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Cala Vinyes

Cala Vinyes

Cala Vinyes; small urban beach of fine sand shaded by palm trees

Services and features

Length 35 m / Width 80 m
Access by car
Life guard
Ideal for snorkelling
Urban environment
Bus stop
Sunbed and umbrella rental
Hiking routes
Ideal for anchoring
High occupancy
Family friendly
Beach bar
Mountain bike routes


Cala Vinyes is a small beach of fine, golden sand barely 35 m long but about 80 m wide. It is located in the urbanization of the same name and very close to Magaluf, in the municipality of Calviá, in the western part of the bay of Palma.

It is an urban beach surrounded by hotels and apartments

At the back of it there is a small palm grove that provides some shade and hides some of the buildings. Cala Vinyes is mainly a tourist beach, most of its visitors are clients of the hotels and apartments that surround it.

It has a wooden walkway to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, but only those who stay in the hotels that surround the beach can benefit from it, since access from the street is only possible via stairs.

The beach has a gentle slope and the bottom is still sandy, although rocks appear on the margins

This makes it a very suitable beach for families with young children. The cove is very sheltered from the winds and is exposed only to those from the east, so its clear waters are usually very calm. As a drawback, the accommodations that surround it make the influx of bathers is high in the summer months, especially due to the small size of the beach.

Cala Vinyes is perfect for anchoring boats up to 12 m in length.

Cala Vinyes mapa point
From Palma it will take about 23 minutes by car to get to Cala Vinyes

How to get to Cala Vinyes

Open route in GPS

Road access is well signposted so it shouldn’t be a problem

From Palma we will take the Ma-20 beltway and then connect with the Andratx motorway, the Ma-1. We will leave it at exit 14, towards Magaluf and El Toro. At the roundabout at the entrance to Magaluf with a big “8” we will follow the indication of Magaluf, and from the next one we will find the indications to Cala Vinyes.

Access to the beach is at the height of number 13 of Calle del Sol, by some stairs, so it is not accessible for people with mobility problems. In this same street we can park our vehicle.

The access roads to Magaluf and Cala Vinyes are very good for cycling as they have bike lanes or good shoulders.

If we want to get to this beach by bike from the Palma area, we can take the Ma-1C from Cala Major and follow the directions for Magaluf, and then for Cala Vinyes.

If we want to get to Cala Vinyes by public transport

We have line 107, which will take us there from the center of Palma. In Cala Vinyes there are several stops, the closest to access to the beach is Calle Ulises.

The cove is exposed only to easterly winds, making it a good place for anchoring boats

The best point for this is in the center of the mouth, where the sandy bottom has a depth that ranges between 3 and 6 m.


Cala Vinyes beach has a good range of services according to the level of visitors it receives and its location

  • It has rental of umbrellas and hammocks
  • Showers and toilets (at the back of the beach)
  • It also has a lifeguard service
  • There is a chiringuito next to the beach, which is also surrounded by hotels and restaurants

It does not have facilities for the practice of nautical sports.

Cala Vinyes - Mallorca
Cala Vinyes is an ideal beach to go with children


Cala Vinyes is an eminently tourist beach where you can go to bathe and sunbathe

If we prefer sand we are in luck, because it has a good surface to lay the towel on. But if we prefer the rocks on the right bank there are also flat and elevated areas where you can lie in the sun comfortably.

The clarity of its waters makes them good for snorkeling

Especially the part of rocks provides us with a more varied underwater landscape. It is also a good point from which to dive. In the town there is a diving school that offers courses, diving baptisms and trips to Cala Vinyes and other nearby coves in the bay of Palma.

If we prefer to complement the beach day with inland activities from Cala Vinyes we can make several excursions

The first route will take us around the headland of Cala Figuera to the urbanization of El Toro. In the opposite direction we have another route that takes us to Palmanova. If we prefer not to walk so much, we can choose the third route that takes us to the nearby Cala Falcó.

There is another route that will take us to the Cala Figuera lighthouse. It is a curious excursion in a practically virgin and sparsely urbanized area but that will take us through a military zone where coastal batteries were located. We will also pass by a 16th century defense tower, built between 1579 and 1582, which controlled the passage of ships through this part of the bay of Palma. It is currently in serious danger of collapse, so it is advisable not to approach it and just look at it from a distance.

These same paths are also perfect for mountain biking.

The second route that passes through Cala Vinyes will take us from Portals Vells to El Toro, passing through several other coves in the area.

On the access road to Cala Vinyes we will have passed in front of the Naveta Alemany, one of the best preserved in Mallorca

Dating from the Bronze Age (between 1600 and 1000 BC), it is excavated and restored, preserving most of its elements.

To complete our visit to Cala Vinyes nothing better than visiting one of the nearby restaurants or bars

Where we can refresh ourselves or enjoy some of its specialties. We can choose between Mallorcan, Mediterranean, international cuisine, tapas … with a good variety of prices to choose from.

vista aérea de Cala Vinyes
Aerial view of Cala Vinyes


Next to the beach of Cala Vinyes there are several three and four star hotels

In the same town there are apartment complexes and vacation rentals of flats and single-family houses.

In case you don’t find anything to your liking next to Cala Vinyes is Magaluf, one of the main tourist destinations in Mallorca. There the accommodation offer is very wide, with hotels and apartments of all categories, and also with the possibility of opting for vacation rentals.

Take a look at Cala Vinyes in 360º

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