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Cala Bóquer

Cala Bóquer

Cala Bóquer; Virgin stone cove between mountains and pine trees

Services and features

Length 40 m / Width 30 m
2 km on foot to get there
Natural environment
Ideal for snorkelling
Low occupancy
Ideal for anchoring

The weather in Cala Bóquer

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Cala Bóquer is a small cove of gravel and boulders located next to the Formentor peninsula, in Puerto de Pollensa, in the north of Mallorca. The bathing area has a length of about 40 m, and its width varies between 10 and 40, depending on the exact point and the state of the sea. Its name comes from the pre-Roman city of Bocchoris (or Bocchor), built in turn on ancient Talayotic settlements.

It is a virgin cove, without any facilities

The Bóquer torrent flows into it, and lies at the bottom of a deep inlet of the sea of ​​more than 800 m in length, protected by the Cavall Bernat massif and the western slope of the Morral.

It is not a suitable place to go with small children or people with mobility problems, due to the very nature of the cove, and because its access is through a path of almost 2 km through pine forests

But if we visit it, we will enjoy a place of impressive beauty.

Due to its location it is highly protected from storms, and is only beaten by winds from the northeast component. That is why its waters, of exceptional transparency, are usually calm, favoring snorkeling and diving. Occasionally there may be posidonia remains between the stones.

It is also a good place to stop by boat.

Cala Bóquer point mapa Mallorca

How to get to Cala Bóquer

This cove is located on the Formentor Peninsula, 2.7 km from Puerto de Pollensa. It can be accessed on foot or by boat. Its surroundings can be reached by car or public transport.

How to get to Cala Bóquer by car

First we will go to Puerto de Pollensa.

  • If we start from Palma we can do it by the Ma-13 highway and then the Ma-2200 highway. From Felanitx and nearby locations we can head towards Inca to link with the Ma-13 highway
  • From Manacor and surroundings we will follow the indications to Can Picafort, where we will connect with the Ma-12. From there you just have to follow the signs to Alcudia and then to Puerto de Pollensa

In Puerto de Pollensa we will take the ring road following the directions for Formentor. We will find a very characteristic roundabout with a seaplane, and at the second roundabout after this we will take the fourth exit, which leaves us in a dirt parking lot. The road to Cala Bóquer begins there. We can also continue to the next roundabout and make a U-turn to enter the Bóquer urbanization, and park in one of its streets.

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The path from the parking lot to the cove is about 2 km long, and crosses the houses of Bóquer, a private property

We will find two gates, it is important to leave them closed after crossing them. The path is simple, except for the last few meters, somewhat more abrupt.

How to get to Cala Bóquer by public transport

About 500 m from the beginning of the Cala Bóquer road we have the Puerto de Pollensa bus station, where several lines arrive.

  • From Palma: line 301, which passes through Inca and Pollensa
  • From Puerto de Alcudia: line 322

How to get to Cala Bóquer by boat

As we have mentioned, Cala Bóquer offers a good refuge for boats, and is the best anchoring point between Cala Tuent and Cape Formentor. The bottom is made of stone and sand between 2 and 3 m deep at 100 and 150 m from the shore, respectively. Further afield it drops steeply to 18-20 m. It is possible to spend the night, but with caution, since the wind can blow strong entering between the cliffs.


The cove is totally virgin, there is no construction or service, nor surveillance.

Cala Bóquer - Mallorca

Things to do in Cala Bóquer

A visit to Cala Bóquer is a must for lovers of the natural environments of Mallorca

The path that leads to the cove runs alongside the old houses of Bóquer, which date back to the 16th century. In the summer months the waters of Cala Bóquer remain calm and invite you to take a good dip.

For fans of snorkeling and diving, these waters are magnificent, although with the inconvenience of having to carry the equipment for several kilometers

If we access the cove by boat, we save on transportation.

The waters are clean and transparent. There are abundant schools of fish roaming these waters. On the south bank of the cove there is an easily accessible underwater cave. Diving trips are organized from Puerto de Pollensa and Cala San Vicente that pass through Cala Bóquer.

For hiking enthusiasts it offers a few options, since it is within a private estate where only the passage is allowed to access the beach, and there are no coastal paths given the steepness of the terrain.

  • Route 1: ascent to Cavall Bernat. This excursion is simple
  • Route 2: tour of the Cavall Bernat and Cala Bóquer mountains. Difficult route, suitable for people with experience and good preparation
  • Route 3: tour for experts. This route includes walls for climbing and rappelling
  • Route 4: another alternative is to get to Cala Bóquer from Cala Carbó, in Cala San Vicente. It is a complicated and demanding route, but very satisfying

Near the path to the cove there is an archaeological site (excavated but not yet marked) where one of the most important talayots discovered so far in Mallorca was located. Traces of a Roman presence were also found in this area. Some of these findings are on display in the Pollensa museum.

Canoeing lovers also have a good chance to practice this sport in Cala Bóquer

If we have brought our inflatable kayak we will be able to travel these waters calmly. Alternatively, we can make a crossing from nearby coves.

After our day on the beach in Cala Bóquer we can visit one of the many bars and restaurants located in Puerto de Pollensa.

panorámica de Cala Bóquer


There is no facility in Cala Bóquer itself, and the closest hotels are in Puerto de Pollensa

In front of the Bóquer urbanization, in Bellresguard, there are several 3 and 4-star hotels, as well as chalets and holiday apartments. In the rest of Puerto de Pollensa there are more establishments, from one-star hostels to 2, 3 and 4 hotels. There is also a wide variety of vacation rentals (apartments, chalets and luxury villas).

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