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Cala Antena

Cala Antena - Mallorca

Virgin cove near Calas de Mallorca


The small beach of Cala Antena is a narrow sandy bay created by the mouth of a torrent and located next to the urbanization of Calas de Mallorca, in the municipality of Manacor.

The beach is barely 30 m long but has a width of about 70 m of thin golden sand, although there may be some pebbles and loose rocks near the shore. In general, its waters are very calm, so it is suitable for visiting with children. However, if there is a storm from the east, many algae and plastic remains may appear, making the bathroom not very pleasant.

The cove is embedded between two cliffs that open to the sea. On the right cliff you can see the buildings of the urbanization, while the left cliff, somewhat lower, is covered with low hills. Despite being attached to the urbanization and access facilities Cala Antena is generally a quiet beach.

About 200 m from the shore there is a cave where small boats can enter. In times past it was much larger but part of its vault collapsed, leaving a spectacular natural stone bridge.




From Manacor we take the Ma-4015 road following the directions to Calas de Mallorca. Upon reaching the junction with the Ma-4014 we turn right and follow the road for about 4.5 km, until we reach a junction with the indication of Calas de Mallorca on the left. We follow that street and it will take us directly to Cala Antena.

To arrive from Felanitx we will take the Ma-4010 towards Portocolom. After about 10 km we will arrive at a roundabout where we will take the second exit towards Calas de Mallorca. In about 4.5 km we will arrive at a crossroads where on the right we will already have indicated the road to Cala Antena.

There are several bus lines with termination or stop in Calas de Mallorca, with the stop very close to Cala Antena. Line 415 between Palma and Cala Murada stops at Calas de Mallorca. Line 424 connects Manacor with Calas de Mallorca. Line 441 between Cala d’Or and Cala Ratjada, 449 between Cala d’Or and Puerto de Pollensa and 453 between Cala d’Or and Puerto de Sóller also stop at Calas de Mallorca, as well as 455 between Cala Marçal and el Arenal.

Access to the beach is done through several stairs, but a ramp has also been enabled for the access of people with reduced mobility.


Being next to an important tourist center Cala Antena has all kinds of services: lifeguard, showers, toilets, and rental of umbrellas and hammocks. It has a small beach bar with cheap prices and good service.

playa de Cala Antena - Mallorca
Cala Antena

Given its small size in the same Cala Antena there are no facilities for renting sports equipment, but there are several establishments in the adjacent Calas de Mallorca where it can be purchased or rented.

The main activity on the beach is to take a refreshing bath and then rest in the sand. Except at the peak of the high season it is a fairly quiet beach. Due to its orientation it is not a cove very suitable for diving, since it is easy for wind or currents to cloud the seabed.

Instead it is in an area that invites to the practice of hiking. It can be the point of origin or destination of an excursion that runs through the main virgin coves of the municipality of Manacor, arriving at (or starting at) s’Estany den Mas. There are somewhat shorter excursions departing from Cala Antena to know some of the most remote places on the Manacor coast.

Whether we stay in Calas de Mallorca or if we only spend a few hours in Cala Antena, in the surroundings there are many and varied restaurants where you can enjoy from typical Mallorcan cuisine to international cuisine.

Cala Antena
Cala Antena



Calas de Mallorca has a wide and varied range of tourist establishments, some of them just a few tens or a few hundred meters from Cala Antena. We can choose small rustic farms, apartments, hotels of various categories and even all-inclusive accommodations.


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