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Folding loungers

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When the good weather arrives there are few things more appetizing than lying down to relax while enjoying the sun and a gentle breeze. Do you already have your lounger ready for beach days, or do you need some ideas?

Why buy a folding beach lounger

Even the finest and warmest sandy beach ends up being uncomfortable for our back, not to mention the sand that is going to get everywhere. Let’s not say if it is a rock or gravel cove, where hopefully there will be a smooth rock or concrete surface to hang the towel on. It’s not the most comfortable, is it?

With a good lounger we can make sure that the time we are lying in the sun is comfortable and relaxing

We will also avoid having to lie on a wet towel full of sand. And by the way, we can use the lounger to store our food and drink under its shade.

But before choosing which folding lounger we are going to buy we must take into account several things.

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The type of material and its quality, both of the structure and the seat, will affect the durability of our folding lounger, or its weight (important to carry it to the beach) and the comfort it provides us.

The most common material for the frame is aluminum

Light and strong enough, although it will be necessary to check that they are not too thin tubes.

Steel offers greater resistance

But in return it is usually heavier.

Finally we have the option of wood

Where there are a large number of types and thicknesses. We will have to opt for those more resistant woods that have received a treatment with protective varnishes.

Typical materials for the seat and back are canvas, polyester or synthetic fibers

Ideally, they should be waterproof fabrics and allow ventilation.

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For a lounger, the ideal is that we can fully stretch on it

But that makes them bigger, heavier, and harder to transport than beach chairs. Some slightly smaller ones allow us to recline in a comfortable position leaving our feet on the sand.

We must also take into account the height above the ground

For a person with mobility problems a very low chair will be a problem when sitting down and getting up.

We will also have to assess whether we want a sun visor or not

This will add some weight to the lounger but will provide us with additional comfort as we can do without caps or hats.

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Tips for choosing your ideal folding lounger

The best folding lounger will be the one that best suits our body and the place where we are going to use it

If the beaches we usually go to have nearby parking, the weight will not be a problem. We can opt for a larger lounger, with a sun visor, and with a more resistant structure. If we have to walk a lot we will have to consider the weight. In any case, we must pay attention to whether it has handles to facilitate its transport.

If, in addition to lying down to sunbathe and rest, we are going to want to just be sitting eating or enjoying the views we must ensure that it has multiple positions and that they are easy and safe to change.

A low lounger will be more practical for children

The same if we do not have problems sitting down and getting up, and thus we can opt for a slightly smaller and lighter lounger. If a person with mobility problems is going to use it, it will be more convenient to have a higher height above the ground.

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The best folding loungers

Songmics, folding sun lounger with sun visor and headrest

This Songmics brand lounger has a sturdy steel frame and anti-tip brackets on the legs. It has a headrest and folding sun visor. And all this with just 5 kg of weight.

The fabric is PVC coated polyester Oxford fabric, which gives it flexibility, good ventilation and also makes it waterproof.

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Aktive Beach, folding sun lounger with sun visor

The Aktive firm brings us this lightweight lounger with an aluminum structure and non-slip stops. With less than 5 kg of weight, small dimensions when folded and practical handles, it is perfect for the beach.

The strong and well-sewn fabric is textilene, which is cool and waterproof. It has an adjustable sun visor and the backrest can be fixed in three positions, up to completely horizontal.

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Outsunny, folding lounger with headrest

This Outsunny lounger has a strong steel frame and its seat is made of PVC coated Oxford fabric, for better ventilation while being waterproof. The cushion is filled with sponge for comfort, and at the same time being washable.

It can be completely folded down until it is horizontal, and when folded it takes up little space, only a few handles are missed to facilitate transport, but with only 5 kg of weight it is perfectly suitable to accompany us to our favorite beach.

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Ultranatura Nizza, folding lounger with wheels, headrest and sun visor

The Ultranatura brand offers us a curious hybrid of lounger and transport cart. The Nizza is made of aluminum and waterproof fabric. It can be lowered until it is horizontal, although with its feet resting on the sand. It also incorporates a sun visor and headrest.

Folded we can use it as a cart thanks to its two large wheels. In this way, it will facilitate the transport of our belongings to the beach. It can carry up to 20 Kg of weight.

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Festnight, folding wooden deck chair with headrest

To go to the beach in style, few things better than a wooden lounger like this one from Festnight. It is made of eucalyptus wood and washable and waterproof fabric.

Although it is light, its main drawback is the length even when folded, so you need a good trunk to transport it. But if we stay near the beach it is a good option that will serve us both on the beach and in our accommodation.

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Discover more models of folding loungers

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Enjoy the beach!!

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