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Son Serra de Marina

Son Serra de Marina - Mallorca

Son Serra de Marina; one of the best beaches in Mallorca

Services and features

Natural environment
High occupancy
Life guard
Access by car
Access for the handicapped
Family friendly
Beach volleyball
Length 1000 m / Width 25 m
Free parking
Bus stop


Son Serra de Marina is a sandy area located in the bay of Alcudia and belonging to the municipality of Santa Margarita, in the northeast of Mallorca. It is located next to the coastal town of the same name. For many it is the best beach in Mallorca. It is a practically virgin beach of more than 1 km in length and 25 in width where areas of sand alternate with some rocks and that in its back has a protected dune system.

The beach is not completely natural, since due to the storms and the dynamics of the currents, the sand in this part of the bay is washed into the Alcudia beach, so that with some frequency the Alcudia beach and that sand are drained. it is replenished in Son Serra de Marina, Can Picafort and Playa de Muro. Despite this, and the existence of houses near the beach, the environment remains in a practically natural state.

The sand is somewhat thick and dark gold, in part contributed by the Na Borges torrent, the largest watercourse in Mallorca and which rises between Manacor and Felanitx, more than 40 km inland. The part of the beach closest to the town and the yacht club has access for the disabled and the slope is quite gentle. That is why it is also very suitable for families with young children. However, care must be taken in the water as there are return currents that somewhat offshore can be dangerous.

It is a very popular beach with locals, and increasingly with tourists, but it rarely becomes crowded.

The presence of rocks near the surface as well as some sandbanks make it not a very suitable beach for anchoring.

Son Serra de Marina mapa-point
From Palma airport we are 1 hour by car from Son Serra de Marina

How to get to Son Serra de Marina

Open route in GPS

If we are in Palma or the center of Mallorca, the most direct route to Son Serra de Marina passes through Inca, then take the Ma-3440 towards Llubí and then follow the directions for Santa Margarita. Once there, we will cross the town following the indications to Artá, but at the exit we will find the signs that will take us to Son Serra de Marina.

Another option is to follow the Ma-13 motorway in the direction of Alcudia, go to Can Picafort, and from there follow the indications to Son Serra de Marina. Finally, it is also possible to make our trip across the Pla de Mallorca. To do this, we will take the Ma-15 towards Manacor, but once we have passed Vilafranca de Bonany, we will leave that road towards Petra, from where we will only have to follow the indications to Son Serra de Marina.

From the south and east of the island, the most practical thing is to head towards Manacor and from there we already have directions to Son Serra.

If we want to get to Son Serra de Marina by public transport, we must plan our trip well since there is no direct line

The only line that reaches Son Serra is 392, which connects the town with Can Picafort.

Until Can Picafort there are a good number of options to get there by public transport:

  • From the center of Palma we can take line 390
  • While from the airport it will be line A32
  • From Inca, we can use the 395

If we are in the north of the island, line 352 connects Can Picafort with Puerto de Pollensa, passing through Playa de Muro, Puerto de Alcudia and Alcudia.

In summer we also have the following lines:

Son Serra de Marina is also a very popular destination for cyclists

The Ma-12 road, which goes from Artá ​​to Puerto de Alcudia, is wide and has good visibility, and has wide shoulders and bike lanes in the area between Can Picafort and Playa de Muro.

aguas de Son Serra de Marina, Mallorca
Son Serra de Marina is an ideal beach to go with children but you have to be extremely careful on windy days due to currents


In Son Serra de Marina we can find some services to enjoy a more comfortable day at the beach. There is no hammock or umbrella rental service, but it does have a guard post near the town. There are also showers and toilets.

There is also no chiringuito on the beach, but at the end of the town there is a bar near the sand. As we move away from the inhabited nucleus, towards the stream, the environment is more natural and there are no services (no showers or toilets, and no lifeguard post).

Apart from the nearby bar there are some more restaurants in the town, as well as a supermarket where we can buy what we may need.


Son Serra de Marina beach is ideal for swimming in its turquoise waters and then relaxing on the sand, especially in the part towards its right bank, away from the houses.

We can practice snorkeling (the areas near the rocks and the mouth of the torrent are particularly suitable) and paddle surfing (you can rent the equipment near the beach).

It is also perfect for canoeing and going to other beaches in the Bay of Alcudia.

When the wind blows it does so strongly, that is when it is ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing, or even surfing on a board, without sail.

Outside the water, the environment of Son Serra de Marina invites us to explore it to appreciate the beauty of this landscape from more perspectives

Halfway down the road between Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina we can reach the Son Real public estate, a protected natural area that also includes numerous archaeological sites, such as a spectacular necropolis.

From Son Serra de Marina and following the coast to the left we can reach Can Picafort:

Following the coast to the right, we can reach the nearby beach of Sa Cànova, and if we have time, strength and courage we can reach Colonia de Sant Pere, on the Levante peninsula:

We have already commented that Son Serra de Marina is an ideal place from where to make cycling routes

If we are fans of mountain biking, we have close and very varied routes:

To regain strength in the town itself there are several bars and restaurants. There is not a great variety, but enough to satisfy all tastes.

Son Serra de Marina
For many people Son Serra de Marina is the best beach in Mallorca


In the same town of Son Serra de Marina there are no hotels. The main accommodation options are tourist apartments in small blocks, chalets and villas. If we are looking for hotels, the closest ones are in Can Picafort, where there is a wide variety of establishments to choose from.

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