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Cala en Cranc

Cala en Cranc

Cala en Cranc; quiet and little frequented cove of rock and stones

Services and features

Length 110 m / Width 15 m
Low residential environment
Low occupancy


Cala en Cranc (or simply Cala Cranc) is a beach of rock, stones and some sand, 110 m long and about 15 m wide. It is located in the municipality of Andratx, in the west of Mallorca, next to the Camp de Mar urbanization. Despite being next to an urbanization, it remains practically virgin and shows us its wild nature.

Access to the cove is somewhat difficult since you have to go down a small path next to a stream

That is why access is impossible for people with mobility problems, and it is not advisable to go with children.

In exchange for this, the cove is usually very little occupied, or even deserted.

Although it is not considered a nudist beach, it is not uncommon to find bathers practicing nudism.

The cove has a rounded shape and is completely surrounded by cliffs

The only access is by the path that the stream that flows here has excavated over time. If there has been heavy rains, rockslides can occur, so extreme precautions must be taken.

For the rest, its waters are clean and clear, at most there may be some posidonia remains washed away by the sea. Naturally they are also quiet, except if winds blow from the south-southwest. The reefs and reefs act as a natural barrier against the swell, but they also make anchoring difficult.

Cala en Cranc mapa Mallorca point
From Palma and taking the Ma-1 motorway it takes about 30 minutes by car to reach Cala en Cranc

How to get to Cala en Cranc

Open route in GPS

To get to Cala en Cranc we will first go to Camp de Mar

From Palma we will take the Vía de Cintura Ma-20 towards Andratx, and then join the Ma-1 highway. When the highway ends we will follow the same Ma-1 until we reach the Camp de Mar detour.

When we reach Camp de Mar we will continue to the right, along the Ma-1020, as if we wanted to go towards Puerto de Andratx. 150 m from the last roundabout we will find a fork where we will see the indication of Cala en Cranc, to the left. We will follow this street until practically the end. Next to a stone wall in front of number 22 is the access road to the cove. There is plenty of room to park in this area.

There are usually branches and fallen leaves washed away just where the path begins. To the right we will see a small ascending path that leads to the chalets, and to the left of it is the stream where we will go down to the cove. It is not difficult but you have to be careful due to the slippery terrain and possible landslides.

If we want to get to Cala en Cranc by bike, the route is very similar

But instead of taking the Ma-1 we will take the Ma-1C, which leaves from Cala Major and crosses Magaluf, Paguera and Camp de Mar.

To get there by public transport

We can take line 102, which goes from Palma to Puerto de Andratx. However, the stop is just over 1 km from Cala en Cranc.

At the mouth of the cove you can anchor on a bed of rocks between 3 and 5 meters

It is advisable not to approach the cliffs that flank Cala en Cranc due to the presence of reefs, and not to approach the shore very closely due to the reefs.

vista aérea de Cala en Cranc
Aerial view of Cala en Cranc


Cala en Cranc has absolutely no services for bathers

No rental of sun loungers or umbrellas, no lifeguard, or catering.


The main activity that we can do in Cala en Crac will be to refresh ourselves in its crystal clear waters

If we have brought our snorkeling equipment we can dive to delight ourselves with the underwater landscapes offered by its rocky bottoms and the cliffs that surround it.

They are also ideal waters for scuba diving

If we ignore the inconvenience of lowering the equipment to shore. The reefs next to the cliffs that protect the cove are spectacular places to enjoy the beauty of the seabed.

The coast between Cala Blanca and Camp de Mar, in the center of which is Cala en Cranc, is quite rugged, with many crags and reefs. This can cause navigation problems, but offers great opportunities for fun when diving in these waters.

Hiking fans will also find Cala en Cranc a good stopping point on the routes through this area

For example, starting from Andratx to tour the sierra de Biniorella. There is also a route between Puerto de Andratx and Cala Blanca where we can stop at Cala en Cranc. Or a longer route between Camp de Mar and Puerto de Andratx.

If we do not want to walk a lot but still look for good views, climbing the cliff that is on the right side of the cove will be enough. From there we will have a spectacular panoramic view over the neighboring coves and up to Cap Andritxol.

At first glance it might seem that the cliff faces of Cala en Cranc are suitable for climbing or psychobloc, but this is not the case

The cliffs are not well established, there are landslides with some frequency and they are not safe for climbing.

At the end of our aquatic day, to regain strength we can visit the neighboring Camp de Mar, where there is a good offer of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Cala Cranc
Of course, if your intention is to escape the crowds, Cala en Cranc could be one of your favorite coves


There are no accommodations available in the vicinity of Cala en Cranc

Except perhaps the vacation rental of one of the chalets built nearby.

In the neighboring Camp de Mar we will find an offer of select accommodation

Next to the beach we have four four-star hotels, and a little further there is one with five, apart from the five-star golf club complex. There is also a good offer of apartments and vacation rentals.

If in Camp de Mar we do not find anything that suits our taste or budget, in Puerto de Andratx we have more options

There we will find 2, 3 and 4-star hotels and apartment complexes, as well as a good number of vacation rentals (apartments, chalets, villas). And if in Puerto de Andratx we also find nothing that convinces us, in Paguera, an important tourist center less than 5 km away, there is a wider and more varied hotel plant where we will surely find something that suits our wishes.


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