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Cala Serena

playa de Cala Serena en Mallorca
Services and Features
200 m walk to reach
Low residential environment
Average occupancy
Access by car
Length 22 m / Width 60 m
Beach bar
Free parking at 400 m
Family friendly
Sunbed and umbrella rental

Cala Serena is a small and sheltered sandy area of ​​the Felanitx coastline, in the east of Mallorca. It is located next to the urbanization of the same name, very close to the tourist center of Cala d’Or. It is barely 22 m long, but the sandy area juts about 60 m inland.

Although the environment near Cala Serena is highly urbanized, the cove itself remains practically virgin. The ends of the beach are rocky areas, which can be accessed by stone stairs. The right bank of the cove is a small cliff that forms the ridge that separates it from the neighboring Cala Ferrera. The cliff on its left bank does have some constructions, but quite hidden among the pine trees.

Due to the lack of services, the beach is not as crowded as Cala Ferrera, and it is a much quieter place to spend a day at the beach. It does not have access for people with reduced mobility, but instead it is a good place for families due to its clean and calm waters. For those looking for some privacy there are even small grottos in the cliffs that protect the cove.

It is also a good place to get to by boat. At the entrance to Cala Serena it is between four and five meters deep on a bottom of sand and seaweed. In the mouth that it shares with Cala Ferrera the depth reaches between six and ten meters.

Cala Serena mapa Mallorca point

How to get to Cala Serena

Open route in GPS

To get to Cala Serena by car we have several options. We can go to Felanitx first. From Palma we will follow the Ma-19 highway towards Campos / Santanyí / Felanitx. At about 25 km we will pass by Llucmajor and we will stay on the same Ma-19 for about 10 km, until we reach Campos. At the roundabout we will take the third exit, along the Ma-5120, and we will arrive at another roundabout. We will follow the same Ma-5120 about 700 m, until we reach a last roundabout, which we will leave at the third exit, again to the Ma-5120. After a little over 10 km we will be in Felanitx.

At 300 m we will turn right, following the signs for Cala d’Or, on Calle Gabriel Vaquer. At the end of this street we will turn left and then right to follow the Ma-14. After about 4 km we will arrive at a fork where we will take the detour to the left, towards Cala d’Or, on the Ma-4016. 5 km later we will arrive at another roundabout where we will take the second exit, towards the Ma-4012. We will then arrive at S’Horta, and after about 500 m we will turn right, along Cala Marçal street, following the signs for Cala Ferrera and Cala Serena. We will continue another 4 km to reach a last roundabout, where we will continue straight and we will already be in the Cala Serena urbanization. About 400 m from the beach there is free parking. To access the beach we must go down some stairs.

Alternatively, instead of heading to S’Horta we can go towards Calonge, and take the Ma-4013 that takes us to Cala d’Or. At the entrance roundabout we will continue straight and at the next roundabout we will be able to follow the indications to Cala Ferrera and Cala Serena.

Another possibility is to go through Santanyí. From Palma we will also take the Ma-19, we will pass Llucmajor, but when we reach Campos we will follow the same road towards Santanyí. At the entrance roundabout to the town we will take the third exit, following the same Ma-19. We will arrive at another roundabout, where we will continue straight, and at the next we will take the second exit, and follow the indications to Cala d’Or. Before we will cross the village of l’Alqueria Blanca, but the directions are very simple. Upon reaching Cala d’Or we can follow the directions given above.

If we are in the north or east of Mallorca, the most practical thing is to go to Manacor and from there take the Ma-14 towards Felanitx, and from there follow the indications to Cala d’Or and then to Cala Ferrera.

To get to Cala Serena by public transport we have several options. Next to the access to Cala Ferrera there is a bus stop on line A51, which connects the airport with Cala d’Or passing through Campos, Santanyí and other towns. From this stop there is approximately 1 km on foot through the streets of Cala Serena to the beach.

500 m from this stop we have the one in neighboring Cala d’Or, which has more connections with the rest of Mallorca. Line 501 connects the center of Palma with Cala d’Or, passing through Llucmajor, Campos, Santanyí, and other towns. Line 425, from Manacor, and 441, from Cala Ratjada, bring us closer to Cala Serena.

Cala Serena offers easy access by boat. In the cove itself, it is between four and five meters deep on the bottom of sand and seaweed. The mouth that makes up the access to Cala Serena and neighboring Cala Ferrera is between six and ten meters deep. At the entrance we also find the islet des Faralló. Between it and the coast is four meters deep. You have to proceed with caution because of the large number of boats that can accumulate in summer, but the area does not offer difficulties, except if east-southeast winds blow.


Unlike the neighboring Cala Ferrera, what is Cala Serena itself has remained practically unspoilt. There are buildings near the beach, but not on it. This is reflected in the limited offer of services: there are only sunbeds and umbrellas for hire and a beach bar. It does not have a lifeguard service. However, in the urbanization itself, in Cala Ferrera, or even more so in Cala d’Or, there are shops and supermarkets for everything we may need.

What is very close to Cala Serena is a diving school where we can hire excursions by renting the equipment.


Cala Serena offers us the possibility of spending a quiet and relaxing day at the beach. The lack of services and the absence of comfortable access for children makes it much quieter than Cala Ferrera, which is barely separated by a rock cliff.

The waters are clean and crystal clear, and they are also very protected from the waves. They are perfect for snorkeling and exploring the cliffs that sink into the sea. If we are fond of diving, or want to start diving, they are also perfect waters. From Cala Serena and Cala Ferrera excursions are organized to different immersion points nearby with a great variety of depths and difficulties

If we go free there are good immersion points, both near the coast, for beginners, and offshore, with depths of up to 30 m, and even with underwater tunnels, for divers of at least intermediate level. The good visibility of these waters offer a great spectacle of diverse bottoms with a great variety of marine fauna.

Cala Serena offers us the possibility of making various excursions through natural and practically virgin environments. From here we can reach Portocolom following the coast and passing through Cala Mitjana and Cala Sa Nau, among others. If we look for a circular route with origin and destination in Cala Serena we can go to the nearby Cala Mitjana. Another route that covers all the coves of Felanitx is the one that goes from Cala Ferrera to Cala Marçal.

If we are cycling fans we have several routes originating in Cala Serena, both cycling and mountain biking.

If we feel like doing some cultural tourism after finishing our day at the beach, a few kilometers from Cala Serena, next to Portocolom, we can visit the site of Closos de can Gaià, a Talayotic settlement occupied between 1800 and 750 BC. The site is largely restored and the visit can be done comfortably.

Finally, to refresh ourselves and regain strength, in the urbanization of Cala Serena, and especially in the neighboring Cala Ferrera, there are several bars and restaurants for all tastes and budgets: barbecue, tapas, vegetarians … And in the neighboring Cala d’Or We have even more offer of Mediterranean and international cuisine.


Given the small size of the urbanization, in Cala Serena we will not be able to find a great offer of accommodation, although there are, especially tourist rentals. To search for hotels and apartments, we must go to Cala Ferrera, which is one of the main tourist centers of Felanitx.

In case of not finding accommodation in Cala Serena or Cala Ferrera we always have the option of Cala d’Or, one of the most important tourist centers in the east of Mallorca, and which has a large and varied range of accommodation. Mainly we can find 2 and 3 star hotels, but there are from one to 4 star resorts. There are also hostels and vacation rentals of all kinds: apartments, rustic villas, etc.


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