 200, which leaves from the center of Palma and reaches Estellencs. The stop is about 800 m from the access to the cove.


As we have said, the cove has absolutely no service, it remains virgin. The only works that have been done in it are the construction of the access staircase itself, the small jetty at the right end of the cove, and the slope reinforcement works to prevent the collapse of the cliff.


In Cala Banyalbufar there are no sports facilities or equipment rental, whatever we need we will have to bring it with us.

The main activity will undoubtedly be bathing in its fresh and transparent waters, and sunbathing on the rocks, such as lizards. Even in high season the influx of visitors is medium, making it an ideal place to enjoy the tranquility.

The transparency of its waters invite snorkeling

To enjoy more closely the abrupt and changing backgrounds of Cala Banyalbufar. As we have said, there are several caves in the cliff, one of which is completely submerged. It is a fantastic opportunity to practice diving.

Because of its location in the Sierra de Tramuntana, Banyalbufar is the point of origin, or at least passing through, of many hiking trails

The proximity of Cala Banyalbufar to the town itself facilitates being able to take a good dip at the end of a day of hiking, or as a refreshing break before embarking on another stage on a longer route.

About 2 km from Banyalbufar, on the road to Estellencs, is the Torre del Verger

Also called Torre (or Mirador) de ses Ànimes. It is an old watchtower built in 1579 and is currently partially destroyed by lightning. Despite this, the construction is stable and constitutes one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the entire Sierra de Tramuntana. Although access is comfortable, it is advisable to do so with caution.

Finally, the town is a quiet and pleasant place to walk

And has several restaurants where you can taste both Mallorcan and international food. And we must not miss the opportunity to try the malvasía, an indigenous wine made with grapes grown on the terraces that surround the town.


Banyalbufar has a wide range of accommodation

Hotels, agritourisms, boutique hotels and vacation rentals. For nature tourism and escape the agglomerations of the large tourist centers, it is certainly a highly recommended place.

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