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Beach chair trolley

carro porta sillas playa

Sun, heat, we look for a good beach or cove to go to and cool off in the sea, and we start carrying things. Towels, changes of clothes, refrigerator, chairs or sun loungers … and we will have to carry all of this to the beach. That’s when we think that a beach chair trolley might be a good idea

Why buy a beach chair trolley

We are not even aware of everything we have to carry to spend a comfortable, safe and entertaining day at the beach

Towels are essential, as are sun creams. A few changes of clothes are not too much, especially if we are going to go somewhere else later. We will not be in the water all the time, a couple of books or magazines will help us to pass the time while we sunbathe. Let’s not say if we go with children, with their toys, floats, etc., the refrigerator for food and drink if we are going to be many hours; equipment for games or water sports (paddles, balls, snorkel …). And above all, the chairs or loungers. We can carry some things in a beach bag, or by hand, but not everything.

With a beach chair trolley we can comfortably carry everything we need for our beach day

Without stress, without the danger of something falling and breaking, without hurting our backs from trying to carry too many things. In addition, the trolley can be used to keep our things well stored, or even some go further and can become a practical lounger or a folding table.


In a beach chair trolley we must distinguish three fundamental parts: the structure, the load compartment and the wheels

  • The structure will typically be made of aluminum or steel, two strong and lightweight materials (steel will be stronger, while aluminum will be lighter). Plastics or other materials do not suit us because they are easy to break or deteriorate.
  • The compartment must also be made of a resistant, waterproof fabric that is easy to wash and dry. Oxford fabric, polyester, PVC mesh… will be good choices.
  • The wheels are usually made of plastic, but there are several qualities. We should choose a resistant one. We can also find rubber wheels, perhaps less practical in the sand but quieter when rolling on pavement.

Types and size

Basically we will find two types of beach chair trolleys

With four wheels, with a plastic or textile box where we can put our belongings; or two-wheeled, like a cargo cart. In both cases there will be different sizes.

  • It will be convenient for us to be foldable to be able to easily put it in the trunk of the car, and so that it does not take up much space at home while we are not using it.
  • About wheels, they exist with fixed or directional wheels. We will also find different widths and profiles.
  • Finally, you have to pay attention to accessories or certain unique characteristics, such as that the cart can be used as a table or as a lounger.

Tips for choosing your ideal beach chair trolley

The most important thing is that our beach chair trolley adapts as much as possible to our needs

The first will be the transport capacity: what do we need to load? If the cart is too small, it will not solve all the problem of carrying our things, but if we choose one that is too big we run the risk of putting too many things just because they fit.

If we only want to carry the chairs and the rest of the things we can carry them in a beach bag, a two-wheeled cart may be enough

But if we prefer to put everything in the cart, then a four-wheel one is better and one that holds a good weight.

If we have to walk for a long time on pavement, a cart with rubber wheels can come in handy, and thus not have to endure the rattle

It will also be better if we go to a cove of stones or rocks. On the other hand, on sand, a cart with plastic wheels as wide as possible will give us the best result.

Depending on what we are going to load in the beach chair trolley, we will be more interested in one type of structure or another

To make sure it holds the weight well, an overall steel frame will be better. If we value lightness and are not going to overload the cart, then aluminum will give us better results.

We should never skimp on fabric: a cart with a textile container that tears at the first use is totally useless, we will always look for thick and resistant fabrics

It is also convenient that they are easily washable and that they dry well, to avoid the formation of fungi that can produce bad odors or stain the belongings that we keep inside.

And last but not least, the handle

We must check that it is comfortable and manageable, and we must also decide if we prefer a trolley to push or pull it.

The best beach chair trolleys

Sekey, folding cart for beach and excursions

This Sekey brand trolley is made of steel and plastic, which gives it great resistance and a contained weight, 10.5 Kg

  • The basket is made of Oxford fabric, easily washable
  • The handle is telescopic and the cart folds completely, taking up very little space
  • The basket is of great capacity and can load up to 80 Kg
  • It includes several exterior pockets for small objects that we want to have on hand
  • The wheels are made of plastic, 4.5 cm wide, and the front wheels can rotate 360º, facilitating their use on all types of terrain.
  • It also has brakes, so that the cart does not roll downhill

10T, folding beach cart with roof and cooler

The firm 10T Outdoor proposes this cart suitable for the beach or field trips of great resistance and quality and with several very useful accessories

  • The structure is made of steel, which gives it great resistance, but also a somewhat high weight, 14 Kg
  • The basket is made of Oxford fabric, resistant and washable, and can load up to 75 Kg
  • The wheels are wide, made of rubber coated plastic, and the front wheels rotate 360º

Where this cart stands out is in its accessories

  • We can mount a canvas cover that will protect our belongings from the sun’s rays, or the rain, if the weather gets bad
  • It also incorporates a 15 l capacity fridge that attaches to the back of the cart

A true all-rounder, very practical.

LOLAhome, folding beach chair trolley that can be converted into a cooler

To carry the beach chairs, or even with a rigid cooler, LOLAhome presents this update of its convertible cart into a folding table

  • With wheels and reinforced axle we can comfortably load the chairs, and by extending one of the supports we can hold a rigid cooler
  • It also has a small tray to support the umbrella without it falling off the cart
  • The wheels are large, making it easy to drag even on the sand
  • It is made of reinforced aluminum, obtaining resistance without increasing its weight

Samax, folding beach cart

From the Samax brand we bring this trolley with a metallic structure and a polyester basket, weighing 10.5 Kg and carrying capacity up to 80 Kg

  • Its telescopic handle and extremely wide rubberized wheels make it very easy to carry even on the roughest terrain
  • On the outside of the basket there are practical holders for bottles of water or soda, so you don’t have to rummage through other objects

Aktive 62132, folding beach chair trolley

If what we need is only and exclusively a simple but effective beach chair trolley, this is what Aktive offers us

  • This folding cart with up to 50 Kg capacity has large and wide wheels to maneuver without problems
  • We can load chairs or our beach cooler and fasten them securely to the structure with the rubber bands that it includes
  • Folded it takes up very little space, and apart from the beach it can be used to carry anything bulky at home

And all this for a very reasonable price.

Enjoy the beach!!

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