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Beach bags

bolsas de playa

Summer is coming, long days, vacations, heat … nothing better than looking for a good beach or cove where you can spend a few hours sunbathing and cooling off in the sea. Or maybe the whole day. We start preparing everything we need: sunscreen, sunglasses, spare clothes, towels, and we also have to keep keys, mobile, wallet … Are we going to take the first grocery bag we find? Of course not

Why buy a beach bag

To transport the belongings that we will take to the beach we cannot use just any bag. We will have to look for a beach bag that adapts to our space needs, with compartments to store things, that is comfortable to carry and easily washable … and if we can also choose one whose style says how we are, so much the better.

We could use a gym bag or a travel backpack, but they lack some of the features that we think a good beach bag should incorporate

Many times they are not waterproof, they will not have special pockets to store food or drinks, the fabric will not withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, and of course they are not designed to go to the beach in style.


Although we can find beach bags made of practically any fabric, the important thing is that it is resistant, easily washable, and if possible, waterproof

The most basic bags will be cotton or canvas, we must check that it has a good thickness to be resistant. Oxford-type fabric and polyester with PVC are also common, which provides resistance and impermeability.

We must pay attention to the handles that are resistant, but also comfortable

For greater comfort, it will be good to look for a beach bag that has hand handles and also to carry on the shoulder. Very important to pay attention to the anchor so that it does not break easily. Poor quality rivets can rust, and poor stitching will break very soon. We can say the same about zippers: better to spend a little more on a well-finished product that lasts longer.

Size and compartments

In general, we should look for beach bags that are spacious to put our towel and change of clothes.

It will be very useful if it has several compartments to avoid having to search to find our things

Important that it has pockets to store sunscreen, and interior pockets to store important objects such as keys, wallet or mobile.

There are even some with compartments with special linings to keep our food and drink fresh

If you don’t have this you should at least have a compartment where you can keep the water separate from other more delicate things.

Tips for choosing

As in so many other things, the best beach bag will be the one that best suits our needs.

Are we just going to bathe and sunbathe?

A medium bag may be enough: with enough space for a towel, sunscreen and a book, and we can carry a bottle of water, we will be satisfied. But if we are going to spend many hours it will be better to find a large beach bag that will also hold some food and drink, and if possible, keep it fresh.

Will we have to walk a lot or is the beach close to our accommodation or parking?

If we have to walk a lot to the beach, it will be essential that our bag is comfortable and we can carry it on our shoulders. If we are not far from the beach, good handles may be enough.

If we are going to carry drinks, it is important to have a compartment where we can carry the cans or bottles separate from the rest of the items to avoid getting them wet.

If the compartment also has an isothermal coating, so much the better. If we are going to put lunch boxes with food, a bag with a wide bottom will be convenient, to place them more easily and prevent them from tipping over.

Por último pero no menos importante, debemos prestar atención a detalles como los bolsillos interiores o exteriores que lleve nuestra bolsa de playa

To store delicate things such as mobile, keys or wallet, it will be better to have interior pockets that we can close. Thus we reduce the risk that it can be easily stolen from us in an oversight.

For less delicate things such as sunscreen or cutlery that we can take to eat, we can use both interior and exterior pockets. In any case, they will make life easier for us by avoiding having to rummage through a bag where everything is mixed up.

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Enjoy the beach!!

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