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Cala Mitjana (Felanitx)

playa de Cala Mitjana en Felanitx, Mallorca
Services and Features
Low residential environment
Average occupancy
Length 20 m / Width 15 m
Ideal for anchoring
1.5 km on foot to get there

Cala Mitjana is a tiny beach of sand and rocks nestled in a secluded inlet of the sea between Cala d’Or and Portocolom, in Felanitx, in the east of Mallorca. The sandy area is about 20 m long and barely 15 m wide.

The beach is surrounded by a private estate, but its access is public. Of course, it is done on foot along a dirt and stone path of just over 2 km. This is why it is not very advisable for families with small children, since the walk in the summer sun can be exhausting. And of course it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Once the access obstacle has been overcome, we find a beautiful place surrounded by low cliffs where the native vegetation alternates with the lawn and cacti of the private estate, providing an original but beautiful landscape. As the beach is at the bottom of a narrow arm of the sea, its turquoise waters are usually very calm and clean.

Despite its uncomfortable access, it can get crowded due to its small size, although in the rocky areas on the sides there is usually space where you can lay your towel and sunbathe.

It is also a good place to anchor given its protected waters.

Watch Cala Mitjana (Felanitx) in 360º


How to get to Cala Mitjana (Felanitx)

First, we must go to the town of s’Horta, the closest to Cala Mitjana. From Palma we will take the Ma-19 motorway towards Campos / Santanyí / Felanitx. We will follow the highway for about 35 km to Campos. There we can continue through Felanitx (a little shorter), or through Santanyí (almost the same distance, it will depend on the traffic we find).

If we opt for Felanitx, at the roundabout entering Campos we will take the third exit, towards calle de la Rambla. We will pass another roundabout, and in the next one we will take the third exit to take the Ma-5120. At 10 km we will arrive at Felanitx. We will continue straight along Calle de Campos for about 300 m and then we will turn right, onto Calle Gabriel Vaquer, where the Ma-14 begins. At the end of the street we will turn left and after 100 m, to the right, leaving the town center. We will follow this road for 4 km. Upon reaching the detour we will take the path to the left, along the Ma-4016, following the signs for s’Horta / Cala d’Or.

After another 5 km we will reach another roundabout where we will take the second exit, onto the Ma-4012, and 1 km later we will be in s’Horta. Upon reaching Calle de Cala Marçal, we will turn right, following the signs for Cala Sa Nau. Here we have two options again. We can follow this road for about 3 km and shortly before the next roundabout turn left onto a paved road where we will follow the indications to Cala Fe. We will arrive at a point where there is space to park the car next to the road and continue to leave from there on foot. From here the access to the beach is just over 1 km.

vista aérea de Cala Mitjana en Felanitx
Aerial view of Cala Mitjana in Felanitx

The other option is from s’Horta follow the signs to Cala Sa Nau. When leaving s’Horta by the street of Cala Marçal at 1.5 km we find a small detour to the left, pointing the way to Cala Sa Nau. After another kilometer and a half we have another fork: on the left we will continue towards Cala Sa Nau (and on the right we will reach the other access of Cala Mitjana). At about 900 m we will arrive at the Cala Sa Nau car park, where we will find the path to get to Cala Mitjana, just over 2 km away.

If we have decided to go through Santanyí, when we reach Campos instead of the third exit, we will take the second at the roundabout at the entrance to the town, to follow the same Ma-19 (Carrer Nou). At the next roundabout we will take the third exit, following the directions for the Ma-19 again. At the next roundabout we will go straight on to leave the town and continue for 11 km. We will arrive at Santanyí, where we will take the third exit from the roundabout to stay on the Ma-19. In the second we will continue straight, and in the third we will take the second exit to leave again on the Ma-19.

We will continue for 4 km until we reach l’Alqueria Blanca, which we will cross until we reach Carrer des Llevant, where we will turn left, towards Calonge. We will go through a roundabout where we will take the second exit, and after 2.5 km we will arrive at Calonge. In Isaac Albénix street we will turn left to leave the town on the Ma-4012, and at the roundabout we will take the first exit, direct to s’Horta, to continue with the previous indications.

As we have said, Cala Mitjana is a good place to anchor a boat. Once the wide mouth is passed, the cove divides into two arms of the sea. The left one has a depth of up to nine meters on a sand and rock bottom. The right, which faces the beach, has up to five meters on a sandy bottom. Given the sheltered nature of the cove and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it, it is one of the best coves in Mallorca for anchoring.

Vista interior de Cala Mitjana en Felanitx - Mallorca
The calm waters of Cala Mitjana make it an ideal place to anchor

Cala Mitjana cannot be considered strictly a virgin beach, since there are buildings and buildings of the nearby farm, but all of it private. So it does not have any services for bathers. There is also no lifeguard service.


Its clean and crystalline waters invite you to take a refreshing dip to cool off after the walk to reach the beach. Then we can lie in the sun on its small strip of sand or on the rocky esplanades on its sides.

If we go on days and hours of low influx (avoiding the high season and the central hours of the day) it is an idyllic place to go as a couple to share romantic moments in an almost paradisiacal environment.

It is also a perfect place for snorkeling. The small cliffs that protect Cala Mitjana offer a remarkable underwater landscape. It is also highly recommended for scuba diving, but it is only viable if it is accessed by boat, since carrying all the equipment on a dirt road is not recommended. From Cala d’Or there are diving centers that organize trips that include Cala Mitjana as a dive site.

vista aérea de Cala Mitjana en Felanitx
Another aerial view of Cala Mitjana. Do you wonder what the rectangle is?

Cala Mitjana is a good place for hiking enthusiasts. Apart from the walk you have to take to get to the cove itself, it is a good point of passage or destination for other excursions in the area. From here we can easily get to Portocolom on one side, or Cala d’Or on the other.

The same can be said for mountain biking. The same paths that we can travel on foot are suitable for cycling, although with caution, as some of the trails go very close to the coast.

One of the places that we can visit on our walks near Cala Mitjana is the Es Closos de can Gaià site, on the road that goes from s’Horta to Portocolom. It is a site from the pre-Talayotic era (1800 BC) inhabited until the beginning of the Talayotic period (750 BC).

To recharge and refresh we will have to bring our food and drink. Otherwise, the closest bar is the Cala Sa Nau beach bar (surely where we will have left the car). For more options we will have to go to Portocolom or Cala d’Or, where there is a varied gastronomic offer.


There are no accommodations available in the vicinity of Cala Mitjana. The closest are small rural hotels with a lot of charm in s’Horta or Calonge, or go to the huge and varied offer in Cala d’Or or Portocolom. There we can find everything from family hostels to apartment complexes, luxury hotels, chalets, villas, tourist apartments, etc.


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