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Cala Romántica

Cala Romántica Mallorca

Cala near Porto Cristo


Also known as S’Estany d’en Mas, is a beach of fine sand located in the municipality of Manacor, about 15 km from Manacor itself, and about 6 km from Porto Cristo. It received its current name of Cala Romántica from the urbanization of the surroundings and the hotel of the same name.

The beach is a gentle slope of fine white sand about 100 m long and 165 wide. It was formed from the mouth of the torrents des Morts y Roig, and the erosion of the limestone cliffs that flank it. In general it has very calm waters, although sometimes the winds of the southeast can cause a slight surge.

Despite the urbanization of the environment, most buildings are low (one or two heights) and do not break the natural charm of the area. The cliff that closes the cove on its right remains completely virgin, and in fact the natural environment of the cove has been able to maintain its natural dynamics.

In the months of high season the occupation can become massive due to the urbanization itself and the surrounding hotels and the ease of access. Outside the high season the visit to Cala Romántica is much quieter, and you can still enjoy good weather and pleasant temperatures.


To get to Cala Romántica from Manacor we have two options. We can take the Ma-4020 road in the direction of Porto Cristo, or the MA-4015 in the direction of Calas de Mallorca.

If we opt for the first, after about 9 km and a half we will arrive at a roundabout, where we will take the first exit. About 2 km later we will reach the Ma-4014 road, where we will turn right, and we will be able to follow the indications to Cala Romántica. If we leave from Porto Cristo, this Ma-4014 is the road that we must take.

If we have opted for the second, we must drive for about 8 km until we reach the junction with the Ma-4014. There we will turn left in the direction of Porto Cristo, at 1 km and a half we will find the intersection with the indications to turn right towards Cala Romántica.

Cala Romántica is also relatively close to the town of Felanitx, just over 20 km away. In that case we will take the Ma-4010 road towards Portocolom. At about 8 km we will arrive at a roundabout where we will take the second exit to join the Ma-4014 towards Porto Cristo. We will continue for about 10 km until we reach the indications that point us to Cala Romantica / Estany d’en Mas on the right.

Next to the beginning of the beach there is a small public car park from which there is a walkway to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. You can also park without problems in the urbanization. By the cliff that closes the cove on your left there is a staircase to access the beach.

If we want to reach Cala Romántica by public transport we have several options. Line 416 connects Palma with Cala Romántica, passing through Manacor and Porto Cristo. Line 441 between Cala d’Or and Cala Rajada, which runs through several cores of the east of Mallorca, stops at Cala Romántica. Finally, line 448 that connects the east from Cala d’Or, with the north, to Puerto de Pollensa, also stops at Cala Romántica.

It can also be reached by boat, 200 m from the shore the depth is about 6 m. On the cliff to the left of the cove (or right if we see it from the sea) there is a small berth. However, the occasional winds of the east and the great presence of boats during the high season will force extreme precautions.


Cala Romántica is a beach well endowed with services. It has lifeguards, showers and toilets, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, although there is enough room (except agglomeration) to install the towel and umbrella itself.

On the beach there is a beach club where you can eat at reasonable prices or cool off with beer, soda or delicious cocktails.


In addition to swimming and relaxing on the fine sand of the beach there are more activities that we can do in Cala Romántica and its surroundings.

On the same beach we have a pedal boats rental service to take a quiet walk in its waters.

The crystalline waters of Cala Romántica are also perfect for snorkeling. It is also a good area to make dives of little difficulty. Several companies between Portocolom and Porto Cristo organize diving baptism trips that include Cala Romantica in their route.

The cliffs and pine forests that surround the cove are perfect for hiking. Several hiking trails along the east coast include Cala Romántica as part of the itinerary:

Cala Romántica to Cala Varques

Cala Romántica to Cala Antena

These same cliffs also offer an excellent opportunity to practice climbing and psychobloc.

Once we leave the aquatic or sports activities we have a good selection of restaurants both on the beach itself and in the surrounding urbanization. We can enjoy from Mediterranean cuisine to international cuisine within an important price range.


In the same Cala Romántica is the hotel that gave it its current name and several apartment complexes. There are also holiday rentals of different capacities, ideal for couples or families. Good communication and services allow Cala Romántica to be a good option to spend the holidays.

Next to Cala Romántica is also the urbanization of Cala Anguila, and somewhat further away, that of Cala Mendia. And only 5 km away is the core of Porto Cristo, with a greater variety of establishments and many services.


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