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Cala Magraner

Cala Magraner

Cala Magraner; small nudist beach between high cliffs

Services and features

Length 60 m / Width 50 m
Low occupancy
Natural environment
2.3 km on foot to get there
Nude beach
Ideal for snorkelling

The weather in Cala Magraner

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Cala Magraner is a small beach 60 m long and up to 50 m wide embedded between 25 m high cliffs. It is in the municipality of Manacor, in the east of Mallorca. It is a virgin beach frequented by nudists, who appreciate its discretion and natural environment, and climbers, given the excellent cliffs that flank it.

The place preserves its natural beauty intact due to the absence of buildings and the difficulty of access

From the road you reach the beach by a narrow rustic path of almost 2 km, but the walk is worth it. Of course, it is not suitable for small children or people with reduced mobility.

The beach is at the mouth of a torrent that forms a small brackish lagoon at its back

If the torrent carries a lot of water, it may have washed away the sand from the beach and left only the pebbles, taking a while for the sand to recover.

Cala Magraner is also a good place to reach by boat as it is quite sheltered.


How to get o Cala Magraner

Access to Cala Magraner is through a path that starts at kilometer point 7,500 of the Ma-4014 highway, which connects Porto Cristo and Portocolom.

How to get to Cala Magraner by car

  • From Palma: we will go to Manacor on the Ma-15 and once there we will follow the indications to Calas de Mallorca. When we take the Ma-4014 road we will continue for 1.5 km. At kilometer point 7,500, after a curvy area, we can leave the car on the non-passable part of the hard shoulder and we will see that on our left a path begins with a sign reminding us of the prohibition of camping.

This path runs between fields and a pine forest, and we will not have to leave it at any time. It will take us directly to the mouth of the torrent and the beach of Cala Magraner.

Route to the Cala Bota car park

How to get to Cala Magraner by public transport

The closest stop to Cala Magraner is the Cala Antena beach, next to Calas de Mallorca, and the route is about 3 km. The walk to get exclusively to this cove may not be worth it, but there are routes that go from Calas de Mallorca to Cala Magraner going through several more coves and that is already quite an interesting excursion. Of course: it is important to be well supplied with water.

  • From Manacor: we will get to Cala Antena by taking line 416, which goes from Manacor to Calas de Mallorca.
  • From Palma: we will use line 401 to get to Manacor and there we will change to 416. We can also take the T3 railway line to then take the bus
  • From Cala Ratjada: we can use line 411 that reaches Manacor, followed by 416.

Finally we will follow several trails and cross country sections until we reach Cala Magraner.

How to get to Cala Magraner by boat

Cala Magraner is sheltered from all winds except from the east and southeast

The bottom is made of sand and rock, very acceptable to anchor. It is somewhat narrow and recommended for small boats. It is advisable not to anchor much beyond the point that separates Cala Magraner from Cala Pilota as the bottom drops very steeply. The closest port is Porto Cristo, 4 miles away.


Cala Magraner is a cove that remains totally unspoilt so it does not have any services

No hammocks, no umbrellas, no lifeguard, much less bars or restaurants.

Cala Magraner


After the walk to Cala Magraner, what you want the most is to take a dip in its clean and crystalline waters, and then lie down on the sand, or on the rocks near the cliffs that protect it.

The seabed also offers a good show for lovers of snorkeling and diving

For the latter, it is best to approach the cove by boat, since it is difficult to load the equipment through the access roads.

But without a doubt the athletes who will enjoy this cove the most are the climbers.

Its vertical walls of different heights offer more than 50 routes divided into four sectors with difficulties for all levels.

What cannot be practiced here is psychobloc, since the cliffs do not offer clean falls to the sea, but rather over rocky areas.

Those who will also enjoy Cala Magraner are hiking enthusiasts, starting with the excursion to access it:

The same routes can be covered by mountain bike with few problems

If we are fans of kayaking, it is another good way to visit this cove, for example from Cala Murada. This will allow us to discover unique landscapes visible only from the sea, such as some spectacular caves in which we can even go a few meters with our kayak.

If we are curious about the prehistory of Mallorca, a very short distance from Cala Magraner, on the road to Calas de Mallorca, is the prehistoric complex of s’Hospitalet Vell. It is one of the most significant deposits in Mallorca, due to its degree of conservation, the studies that have been carried out and the type of construction. It includes the classic navetas, a typical talayot, but also a rectangular enclosure that could have been a recruitment center for Mallorcan mercenaries for the Punic wars between Carthage and Rome.

Since there is no establishment in Cala Magraner, the closest place to eat or drink is in Calas de Mallorca, where there is a wide variety of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Cala Magraner


In the vicinity of Cala Magraner there is no type of accommodation

The closest tourist center is Calas de Mallorca, just over 2 km away. There we will have a wide variety of establishments of all types and prices: hotels of different categories, aparthotels, tourist apartments, chalets and villas for rent, etc.

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