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Cala Sa Nau

Playa de Cala Sa Nau - Mallorca
Services and Features
Natural environment
High occupancy
Life guard
Access by car
Free parking
Family friendly
Sunbed and umbrella rental
Length 30 m / Width 70 m
Beach bar
Ideal for anchoring

Cala Sa Nau is a small white sand beach flanked by low cliffs located in the municipality of Felanitx, in the southeast of Mallorca. It is between the towns of Cala d’Or and Portocolom. The beach is about 30 m long and up to 75 m wide.

Like most of the coves on this part of the coast of Mallorca, Cala sa Nau is a sinuous inlet of sea about 400 m long. This means that the waters are very protected from the winds and that they hardly present waves. The beach is the mouth of a small freshwater spring. Unlike other beaches in the area, it descends very quickly into the sea. Relatively a few meters from the beach line the water already covers, so it will be necessary to be careful with children.

The environment is practically virgin. Despite this, access to the beach is comfortable, even with a walkway for people with mobility problems.

It is also ideal for anchoring boats. The sand and algae bottom is between three and five meters deep at the buoy line. The anchorage area is somewhat exposed to east-northeast winds.

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How to get to Cala Sa Nau

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Access to Cala Sa Nau is very simple as it is very well signposted. If we are in Palma we must first go to Felanitx or Santanyí taking the Ma-19 highway. The two towns are practically the same distance. If we are in the north of Mallorca, it is best to go first to Manacor and from there to Felanitx. Then we will go to Calonge, and from there to s’Horta.

Once in S’Horta we will continue to the street of Cala Marçal, where we will turn right to leave the town following the indications to Cala Sa Nau. After 1.5 km we will reach a fork that tells us to take the path to the left to reach Cala Sa Nau. At the next fork we also have to turn left and from here we must not leave the local road, which will take us directly to the Cala Sa Nau parking area.

Next to the beach access there is a small parking area reserved for people with reduced mobility.

In Cala Sa Nau there are no bus stops. The closest would be Cala d’Or, next to Cala Ferrera, which is just over 3 km on foot.

vista aérea de Cala Sa Nau - Mallorca
Aerial view of Cala Sa Nau

Contrary to what one might think of a beach away from tourist centers, in Cala Sa Nau we will have all kinds of services. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, showers and toilets, and there is also a lifeguard service.

There is also a beach bar at the back of the beach where we can taste fresh fish, meat, paellas … or simply have an ice cream or a soft drink. In the afternoon they play music and two days a week we can enjoy live music.

vista desde el aire de Cala Sa Nau
Cala Sa Nau has almost all the services

Cala Sa Nau is perfect for families, couples or groups of friends due to the variety of settings it offers. The sand has a gentle slope to the sea (although then it descends more quickly, you have to be careful with the little ones). In the rocky areas that flank the beach, it is easy to enjoy more privacy to sunbathe, and the cliffs that surround it invite you to get lost in them to enjoy the views.

The protection offered by the cliffs that close the cove (Punta d’Enmig and Es Puntàs) makes its waters very calm and crystal clear, which makes them perfect for snorkelling and diving. The seabeds of sand and seaweed, and the cliffs that plunge into the sea, offer a wonderful underwater spectacle with the most varied fauna.

The surroundings of Cala Sa Nau are also perfect for hiking. We have already seen that just 3 km away we can reach the coves of Cala d’Or. Closer we have an excursion to visit Cova Foradada and Cova des Moro. We can also follow the path along the coast to reach the nearby Cala Mitjana:

And if we have time and some preparation, we should not miss Sa Ronda that goes from Portocolom to Cala Sa Nau, so called because it was the walkway where the police, and more recently the Civil Guard, made their rounds to monitor contraband in this part of the Mallorcan coast.

aguas tranquilas y cristalinas en Cala Sa Nau
Calm and crystal clear waters in Cala Sa Nau

For the more daring, the cliffs of Cala Sa Nau offer good walls for practicing psychobloc. There are at least two explored routes.

Cycling fans, especially mountain biking, also have good reasons to visit Cala Sa Nau. Several routes through local or rural roads allow you to visit the nearby towns or visit different points of the Felanitx coast.

Lovers of historical and cultural tourism are also in luck, since near Cala Sa Nau, heading towards Portocolom, is the site of es Closos de can Gaià. It is a set of navetas from the pre-Talayotic era (1800 BC) inhabited until the beginning of the Talayotic period (750 BC). The site has been restored and museumized. In August, recreation days are even held to get closer to the life of prehistoric Mallorca.

We have already said that in Cala Sa Nau itself there is a beach bar with a very varied offer. If we want more options, we will have to go to the nearby towns: s’Horta, Calonge or especially Cala d’Or and Portocolom, which have a very extensive gastronomic offer.

Cala Sa Nau - Mallorca
Cala Sa Nau is an ideal place to go with the family

The closest accommodations to Cala Sa Nau are chalets and villas that are on the same path that we have reached the beach. The closest hotels are small rural hotels in s’Horta.

To have a more variety of accommodation we will have to look in Portocolom and Cala d’Or, where the offer ranges from family hostels to five-star luxury hotels, through apart-hotel complexes, tourist apartments and three-star beach hotels.


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