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Beach towels

toallas de playa

When we plan our beach day there will be things that will be optional and dispensable, but what we can never miss is our beach towel. Both to dry off after getting out of the water, and to lie on it to sunbathe, it is the accessory that cannot be missing in our bag

Why buy a beach towel

We may be tempted to use a simple bath towel or sheet as a beach towel, or worse, one of those advertising that may have been given to us. And although they will fulfill their function of drying us and having a cloth on which to lie in the sun, we will soon see that they are not optimal.

We will use a bath towel to dry ourselves after a shower and we will not need it again until the next day or after several hours. But on the beach we may be going in and out of the water and we will need our towel to dry quickly in order to use it. In addition, it will be exposed to sand, or rubbing against rocks or stones, and salt water, more aggressive than the water in our shower.

Thus, the ideal is to have a towel designed specifically to be used on the beach, with quality materials to provide quick drying, and that has a suitable size and touch to wrap ourselves in it if a strong breeze rises or if we are going to be a long time lying on it.


The most common material with which beach towels are made is cotton

Knitted and similar in touch to bath towels, they dry well and are resistant. If the towel is large it can be very bulky.

Cotton towels

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The polyester ones are lighter, although the touch may not be as pleasant as cotton

Despite being lighter, they are resistant and dry very quickly. It is also common to find cotton and polyester towels in different proportions.

Finally we can find microfiber towels

Very thin but with a great water absorption capacity, approximately twice that of cotton. At the same time they dry very quickly, which is ideal for those who like to get in and out of the water frequently, or who do not want to wait long until the towel has dried to leave the beach.

Microfiber towels

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The usual thing is that beach towels are rectangular, although there are also many square ones, and round towels have become somewhat fashionable, such as a large tablecloth.

There are sizes for all tastes. From similar to a bath or shower towel of just 30×60 cm, to 2×2 m sheets that can be used by two people at the same time.

Large beach towels

Tips for choosing your ideal beach towel

As in many other things, the best bath towel will be the one that best suits our needs

If we are going to go in and out of the water a little, a simple cotton or polyester towel may be enough. But if we are going to do it a lot, we should consider a microfiber that is dry for the next time we get out of the water.

If we only want the towel to dry, a small one may be enough, which will also take up less space

It can come in handy if we are going to use our beach chair. But if we are going to lay it on the sand to lie down, a larger, fluffier and more resistant one will suit us, and there the cotton ones win.

Lastly, there will be the design, but that option is totally personal

Lisa, with classic sailor stripes, with colorful prints or complex designs, there is everything in the world of beach towels.

Enjoy the beach!!

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