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Cala Gat

cala gat

Cala Gat; beautiful sandy beach protected by rocks and pine forest

Services and features

Length 60 m / Width 20 m
Access by car
Sunbed / umbrella rental
Family friendly
Low residential environment
Life guard
Ideal for snorkelling
Ideal for anchoring
High occupancy
Beach bar
Hiking routes

The weather in Cala Gat

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Cala Gat is a remote, practically virgin sandy beach near Cala Ratjada, in the municipality of Capdepera, in the easternmost point of Mallorca. It is a beach of fine sand 60 m long and up to 20 m wide surrounded by pine trees, tamarinds and hearts of palm, specifically a variety endemic to this part of Mallorca.

Its right bank is protected by a rocky area covered with pine trees behind which stands the so-called Torre Cega, an old watchtower that was acquired by businessman Juan March at the beginning of the 20th century, who turned it into his summer residence.

On its left bank there is a stone wall built on the rocks that supports some buildings. Following the coast on that side you come to a small cave called Sa Cova des Castellàs.

Among the pines that surround the cove, the presence of cats is frequent, and some have speculated that this is the origin of the place name, although in Mallorca “cat” is “moix”, and not “gat”

But it is more likely that the name comes from the dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula), a small shark of up to a meter in length present throughout the Mediterranean and which in Catalan is called gat. Despite this, the presence of sharks is not common, neither on this nor on other beaches in Mallorca.

Cala Gat is a very familiar beach. The sand is very clean and the waters are crystal clear and usually calm

It forms a gentle slope and even within the sea there are no rocky outcrops, you can walk on a soft bed of sand which is very relaxing.

There are several accesses to the small beach, via stairs, but there is also a paved ramp on its left end, making it easily accessible for people with mobility problems.

Due to its proximity to Cala Ratjada and the ease of access, it can become a bit saturated in the central summer months.

Cala Gat mapa mallorca point

How to get to Cala Gat

Cala Gat is next to the urbanization of the same name built in the 70s, and practically attached to the tourist center of Cala Ratjada, although it still retains its native character. It has good access by road and by sea.

How to get to Cala Gat by car

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To get to Cala Gat we will first head towards Cala Ratjada.

  • From Palma we will take the Ma-15 to Manacor, and from there we will follow the signs to Cala Ratjada
  • From the south of the island we can go first to Felanitx and from there continue towards Manacor and Cala Ratjada
  • In the north (Pollensa, Alcudia, etc.) we will follow the signs to Artá, taking the Ma-12, then to Capdepera, and we will be able to continue towards Cala Ratjada

When we arrive at Cala Ratjada we will cross the town following the road towards the Capdepera lighthouse. When we have left the urban center, the road runs between a stone wall and pine forests. After about 200 m we will arrive at the Hotel Cala Gat, and just after we will find the sign that guides us, to the right, to the cove. There is a small parking area near the access to it.

How to get to Cala Gat by public transport

The closest bus stop to Cala Gat is in Cala Ratjada, specifically the one on Calle Juan Sebastián Elcano, and it is just over 1.5 km away. You can get to Cala Gat by a promenade that starts at the Cala Ratjada dam.

To get to Cala Ratjada we will take line 411 from Manacor. To get to Manacor from Palma we can take bus lines 401 and 501 (the 401 direct through the Ma-15 while the 501 first passes through Campos and Felanitx). We can also take the train, the T3 railway line, and then change to the bus.

How to get to Cala Gat by boat

Cala Gat offers good protection from the west-northeast winds, and was traditionally a good anchoring point. The sandy bottom is between 2 and 4 m deep. However, the presence of Posidonia plains and being a marine reserve mean that anchoring is prohibited.

There are some areas delimited with buoys that clearly mark the prohibited area, and there are security guards to ensure that the regulations are complied with

Alternatively, less than half a mile away is the Cala Ratjada Yacht Club.

Cala Gat


Cala Gat has some services to make the stay more comfortable and safe for its visitors

There are rental of hammocks and umbrellas, and it has a lifeguard service. There is also a beach bar where you can enjoy good food and drinks, and which also has bathrooms, although not showers.

Cala Gat - Mallorca


Cala Gat allows us to take a quiet dip in its waters and then lie in the sun, or cool off in the beach bar.

It is also perfect for snorkeling due to the transparency and clarity of its waters

Both in the sandy area and in the outermost part, near the rocks, the underwater landscape is of great beauty.

It is also a good place from which to go diving, due to the ease of lowering the equipment to the beach

In neighboring Cala Ratjada there are facilities where you can rent equipment or hire guided outings. As in many places on the coast of Mallorca, care must be taken with the sunken objects that may be found, since some are projectiles from the civil war that sank without exploding, such as one found 300 m from the cove at the end of 2020.

They are also good waters to practice paddle surfing, even doing somewhat long coastal routes, like this one between Sa Font de sa Cala and Cala Gat. We can also start our kayak excursions. For example, we can reach the Natural Park of the Levante Peninsula, about 8 miles away.

From here we can also undertake some excursions on foot

Apart from these excursions, we can take the opportunity to visit Sa Torre Cega, which, in addition to its magnificent views, has an excellent collection of sculptures. Nor should we miss the opportunity to visit the Capdepera castle, the walled enclosure that would end up being the main population center in the area.

If our interests are on the side of nature, a few kilometers away we have the aforementioned Natural Park of the Levante Peninsula, and the Artá ​​caves, less than 20 minutes by car.

In addition to the Cala Gat kiosk a few hundred meters away, in Cala Ratjada, we have an extensive and varied gastronomic offer for all tastes and pockets: bars, restaurants, fast food, international and signature cuisine…

cala gat


In Cala Gat itself is the four-star hotel of the same name. In Cala Ratjada the offer is large and varied, from one star hostels to four and five star hotels. There are also apartments and vacation rentals. There are many commercial establishments where you can buy everything you need for your stay in this area.

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