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Cala Bota

Cala Bota

Cala Bota; secluded nudist beach in a fantastic natural setting

Services and features

Natural environment
Low occupancy
1.4 km on foot to get there
Length 35 m / Width 18 m
Free parking at 1.4 km
Ideal for anchoring


Cala Bota (also called Caló Bota) is a small beach of gravel and white pebbles, near Calas de Mallorca, on the coast of Manacor, in the east of Mallorca. Located at the bottom of a small sea inlet, it is 35 m long and 18 m wide. It is flanked by the vertical walls of small cliffs covered with pine trees.

The cove is hidden behind a thick pine forest and constitutes the mouth of a small stream

Depending on the time of year, and the intensity of the most recent rains, a small pond forms.

The cove is located within a private estate, but the path to access it is open, but we cannot get out of it

It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes to do it (there is approximately 1.4 km of road from the point where we can leave the car), and given the rocky bottom of the cove it is also recommended to wear rubber sandals.

It is not accessible for people with mobility problems, due to the difficult path and the characteristics of the cove itself

It is also not very suitable to go with children, but if they do not get tired walking it can be an interesting place, given the calm of its waters.

Cala Bota is a popular nudist beach thanks to how hidden it is

Which makes it a rarely visited beach and above all far from prying eyes. Its wonderful natural environment invites precisely the practice of naturism.

Anchoring in Cala Bota is complicated by the narrowness of the mouth and the presence of reefs

It is suitable only for small boats.

Cala Bota mapa Mallorca point
From Palma and taking the Ma-15 highway, it takes about 60 minutes by car to get to Cala Bota

How to get to Cala Bota

Open route in GPS

The access to Cala Bota is located on the access road to Calas de Mallorca

To get there, we will first go to Manacor, from where we will follow the directions for Calas de Mallorca on the Ma-4015. Then we will turn right joining the Ma-4014. A little over 2 km we will find the road to Calas de Mallorca on our left.

Alternatively we can go for Felanitx

Leaving Palma we will take the Ma-19 motorway, we will pass Llucmajor and Campos, and then in Felanitx we will follow the indications to Portocolom. A little less than 6 km we will reach a roundabout where we will connect with the Ma-4014. A little over 2 km we will have on our right the road that leads to Calas de Mallorca.

We will continue along this road for another 2 km, when we will see on our left an esplanade and a forest track. We will have to leave the car here to continue on foot. We will arrive at the gate of the Can Roig farm, to the right of which there is a small door through which hikers can access.

The path runs through a private estate, so we should not leave it at any time

Cala Bota is just over 1.5 km from here. In general the path is good, although stony. We will come to a fork, to get to Cala Bota we will follow the path to the right. The last section, already descending towards the cove, is more rugged and we will have to be extremely careful.

In principle, the road is also open to bicycles, so it is another good option to get to Cala Bota

Of course, it is most likely that you will have to leave the bicycle before going down to the beach so as not to have to carry it uphill.

If we want to use public transport to get to Cala Bota, we will have to walk a little further

1 km from the beginning of the Cala Bota path is the bus stop for Cala Antena beach. The lines end here:

  • 424, which connects Manacor with Calas de Mallorca
  • And 441, between Cala d’Or and Cala Ratjada

From the stop we will follow the road to Manacor. About 400 m from this stop, in a wide curve, there is a dirt track on the right that leads to the Cala Bota viewpoint, on the cliff on the right bank of the cove. We save about 1 km of walking, but we will have to go down to the cove through cross country and by walls in some dangerous points.

Although anchoring in Cala Bota is delicate, if the sea is calm it is possible to anchor near the mouth

Entering to port there are pitfalls that we must avoid, it is best to stick to the opposite cliff. The sand and rock bottom is between 3 and 4 m deep.


Cala Bota is a totally virgin cove

So we will not find any services for visitors: no comforts, no restoration or first aid.

Cala Bota
In Cala Bota we can enjoy the intimacy and tranquility that not all the calas in Mallorca have


Cala Bota is a cove where you can relax swimming in its clear, clean and calm waters, and then enjoy the tranquility lying in the sun

It is perfect for the practice of nudism due to the low influx of visitors and its practically virgin natural environment.

It is also perfect for underwater activities (diving and snorkeling)

The cliffs plunging into the water and the rocky bottom provide a magnificent underwater panorama. Given the difficulty of access, diving will be more feasible if it is accessed by boat, so as not to have to carry the equipment for more than 1 km.

Hiking fans will undoubtedly enjoy the surroundings of Cala Bota

From here we can get to Calas de Mallorca. In the opposite direction we can go to Cala Virgili. A common excursion is to visit the rest of the coves near Cala Bota: Cala Virgili, Cala Pilota and Cala Magraner.

The same paths are perfectly suitable for mountain biking.

It is also possible to get to Cala Bota by kayak

Leaving for example from Cala Mendia.

For the more intrepid, the cliff faces of Cala Bota are suitable for climbing and psychobloc

As a curiosity, on the access road to Cala Bota there is a small artificial cave from the pretalayotic period, which unfortunately has become a garbage dump.

If we want to know more about that period, on the access road to Calas de Mallorca, very close to the road that leads to Cala Bota, is the archaeological site of s’Hospitalet Vell. It is freely accessible and contains explanatory panels of the different findings.

To regain strength after our day at the beach and walk, the closest town is Calas de Mallorca

Where we will find a wide range of bars, cafes and restaurants.


In the vicinity of Cala Bota there is no type of accommodation

The closest tourist center is in Calas de Mallorca, just over 1 km by road. There we can choose from a wide and varied offer in type of establishment and prices: hotels of various categories, aparthotels, tourist apartments, chalets and villas for rent, etc.

Take a look at Cala Bota in 360º

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Don’t miss this spectacular 360º drone image of Cala Bota

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