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Cala Mendia

Cala Mendia; an ideal beach to go with the family

Services and Features

Residential environment
High occupancy
Family friendly
Access by car
Length 55 m / Width 80 m
Sunbed / umbrella rental
Bus stop
Free parking
Beach bar
Ideal for anchoring

The weather in Cala Mendia

Weather –


Cala Mendia (or Mandia) is a small sandy area located in the municipality of Manacor, about 3 km from Porto Cristo. It is a beach of fine white sand about 70m long and about 110m wide. The cove itself is flanked by two cliffs that make it practically a natural pool with usually clean waters and an intense turquoise color. Sometimes the winds bring seaweed and remains of marine vegetation that can make the sand a bit dirty but usually accumulate on the sides of the cove.

It is a very suitable beach to go with the family, due to the calm of its waters and the gentle slope of sand

Sometimes the winds bring algae and remnants of marine vegetation that can make the sand a bit dirty, but they tend to accumulate on the sides of the cove.

The outskirts of the cove are quite urbanized, in fact it is located on the north side of the Cala Romántica complex, but in Cala Mendia itself there are no large constructions. However, the proximity of Cala Romántica and the ease of access means that during the summer months it can register some saturation.

Following the coast to the north you can reach, both on foot and by swimming, the neighboring Cala Anguila, and crossing the urbanization of Cala Romántica, towards the south, to s’Estany den Mas.


How to get to Cala Mendia

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From Manacor we can take the Ma-4015 road to Cala Romántica, or the Ma-4020 to Porto Cristo Novo.

There is a small free parking in front of the cove, but you can also easily park in the streets of the urbanizations

From there, access to Cala Mendia is well signposted. There is a walkway that facilitates access from the parking lot to the beach to people with reduced mobility.

If we want to arrive by public transport we have several options

  • Line 416 connects Palma with Cala Romántica and stops at Cala Mendia
  • Lines 441 and 448, which connect the east and north of Mallorca also stop at Cala Mendia

It can also be accessed by boat

The sandy bottoms of Cala Mendia are perfect for anchoring.


In Cala Mendia we will have a lifeguard service, showers, toilets and rental of umbrellas and hammocks in the summer months. There are no facilities for water sports rentals, which are in fact prohibited in the cove.

In the same cove there is a restaurant with very good value where fish especially stand out

See restaurant


In Cala Mendia there is no water sports service, equipment rental or other activities

However, the crystal clear waters invite snorkeling, especially in the vicinity of the cliffs that flank the cove. These same cliffs are also perfect for the practice of psychobloc.

Cala Mendia is also a good place to go hiking

There is a circular excursion from Cala Mandia to Cala Varques through the s’Estany de Mas that alternates paths along the coast with inland paths.

It is also the point of origin or transit of various routes along the coast of the east of Mallorca

In Porto Cristo and Manacor there is also a wide variety of gourmet restaurants, for those who decide on gastronomic tourism. And within a few kilometers you can also visit the famous Caves of the Drach, and those of Hams.


Being next to two urbanizations Cala Mendia has a good offer of tourist rentals, both apartments and single-family homes

In Cala Romántica there are several blocks of apartments and hotels, and in Porto Cristo you can find even more variety of accommodations.

Take a look at Cala Mendia in 360º

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Don’t miss this spectacular 360º image of Cala Mendia from a drone

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