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Cala Murta

Cala Murta; lovely little quiet gravel cove

Services and features

1500 m walk to reach
Natural environment
Free parking
Low occupancy
Length 40 m / Width 7 m

The weather in Cala Murta

Weather –


Cala Murta is a small gravel and boulder cove located on the Formentor peninsula, on the northern tip of Mallorca, near Puerto de Pollensa, in the municipality of Pollensa. The cove is a sea inlet of about 450 m long embedded between cliffs covered with pine trees and holm oaks. The beach area is a scree located at the mouth of a torrent and is 40 m long and between 7 m wide.

The clean and crystalline waters of Cala Murta reflect like a mirror the green of the pines and oaks that crown the surrounding cliffs acquiring a very characteristic turquoise color

The environment of the cove is practically virgin. One of its flanks is covered with vegetation, while the other belongs to the old possessió (old manor house and estate) of Cala Murta that is currently used as a colony house during the summer.

Being of gravel and rocks, it is not a comfortable beach to go with young children, nor is it recommended for people with reduced mobility, among other things because of the difficulty of accessing it, since the only access is a forest path of almost 2 Km.

The lack of services and this somewhat difficult access favors that Cala Murta hardly has a medium occupation even in the summer months

At most, it is possible to coincide with one of the youth groups housed in the nearby house of colonies and who perform some activities in the cove.

Because of its location on the south side of the Formentor peninsula, the cove is a good shelter for boats, protecting them from the strong winds from the north.


How to get to Cala Murta

Open route in GPS

To get to Cala Murta we will go first to Puerto de Pollensa

  • If we start our route from Palma, we will take the Ma-13 central highway, leaving it at exit 40 in the direction of Pollensa. We will follow the Ma-2220 road that borders Pollensa and follow it until we reach Puerto de Pollensa, at the roundabout with the structure of a seaplane.
  • If we start from the north of the island, we will take the Ma-12 road, which runs from Artá ​​to Puerto de Pollensa, passing through Can Picafort, Playa de Muro, and Puerto de Alcudia. We will follow the indications to reach Alcudia where we will connect with the Ma-2220 that will take us directly to Puerto de Pollensa. At the roundabout we will take the second exit, to continue along the same Ma-2220, until the hydroplane roundabout.

From there we will follow the indications to Formentor. The road is quite winding and somewhat narrow at some points. The presence of bicycles and coaches will force us to drive with extreme caution.

At the top of the climb is the viewpoint called Es Colomer, which gives us magnificent views of the Formentor peninsula and Pollensa Bay

We will begin the descent and about 3 km we will reach the Formentor turnoff. We will turn left to continue on the same Ma-2210 for another 4 km, when we will reach the junction of Cala Murta (on our left, signposted) where there is a free parking. From there leaves a forest road of about 2 km that takes us directly to Cala Murta.

If we prefer, we also have the option of public transport to reach Cala Murta

The stop is a few meters before reaching the parking lot. For this we can take line 353, which goes from Can Picafort to Cala Formentor through Playa de Muro, Puerto de Alcudia, Alcudia and Puerto de Pollensa.

In the summer months access to the lighthouse of Formentor is prohibited almost all day, being able to access only by bicycle, or with this bus that serves as a shuttle between Puerto de Pollensa and the lighthouse.

To reach Puerto de Pollensa we have:

Finally, from the area of ​​the east we have:


As we mentioned before, Cala Murta is practically virgin and there are no services on the beach (showers, toilets, surveillance). You do not have any access enabled for people with mobility problems. There is also no beach bar or restaurants nearby, or any sports facility. Everything we need for our beach day we must bring with us.


The clean and crystalline waters of Cala Murta invite you to take a good dip and then lie in the sun to enjoy its paradisiacal surroundings. The clarity of its waters make it perfect for putting on diving goggles and snorkeling, enjoying the underwater views of its sandy bottom covered with posidonia.

It is also a good place for paddle surfing and canoeing

In fact, in the peak months of summer it is not uncommon to find groups of young people from the house of colonies practicing these activities.

If we are diving enthusiasts Cala Murta is a magnificent place to practice it

With immersion points for practitioners of all levels, from the most novice to the most experienced. In the same Cala Murta there is a rock called The Pinnacle which is a magnificent dive suitable for all levels. Something further north, in the neighboring Cala en Gossalba, there is another dive called Pedro’s Wall, also of basic level. Further north there are more immersion points, until reaching the end of the Formentor cape, suitable only for the most experienced divers and with deep diving certification.

Apart from magnificent waters, Cala Murta offers us a magnificent natural environment to enjoy through multiple hiking trails

From here we can reach the nearby Cala Figuera. We also have an excursion to surround and then ascend the small hill called El Fumat.

Finally, the Formentor road is very popular as part of cycling routes

But its steep slopes at some points make it not suitable for all practitioners of this sport.


The closest accommodation to Cala Murta is the Hotel Formentor, a luxury establishment of great international prestige

In the nearby Puerto de Pollensa we have a wide variety of accommodation: hostels, three and four star hotels, aparthotels, apartments and tourist apartments, chalets and rural estates.

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