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Playa del Mago

playa del Mago

Playa del Mago; a movie beach

Services and features

Length 25 m / Width 15 m
Access by car
Natural environment
Free parking
Ideal for snorkelling
High occupancy
Ideal for anchoring
Beach bar

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The weather in Playa del Mago

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Playa del Mago is a tiny sandy area 25 m long and up to 15 m wide located in the municipality of Calviá, next to the Sol de Mallorca urbanization.

It received its name when in 1967 the film The Magician was filmed here, starring Anthony Quinn, Michael Caine and Candice Bergen

The film received poor reviews, but the natural setting in which it was filmed became famous worldwide. It was the first nudist beach in Calviá, and it is the most popular nudist beach in Mallorca after Es Trenc.

Although it is close to the urbanization from the beach you cannot see the buildings since it is surrounded by pine forest

There is a beach bar, and part of the constructions that were made for the filming of the film.

The sand is thin and golden, and forms a very gentle slope. The first meters are very shallow, so if we go with children it is a fairly safe place

In addition, the waters are calm and clean as they are protected from strong winds. It does not have access specially enabled for people with mobility problems, but from the car park access to the beach is via a paved road, so it is accessible with caution.

Due to its popularity, easy access and small size, it can become somewhat saturated in the peak summer months

Out of season, or out of peak hours, it is a magnificent place, and we can get to enjoy it practically alone.

Both this beach and the neighboring ones of Portals Vells and Playa del Rey are good places for anchoring, but once again the problem may be the large number of boats congregated.

playa del Mago mapa point

How to get to Playa del Mago

Playa del Mago is next to the Cala Vinyes urbanization. It does not have a good connection to public transport but the access by road (recently refurbished) is well signposted.

How to get to Playa del Mago by car

Open route in GPS

  1. From Palma we will take the Vía de Cintura Ma-20 towards Andratx to connect with the Ma-1
  2. We will take exit 14, towards Magaluf / Son Ferrer / El Toro
  3. We will follow the indications to Son Ferrer until we reach a fork where we will already have the signs to get to Portals Vells and El Mago
  4. At the end of the road there is a small parking area, but if it is full shortly before there is a large esplanade of land

From the end of the road to the right begins a path (paved) of less than 100 m that takes us to the beach.

How to get to Playa del Mago by bike

The roads and avenues of Calviá are well adapted to the use of cyclists, so it is a good option to get to Playa del Mago by bicycle

  1. From the western end of the Paseo Marítimo, next to Porto Pi, we will take the Ma-1C in the direction of Cala Major
  2. We will go to Illetas, then to Portals Nous and we will follow the indications to Magaluf on the road to Cala Figuera
  3. From there we will head in the direction of Son Ferrer until we find the indications to Portals Vells and Playa del Mago

How to get to Playa del Mago by public transport

To get to Playa del Mago by public transport we must bear in mind that the closest stop is 1 km away, in the Sol de Mallorca urbanization

From Palma we must take line 105 to the last stop.

From the bus stop we will head south along Avenida Mallorca and then turn left onto Avenida de Portals Vells. Almost immediately we will see on our right a dirt road that descends to the nearby Playa del Rey. From that beach we have an asphalt path that goes up to the parking area, and once there we can go down to Playa del Mago.

How to get to Playa del Mago by boat

The anchorage area of ​​Playa del Mago is exposed to winds between east and southwest. It is not advisable to spend the night here since during the day it can be quiet and at night roll to winds that enter the cove.

The bottom is made of sand and posidonia, between 4 and 5 m deep. Caution must be taken not to drop anchor over posidonia areas as it is forbidden and highly guarded

The closest marina is Portals Vells, 100 m from Playa del Mago. It has potable water and an electrical connection, but it does not have a refueling service, so it is used mainly by sailboats and small boats (up to 2 m draft). The marina of Portals Nous is only 3.8 miles away, and has all the services.

playa del Mago aerea
On the left we see the Playa del Mago and on the right the Playa del Rei


Playa del Mago has a rental service for sunbeds and umbrellas. It also has showers, toilets and bins. It does not have surveillance by lifeguards.

On the beach itself there is a reasonably good but expensive restaurant. In the Sol de Mallorca urbanization, and especially in the nearby Cala Vinyes, there is more gastronomic offer.

There are no facilities or areas enabled for the practice of nautical sports.


The clean and crystalline waters of Playa del Mago invite you to take a refreshing dip and then lie down in the sun, with little or no clothing, while we enjoy its natural environment.

They are also excellent waters for snorkeling and diving, since once they are away from the shore the bottom quickly reaches several meters deep

Near the surface there is a coral reef, and on the cliffs that surround the cove, as well as the neighboring beaches of Portals Vells and Playa del Rey, there are several underwater caves.

If the waters are not very crowded with bathers, they are perfect for paddle surfing

It is easy to get to nearby beaches such as Cala Falcó and Cala Vinyes. They are also ideal for kayaking. A good route is to skirt the tip of Cala Figuera to reach the El Toro beach.

Playa del Mago is a good starting or arrival point for hiking enthusiasts, and in its surroundings there are several routes that offer entertaining excursions with magnificent views

  • Route 1: from Playa del Mago to the Cala Figuera tower, an easy excursion that takes us to a defense tower from the s. XVI
  • Route 2: from Playa del Mago to the tip of Cala Figuera and El Toro. This relatively simple coastal excursion presents us with excellent views from various points of the coast
  • Route 3: circular route to El Toro. We will pass through Cala Figuera and the return is through inland trails

To regain strength from our beach day we have the restaurant on the beach itself, or we can go to Sol de Mallorca and Cala Vinyes, where there is a wide offer.

playa del Mago - Mallorca


In the Sol de Mallorca and Cala Vinyes urbanizations there is a good and varied offer of tourist accommodation, both hotels and holiday rentals. And just a few kilometers away are the large tourist centers of Santa Ponsa and Magaluf, where the offer is vast and for all tastes and pockets: hotels, apartments, villas, etc.

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