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Beach chairs

sillas de playa

Summer is coming, good weather is here, and we have to check our equipment to have a good day at the beach. And one of the fundamental elements will surely be the chair. Or haven’t we bought it yet? Well here we will try to solve doubts and give some advice to choose our beach chair

Why buy a beach chair

If we go to a sandy beach, it is likely that we will be lying on it for a long time, but even on the finest sand that ends up tiring. For when we want to sit for a while to read, have a bite or a soft drink, or enjoy the views without punishing our neck, we will want to have a practical and comfortable beach chair.

It will also help prevent sand from filling our clothes. If we want to sunbathe, it will be easier for us to do so while protecting our skin and face than if we lie on the sand.

And if we have chosen a cove of gravel or rocks, then a beach chair will be essential to sunbathe comfortably without the stones getting into us, or having to do so on an extension of hard rock or cement.

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We must distinguish two parts of the beach chair: the frame and the seat on which we will rest

In both cases there are several materials to choose from that will affect the weight, strength, durability and comfort of the chair.

The frame is normally made of some light material such as aluminum, but we can also find them made of steel, heavier but much more resistant, and even wood.

There is quite a lot of plastic, a cheap material, but they are more bulky and difficult to handle chairs. In return they offer good support for the back, to take into account if we have a problem with it.

Regarding the seat, we will find rigid plastic models, but normally it will be a canvas or fabric attached to the frame

The padding will be somewhat more comfortable but more difficult to clean and dry. Among the textile fabrics there will be them of different thicknesses and qualities. We should look for one that is fresh, dries quickly, and is easy to clean.

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Among the different beach chairs we can distinguish the chairs themselves, designed especially for sitting, and the sun loungers, perfect for sunbathing

Both can be fixed or adjustable in different aspects (inclination, with or without armrests, etc.).

Depending on the shape of the chair, its transport and placement in the car will be more or less easy. We must take into account how many things we are going to carry on our beach day.

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When considering the size of the beach chair we must assess several aspects

On the one hand the width of the seat, so that we can better accommodate ourselves to the chair. On the other, the height of the backrest: are we only going to support the back or do we want it to reach the head?

You also have to take into account the height above the ground. A lower chair will be smaller and more transportable, but for some people it may be more uncomfortable to sit or stand up.

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Tips for choosing your ideal beach chair

To choose our beach chair well, we must take into consideration several aspects

Like what type of beach will we go mainly to, what we will do there, with whom we will go and if it will be more or less close to the parking area.

If we have to walk a bit to get to the beach, the weight of the chair will have to be assessed mainly

Then one that is small, with an aluminum structure, and if possible with handles to facilitate transport will suit us.

If we want it especially to sunbathe but also to sit for a while, we will opt for a slightly larger model

Where we can lie down, and that also allows us to choose between several positions.

If we go with children, a low chair that is close to the ground will be more practical

But on the other hand, if older people are going to use it, a high chair will be better, to facilitate sitting down and getting up from it.

The best beach chairs in value for money

AmazonBasics, zero gravity chair

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One of the best-selling beach chairs today, and for good reason

The steel structure gives it great resistance and the textilene offers a ventilated and quick-drying seat. The headrest and footrest and the different adjustment points make this a very comfortable chair.

It can be quite large to transport it comfortably (folded it is 95 cm long), and above all it is quite heavy (more than 8 kg). But if we don’t have to walk much to the beach, we make up for it with the comfort it provides.

LOLAhome, low beach chair with 4 position cushion

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This chair from the LOLAhome brand is light (3.5 Kg) and easy to transport thanks to its practical handles. It is made of aluminum and textilene, waterproof and quick drying, and is of robust and solid construction.

It can be placed in four positions, until it is completely folded down

Being very low (20 cm to sleep) it is perfectly possible to stretch on it with your feet resting on the sand. The cushion provides us with additional comfort.

Solenny, fixed low back deck chair

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The Solenny firm, specialized in beach and camping products, brings us this simple and practical beach chair.

With only 1.3 kg of weight it will not be a problem to transport it with us to the beach

It is made of aluminum with a textilene seat and back. It has stabilizing feet to prevent tipping.

It is not a chair to sit for hours, since the upper bar ends up nailing us in the back, but it is perfect to sit down for a while or if we do it without putting all our weight on the backrest.

Crevicosta, beach chair with fridge

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This folding beach chair from the Crevicosta brand has several details that distinguish it from its competitors

Constructed of reinforced aluminum tube and with a water-resistant polyester seat, it only weighs 3.8 kg. It incorporates handles to transport it as a large flat bag or backpack.

It can be placed in various positions, even collapsing horizontally. The backrest is high (63 cm) and includes a cushion, which makes it more comfortable. But what sets it apart from the rest are the accessories. In the back part it mounts a small fridge to store food and drinks, and in the armrests it includes a practical pocket and a holder for drinks.

Festnight, wooden beach chair, adjustable in 3 positions

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This wooden folding chair is a good retro option for anyone who wants to hit the beach in style

Its main drawback is the size, almost 1.80 in height when folded, which makes it impractical if we do not have a car with a good trunk, but in return it is light. The wood is of quality and the fabric is washable.

The chair requires assembly but the instructions are clear and simple. Once assembled, it can be easily folded for transport or storage.

Discover more models of beach chairs

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Enjoy the beach!!

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