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Diving goggles

gafas de buceo

The beaches and coves of Mallorca offer us magnificent views of all kinds: long sandy beaches, hidden coves surrounded by pine trees or cliffs, panoramic views over an infinite sea … but under its waters there is also a landscape of great beauty, and to contemplate it better it is essential to get good diving goggles.

Why buy diving goggles

Diving goggles are one of the fundamental pieces of equipment, and one of the most personal. Other elements are highly determined by their technical characteristics, but the glasses depend a lot on our physique, our personal preferences, the use that we are going to give them and what type of dives we are going to do.

Even if we are going to rent the equipment for the dives, it is a good idea to buy our own diving goggles and not have to depend on the ones that the company with which we are going to go diving has.


The most common material is silicone, but there are different types and qualities

It can be more or less rigid, providing more or better tightness, and exerting more or less pressure on the face. We will have to discard the plastic glasses because the tightness will be bad, ruining our experience underwater.

The silicone will usually be black, but there is also a transparent one, which eliminates the sensation of a reduced visual field, but in exchange for a somewhat shorter life. There are also glasses made of hypoallergenic silicone.

Regarding the crystals, it is recommended that they be made of tempered glass, due to its resistance to scratching and because they fog up more difficultly.

Some cheap diving goggles have plastic lenses, but they will last much less and cause problems.


Taking into account different elements we will find several types of diving goggles.

To begin we must choose between one or two crystals

  • Those with two lenses reduce the distance between the eye and the glass, offering greater clarity and facilitating compensation as there is less air volume in the mask. Some models even allow graduated glasses, and it is also usually easier to replace a scratched glass.
  • Monocrystalline diving goggles provide us with a greater field of vision by eliminating the frame, and can be more comfortable by not having the bridge over the nose. In return they used to have a greater distance between the eyes and the glass, reducing sharpness and making compensation difficult, but in the most recent models this problem is quite overcome.

Whether with one or two lenses, there is the option of glasses with an expanded field of vision

The crystals are teardrop-shaped and can expand the field of view by up to 20%.

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One last option to consider is the frame, or its absence

Frameless masks are increasing in popularity due to their weight, reduced eye-to-glass distance, and comfort.

Finally, but thinking above all of a professional use, we find the data masks

They are masks that incorporate the dive computer and integrated LCD screen where we can see relevant data such as depth, time, pressure, etc. They allow you to leave your hands free by not having to consult the wrist computer, but their price is very high.

Tips for choosing

The most important points when choosing our diving goggles is that they fit well to our face, are comfortable for us, allow easy compensation, and provide us with good vision.

Choosing between black or transparent silicone for the skirt will be a very personal option

With the transparent silicone we will gain clarity but the black silicone will avoid certain reflections. For the crystals, we will always opt for tempered glass. Regarding whether one or two crystals, or extended field, is a matter of preference.

The first test that we will have to carry out with our next diving goggles is to check their fit

  • To do this, we will put them on our face and inhale through our nose. If the glasses do not stay fixed we must discard them. If they stay fixed we can go on to check other things.
  • We must make sure that the skirt fits well to the forehead (better the further from the hair growth line) and to the cheekbones, since a bad fit will cause water to enter and totally ruin our experience. It is important to note that under the water we will wear a regulator, which changes the shape of the mouth and the possible adjustment in the cheekbones.
  • We should also pay attention to the adjustment of the nose and see if we can easily make the compensation.

Next we will check the adjustment of the strips, better if they are rubber

  • We must ensure that they do not bother our ears, and it will also be useful if they have large adjustments that can be easily manipulated with gloves on. With the adjusted straps we will check again that the bridge does not press our nose, since underwater from certain depths it can be quite painful.
  • Once we have checked the tightness and comfort we can see if the field of vision is comfortable looking up and down and to the sides.

Finally, if we choose to buy online we must remember to try the glasses as soon as possible to return them in case they do not fit our needs.

The best diving goggles in value for money

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution

The Cressi Big Eyes was one of the pioneers in introducing teardrop glass to improve visibility, and this Evolution model goes a little further. The glass reaches below the cheekbones which, added to the angle of the glasses, allows you to see the equipment by simply lowering your eyes, without having to move your head.

The frame is also very thin and practically invisible when wearing them as it is very close to the eyes, which also makes it contain very little air volume.

  • It is made of liquid silicone and we can choose the skirt in black or transparent. In the latter case, the material undergoes a special treatment to reduce yellowing over time.
  • The lenses are made of tempered glass with anti-scratch treatment
  • Pivoting buckles are attached to the frame, ensuring a good fit and mask stability

Pros: large field of vision; low air volume.

Cons: one size; there is an option of prescription glasses only for myopia.

Cressi F1 Mask

The F1 is Cressi‘s bet for frameless diving goggles. The monocrystal mounted on the skirt results in very compact and light glasses (practical when packing), and above all it results in a very low volume of air. It also avoids the discomfort of pressure on the forehead and the bridge of the nose.

  • It is made of silicone in ten colors to choose from
  • The glass is anti-scratch tempered glass
  • Although the mask is one size, there is a junior version that can come in handy for divers with a smaller face.
  • It has pivoting buckles to provide a good fit and a new system that allows it to be done with one hand

Pros: very light and compact; no discomfort in the nose; minimum air volume; price.

Cons: no graduated glasses; sometimes they tend to fog up, you have to apply some treatment to avoid it; less durability.

Scubapro Spectra

This Scubapro model stands out for its comfort and tightness. The silicone skirt with Trufit technology provides a good fit while being very comfortable. Despite being made in a single size, the ribbing of the skirt and its softness allow a good fit to practically any face shape.

  • We can choose the silicone skirt in black or transparent
  • The lenses are made of glass with anti-scratch treatment, and can be chosen with a mirror effect, avoiding reflections and glare while we are still on the surface or at a shallow depth.
  • The adjustment buckles are attached to the skirt, allowing the folded glasses to take up very little space in our luggage

Pros: good fit to most faces; option of crystals with mirror effect.

Cons: Buckles attached to the skirt can be uncomfortable for some divers.

Atomic Venom Frameless

These Atomic diving goggles are designed especially for divers who are going to use them a lot and amortize their price in exchange for great durability. Its frameless design and high-quality materials provide an excellent fit, great comfort and low air volume. They offer a very wide field of vision.

  • Scratch-resistant and low-haze tempered glass
  • The skirt is made of high quality silicone in two hardnesses: firmer for the glass and softer for facial adjustment
  • It is available in two colors: red and black
  • The buckles are easy to adjust. However, for somewhat small faces (especially women) they can be somewhat large

Pros: quality of materials and durability; excellent tightness and comfort.

Cons: price; size, may not fit well on small faces.

Hollis M1

The Hollis M1 is another great option for frameless diving goggles, with the usual advantages of this design: low air volume, lightness and comfort, and a good fit.

  • The glass is made of tempered glass with a low iron content. This produces a crystal of great clarity and free of distortions that provides better optical qualities in low light environments (low light days, inside wrecks …)
  • The silicone is very soft and does not leave marks after prolonged use
  • Buckles allow easy adjustment of the rubber

Pros: materials of high quality and durability; comfort; crystal of excellent clarity.

Cons: price.

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