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Cala Pi

Cala Pi; nice and quiet cove between cliffs

Services and Features

Low residential environment
Average occupancy
Family friendly
Access by car
Length 50 m / Width 150 m
Sunbed / umbrella rental
Bus stop
Free parking
Beach bar
Litter bins

The weather in Cala Pi

Weather –


Cala Pi is a beautiful little cove between cliffs next to the town of the same name in the municipality of Llucmajor, in the south of Mallorca.

In fact, it is the largest cala in the south of the island, being an arm of the sea that penetrates almost 500m into the coast, and flanked by cliffs of about 30m high covered with pine trees

The cove itself is formed by the mouth of the homonymous torrent, forming a sandy beach just 50m long but up to 150m wide. The beach formed is of white sand and the waters, protected from the storms, are of a clear turquoise color.

Access to the beach is through a long (147 steps) stone staircase, so it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility

On the other hand, this somewhat difficult access favors that the cove is crowded only a few days a year during the height of the high season.

The abruptness of the surrounding land has favored a scarce urbanization and that the environment is preserved in general virgin, thus earning a place in general quiet and of great natural beauty.

Once on the beach it is generally quiet and very suitable for a family day enjoying its waters

Its privileged natural environment and the places that can be visited nearby.

Cala Pi mapa Mallorca-point

How to get to Cala Pi

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The closest town to Cala Pi is Llucmajor, about 30 km from Palma

From there we will take the Ma-6015 road, and after about 15 km we will arrive at a junction (properly signposted) where we will turn right to take the Ma-6014 towards Cala Pi.

A very popular option is to access by boat

It is known that since prehistoric times, at least since the Bronze Age, this cove was used as a refuge for the boats of the first settlers of Mallorca. However, it is necessary to access with caution due to the presence of rocks near the surface by port, so it is recommended to access through the center of the cove entrance.

If we want to arrive by public transport

Line 525 connects Cala Pi with Llucmajor, El Arenal and Palma.


In the summer months Cala Pi has a lifeguard service, rental of umbrellas and sunbeds (although there is plenty of room to lay your own towel)

There is also a small beach bar with toilets and where we can have soft drinks, ice cream or a snack at reasonable prices. At one end of the beach there are some boathouses built in the 50s where small boats can be cleaned or protected.


Before even going down to the beach itself we can visit the defense tower of Cala Pi, which dates from 1663, and has been recently restored.

Cala Pi itself is an ideal place to take a refreshing dip, lie in the sun or snorkel, given the great cleanliness of its waters

You can also practice scuba diving, but with caution because of the large number of boats that can get together in the area.

But where Cala Pi stands out particularly is on its cliffs

Perfect for the practice of psychobloc. Since 2018 it has marked routes for the practice of this sport.

If we get tired of the water, several interesting hiking trails depart from Cala Pi

From here we can access to Cala Beltrán through a path that begins next to the fishermen’s houses, and then we can follow the route to the old defense tower of Cap Blanc.

During the tour you can see some dolinas formed by the sinking of caves, some of which were inhabited in prehistoric times. You can also tour the grounds of the former military zone, where old coastal batteries that guarded the bay of Palma were located.

To the right of the mouth of the torrent we can find the cave of Cala Pi, an artificial cave from the Talayotic era that was surely a collective grave.

About 4 km, next to the road through which Cala Pi is accessed, is the Talayotic settlement of Capocorb, which dates back to the Iron Age (approx. 900 BC)

This set of five talaiots was one of the first excavated in Mallorca and is in very good condition and was declared a Historic Artistic Monument in 1931.

And when we have finished our day at the beach we can regain strength in one of the restaurants located in Cala Pi

Where we can enjoy everything from local food to all kinds of international food.


In Cala Pi the offer of accommodation is not very abundant but it is sufficiently varied

We can find hostels and hotels, tourist apartments, and even farmhouses near the cala.

Take a look at Cala Pi in 360º

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